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2019-2020 ATHLETICS

Over the course of the academic year Old Basford School participates in five athletics based competitions.  In the past 7 years we have always been MEDALLISTS for the City in all those events, reaching the regional finals to PROUDLY represent The City Of Nottingham on numerous occasions.

We are extremely PROUD that so many of our children want to become athletes and represent our fantastic school.

Our Year 5/6 Athletics team is coached by Mrs Shaw and Miss Ubee
‚ÄčOur Year 3/4 Athletics team is coached by Miss Ubee and Mr Burrows

Our Year 4/5 Quad Athletics team is coached by Mrs Shaw and Miss Ubee

Our Year 4/5/6 Cross Country Individual and Relay Teams are coached by Mrs Shaw and Miss Ubee.


Staff will be letting children know which lunchtimes there will be opportunities to participate in athletics and to trail out for the team. Keep an eye on blackboard at the front of school for times and dates of training and trails.


AUTUMN TERM 2019 - MISS UBEE WILL BE RUNNING A YEAR 3 AND YEAR 4 ATHLETICS CLUB EVERY TUESDAY NIGHT FROM 3:20-4:20. If you are interested, please see Miss Ubee!