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Current Affairs


If you would like to find out about events that are happening in the news in the UK and around the world, you have come to the right place!


Of course you can keep up-to-date by watching Newsround on CBBC by clicking on the link below.


From the 1st October every year in the UK we celebrate Black History Month when we look back in history at how black people have been influential and made changes for the future. It is important to celebrate these achievements as sometimes they have been forgotten in the past and it is essential that everyone learns about them. Take a look at the many clips on Newsround to find out more information. 

At school we have been watching these newsclips as well as the very informative clips on Youtube and the Cbeebies clips if you are younger. Click on the links below.

If you wish to hear some stories that are about real and imaginary black children, please use the camera on your tablet or smartphone to scan the bar code on one of the books on the link below.

If you wish to learn more click on the BBC Teach website link below.





Have you heard about the movement called 'Black Lives Matter'? Would you like to learn more about it? Newsround have lots of clips about Black Lives Matter and they have interviewed lots of children asking their thoughts about racism.


We have found this very useful document that has been compiled by an organisation called 'Yoopies UK'. The document helps you as a parent to discuss the issues around the Black Lives Matter movement with your child. There are lots of resources, activities and tips for families to empower children of all ages to work towards racial equality. We hope that it helps you answer questions, instigate conversations and help teach your child about tolerance, respect and how to deal with tackling injustice. We have also uploaded a resource for your children to access picture books and stories with links to Youtube which you might like to share with your child (see 'PUPIL ZONE').