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THE OBS DOODLE MAP WALL - Tuesday 19th April 2022

Mrs Shaw on returning to school from her maternity leave announced that something exciting that would be happening after the Easter Break! Dave Gee 'Dave Draw's' (a professional doodle artist) would be working alongside OBS pupils to create our very own DOODLE MAP WALL!


The concept of the map is to celebrate and be PROUD of our locality, by drawing doodle landmarks linked to both our OBS curriculum and our OBS community.



That was up to the pupils, staff, parents and governors - EVERYONE'S ideas were welcomed and as many as possible will feature! 


Every pupil that completed the 'optional' Easter Holiday Homework from Mrs Shaw, where pupils doodled landmarks, listed places, or drew a map of the area with specific places labelled. ALL (over the course of the week) will contribute to the wall!


Please see photo's below of the OBS DOODLE MAP being drawn day by day!



I could not be more PROUD of our OBS pupils this week. The 'buzz' around school seeing day by day the children's design grow from their own imaginations, to their artist designs on paper, to making it on to the DOODLE MAP WALL!

106 pupils in total were involved in the physical making of this final, permanent piece of work.

A bit of them will now live on forever here at Old Basford School!

Day 3 - Thursday 21st April

Today saw another 58 pupils add their doodle designs to the wall!

Nursery pupils all spent 20 minutes with Dave looking at the wall, talking about his talents and recognising places they have visited with school, friends and family! It was just wonderful to see them so engaged and being able to communicate with real passion and excitement!

Day 2 - Wednesday 20th April

All children in years F2, Y1, Y2, Y3 and Y6 that completed the 'optional' homework project, today got to have their turn 'drawing with Dave!' 

The map has moved on at a real pace today - all pupils, during their time in the dinner hall, have really enjoyed seeing it take shape and have actively talked the local landmarks they can see with their class mates.

Tomorrow it is the turn of nursery, Y4, and Y5 pupils!

Day 1 - Tuesday 19th April


Well done to: Isaac, Talisha, Riley, Amber-Rae, Georgia, Lewis, Poppy, Aiz, Aaron, Jude, Amaya, Gurdeep and Isabelle - each of them who drew a landmark that they designed as a part of the 'optional' holiday homework. 

Can you spot any of their doodle landmarks?:

Trent Bridge Cricket Ground, The River Leen, Nottingham City Gymnastics Club, Stockhill Fire Station, Nottingham Playhouse, Trent Bridge, The River Trent and, of course, Old Basford School! 

The design phase

Well done to the 105 OBS pupils who took part in the 'optional' homework to complete doodle designs that they hoped would make it on to the final OBS DOODLE MAP WALL!

Here are just a few from across all age ranges in school.