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British Values

Old Basford School Celebration of British Values and Cultural Diversity 2019 -2020



Here at Old Basford School we strive for all our children, regardless of their background, to value, respect and celebrate the school and wider community.  We strongly encourage them to become independent, well rounded members of a diverse British society who treat others with respect and tolerance. We celebrate difference and diversity, which is at the heart of our school.


What are British values?


According to Ofsted, British values are:

  • democracy;
  • the rule of law;
  • individual liberty;
  • mutual respect;
  • tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs and for those without faith;
  • responsibility


Every school in England must promote British values.

At Old Basford School we promote the British Values in a variety of ways including:


  • Religious Education
  • Assemblies
  • PROUD Rules
  • Guest Speakers
  • Links with the local community
  • Whole school themed days/weeks, including 'One Day Wonders'
  • School Council
  • Eco Council
  • Outdoor Learning club
  • Positive behaviour
  • Playground guardians
  • Amigos (Buddy support)
  • Guidance and support when dealing with inappropriate behaviour
  • Charity work
  • Celebrating different faiths and cultures
  • We teach children that they can influence decision making through democratic process
  • Appreciation of rules and laws to protect people
  • School trips
  • Sports Day
  • Dramatic Performances
  • Links within the local and wider community
  • Enrichment activities, such as visitors and WOW days