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Please continue to send a weekly email to your class teachers at the email address below.


Please send your report reply emails to - 


Thank you!


The F2 team are missing seeing the children each day and really hope that all the children and their families are keeping safe and well.

The activities listed below are daily activities linked to phonics, maths and topic.  We are happy to receive any photos of your home learning and activities at our email address listed below.  We will then share these on this page.

Keep happy, keep healthy and stay safe!

Miss Priddle, Mrs Pickup, Miss Lloyd, Miss Lawson & Miss Williams :)


Email address: F2homelearning@oldbasford.nottingham.sch.uk

May Half Term Outdoor Learning Activities


Please find attached a list of activities you can complete with your children at home over the half term break! We hope you have lots of fun being outdoors. Don't forget to send us some photos of your outdoor learning!

Optional Daily Phonics Sessions!

Reception Phonics

We are pleased to announce online phonics lessons are available from Letters and Sounds for home and school

Written and presented by phonics experts and funded by the Department for Education, the online lessons are designed to cover new phonics teaching that that children would have received over the summer term had they been in school.


See below for the links to get quick access to the lessons. Please start with the Reception lessons if you feel that you child is finding it too difficult you can try the extra learning to blend practice. 

Here are lessons 6-10 that are available and can be accessed at any time. Click below


Learning to Blend




lesson 11 - blending with v


lesson 11 – oi



lesson 12 - blending with w


lesson 12 - ear



lesson 13 - blending with y


lesson 13 - air



lesson 14 - blending with x


lesson 14 - ure



lesson 15 - blending with ck


lesson 15 – er


Additional Activities


Bedtime Stories

For all our story time sessions, please click the icon below.



Weekly Activities


Monday 18th - Friday 22nd May 

Please see the planning grid below for the daily activities. 

Please also hear your child read everyday

Our topic is…

The Gingerbread Man


Our learning for the week












Listen to and read the story of ‘The Gingerbread Man’. Can you spot any of your Set Words? Read the recipe and instructions for making gingerbread men. Create your own story map of the story using the one we have made to help you. Write the names of each character next to their picture.

Change the story of 'The Gingerbread Man' and make a new story map. What else could you bake? Or who else does the Gingerbread Man meet?

Write a sentence for the beginning, middle and end of your new story on each page of your book. (See creative task)


Count and record how many words you were able to read on each page. Weigh out the ingredients you are using to make your gingerbread men. Talk about the numbers you can see and which ones are bigger/smaller.

How many legs are in the story altogether?

Add up the legs of each character on each page. How could you write this down?

Listen to the Gingerbread Man song from the suggested link

(See resources).

 Use the gingerbread men you have made (see creative task) to take one away each time. How many are left? What if some of them were to come back? How many would you have?
 Go into your garden or outside and see if you can make a pattern using natural objects like flowers, leaves, twigs, stones.


Create your own stick puppets of the main characters in the story.  Make gingerbread men with your grown-ups.  What could you use to decorate them? Retell the story using your story map. Don’t forget to retell your story with expression! Draw and cut out 5 gingerbread men to use in the maths song. Decorate your gingerbread men to make them look super tasty!  Create your own storybook for your new story. Don’t forget to design a front cover. Draw the pictures inside your book for each part of the story.

Resources & Support


Gingerbread Man story

Story script

Example stick characters

Gingerbread Man recipe and instructions.


Example story map

Story of ‘The Gingerbread Man’

See link below for the maths song.



For supporting resources, please click the link below.

(We know not everyone will have access to a printer, the resources can be printed or can be used for ideas.)

Our Gallery of Home Learning

18th May - 22nd May

With a focus on 

The Gingerbread Man

Our Gallery of Home Learning

including a focus on

The Three Little Pigs

4th May - 15th May