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Foundation 2

Welcome to Foundation 2 
Chestnuts & Oaks




Foundation Stage Teachers: Miss Priddle, Mrs Pickup & Miss Lloyd
Teaching Assistants: Miss Lawson & Miss Williams

Meet the Team

Meet the Team  1 Miss Priddle - Assistant Head & Chestnuts Teacher
Meet the Team  2 Mrs Pickup - Chestnuts Class Teacher
Meet the Team  3 Miss Lloyd - Oaks Class Teacher
Meet the Team  4 Miss Lawson - Teaching Assistant
Meet the Team  5 Miss Williams - Teaching Assistant

Key Information


Reading - Please read with and write in your child's diary 5 times a week. Children's Set Words are checked weekly. If your child has learnt their set words before they are due to be changed, see if they can learn to write the words, or if they have learnt enough words can they make a sentence using their Set Words?
PE - Will be on a Thursday for both Chestnuts and Oaks. Please ensure that your child's PE kit is in school from the beginning of the school year. PE kits will be sent home at the end of each half term to be washed. Children need black shorts, white t shirts and plimsolls.
Water bottles - Please make sure water bottles are clearly labelled with your child's full name. Please only fill your child's bottle with water.
Names in uniform - Please ensure that all of your child's uniform and PE kit is clearly labelled with their full name.


Dates for your diary 2018- 2019

Spring 1
Friday 4th January - INSET DAY

Monday 21st January - One Day Wonder: World Religion Day
Tuesday 5th February - Phonics Workshop 9-10am

Tuesday 12th February- School Disco

Spring 2

Wednesday 13th March - Parents Evening 2-7pm

Friday 15th March - Comic Relief

Monday 18th March - Parents Evening 2-7pm

Monday 1st April - F2 achievement assembly (am)
Friday 5th March - FS Easter Bonnet Parade

Summer 1
Tuesday 23rd April - First day of summer term
Tuesday 30th April - Book fair arrives

Friday 3rd May - One Day Wonder: Careers Day

Summer 2
Thursday 6th June - School Disco

Friday 21st June - One Day Wonder: Enterprise Project

Monday 24th June - INSET DAY
Wednesday 3rd July - Visit new teacher day

Thursday 11th July - Summer Fair

Monday 15th July - F2 achievement assembly (am)
Friday 19th July - Reports home to parents

Friday 26th July - INSET DAY


Topic Overview

Autumn 1- Ourselves & People who help us
Autumn 2- Seasons & Celebrations
Spring 1- Space / Traditional Tales
Spring 2- Traditional Tales
Summer 1- Dinosaurs
Summer 2- Changes

Our current topic is…

Once upon a time…

During our topic of ‘Once upon a time…’ we will be looking at many different traditional tales but mainly focusing on ‘The 3 Little Pigs’ and ‘The Gingerbread Man’. We will be acting out the stories, making houses for the big bad wolf to blow down, baking our own gingerbread men, make wanted posters and many more things. I wonder which character will be your child’s favourite? The sly wolf? The beautiful princess? The brave Red Riding hood? The cunning fox? So many stories and characters to choose from! We can’t wait to go on this adventure together!!!

The Gingerbread Man

Still image for this video
Here are the Oaks retelling the story of the Gingerbread Man. We have been learning it for the past 2 weeks, making story maps and adding actions to help us remember the words. The next step is to innovate the story...keep your eyes peeled for our new version of the gingerbread man in a few weeks!

Photos taken by the children on our Wow day. They had to use the clues that were left to work our new topic.

To Infinity and Beyond


What a fantastic first two weeks we have had learning about space and and planets.  We have been so impressed by the number of children who have been so keen to write to Zog and respond to the three messages he has now sent us! 

We have used our joining and fixing skills to make aliens with moving parts and ended our week by making alien biscuits!

We are looking forward to Zog and his friends Tig and Zag visiting us soon.  They set us a challenge of making them a home to stay in when they arrive; the children have been busy box modelling to make them a special place to stay. 

Look at all the wonderful writing we produced when we sent messages back to Zog!


Message from Zog

Still image for this video
We received a message from Zog wanting to say hello and to find out all about our planet.

Reading Challenge

Well done to Chestnut Class who won the termly reading challenge (by 10 reads!) They celebrated with a tea party hosted by Miss Priddle.  We will run the competition again next term. 

The Acorn

Still image for this video
This half term the children have been learning the story 'The Acorn'. They learnt it off by heart and performed it to each other and their friends. They later worked on changing and adapting the story to create their own unique stories. What amazing storytellers they are! We hope you enjoy listening to our story.

Rehan's story

Still image for this video
Rehan has adapted the story of 'The Acorn' and changed it to 'The Sandwich'.

Loki's story

Still image for this video
Loki has adapted the story of 'The Acorn' and changed it to 'The Lollypop'.

Christmas Celebrations

As part of our 'Understanding the World' curriculum, we have been learning about different celebrations and festivals including Diwali and Christmas.

We concluded our topic with a wonderful Christmas show called 'Angel Express' - the children were all outstanding in their roles, they sang beautifully and the children with speaking parts excelled themselves.  We are so proud of each and every one of the children. We also performed to three care homes who brought residents along to watch an extra performance.


We have also had a party, met Santa and spent time singing Christmas songs and exchanging cards with our Year 5 amigo's.

Children In Need

Well done to all the children who dressed in something spotty or as something spotty to raise money for a very important cause. Thank you to all the parents and carers for your support with this and for donating to our bake sale. 

Odd Socks Day

We celebrated anti-bullying week by wearing odd socks to school.  This was to celebrate that we are all unique and different and we should celebrate this.


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Our topic this half term is


We started our new topic with a 'wow' day!  We learned all about Bonfire Night and about Guy Fawkes.  We built our own class bonfires, enjoyed chocolate coated apples and had bread stick sparklers to eat!


We're Going on a Bear Hunt!

....We're going to catch a big one. What a beautiful day! We're not scared!

The Chestnuts and Oaks have been on their very own bear hunt! We caught the tram to Nottingham to build our class bear! Thank you so much for all the volunteers that helped make the visit so special.

We hope you enjoy looking at the photos!

Music - Dynamics


This half term we have been learning about the musical element 'dynamics' in our music sessions.  Dynamics means loud and soft sounds in music.  The children have been learning the different technical vocabulary-

piano - soft      forte - loud    crescendo - building the sound to create effect   

notation - representing the musical notes   

conductor - leading the music   composer - making the music


The children have been creating their own musical scores. 

Composing wonderful music with loud and soft sounds.

Composing and Conducting!

Still image for this video
Look at our amazing children as they compose, conduct and perform. Notice the way the sounds are louder then softer and end with a wonderful crescendo!

Phonics Workshop

A massive thank you to all parents that attended our phonics workshop.  We appreciate your support and we know the children just love having you in school and learning alongside them.  

Enjoying our first few weeks of school!



FS Newsletter Autumn Term

A Celebration of 2017/18


Please take a look at a few of the wonderful things the children experienced last academic year! 




Here is Oaks adapted version of Bumpus Jumpus Dinoasur Rumpus. I was very impressed with how quickly you were able to change and learn our new story, 2 days!!! We decided to look at farm animals ready for our trip to Manor Farm next week. I hope you are as impressed as I am!


Here are Oaks and Chestnuts performing Bumpus Jumpus Dinosaur Rumpus. 


Still image for this video



As you might know our summer 1 topic is dinosaurs. When we came back from the holidays we have an exciting discovery... dinosaur bones! This term we will be learning lots about dinosaurs, the different types, what they ate, where they lived and much, much more. We will be creating dinosaur picture, making our own fossils and writing letters to paleontologists. We can't wait to start this adventure with you!




Hope you enjoyed the Easter Bonnet Parade as much as we did. The bonnets were absolutely amazing and thank you for making them with your children. Here are some photos of the incredible creations and the story telling session afterwards. Enjoy :)

Well done Ava and Max for creating the winning hats!


 Here is Oaks adapted version of The Gingerbread Man. The children came up with the new characters and how the story should be changed. We made a story map then learnt the story.

Sit back and enjoy the Oaks performing... The Meatball Man!




What an exciting day we have had at Old Basford! 

For sport relief we have had an ​INFLATABLE OBSTACLE COURSE CHALLENGE! 

The look on the children's faces tells the story of JUST HOW MUCH FUN THEY ALL HAD! (The staff too!) Please take a look at our photographs below



Thank you to everyone who attended our phonics Stay and Play.  It was really nice to see so many people enjoying watching their children learn and achieve in phonics.  The children were very proud to be able to show you how they have progressed in their reading and writing.  Below are a few photos of this mornings event.



This half term we are learning all about different traditional tales. We will be starting our half term by learning the story of 'The Gingerbread Man' followed by 'The Three Little Pigs'. Children will also experience a wide range of other traditional tales during story time throughout the half term. 


We have been learning the story of The Gingerbread Man.  Here is a video of the Chestnuts and Oaks retelling the story from memory. Sit back, relax and enjoy our story!

The Gingerbread Man

Still image for this video




We track your child's progress throughout the Early Years and use a personal learning diary to keep evidence of their learning through photographic evidence and notes.  We invite parents to contribute information from home.  Please see the examples of evidence for ideas.