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Exciting news Nottingham Music School has provided us with some online lessons and resources!

Why not check them out! Try out ‘Making Music Without Instruments’, click on the link and see the pictures below.



If you feel like brushing up on your knowledge of Shakespeare's plays, why don't you go to the Shakespeare Learning Zone?                                                                                                      


There are games, images and videos of plays we have looked at together at school as well as many more that we haven't studied yet. 

Click on the link below



Music is good for your soul and can be uplifting!

Pop    Soul    Reggae    Dance   Hip Hop   RnB  Opera   Jazz   Rock   Funk   Folk   Latin   Motown   Gospol   Classical   Country   Blues   Bhangra   South African     

  • Teach your children about the songs you used to love to listen to!
  • Teach them about your favourite style of Music or research a style of their choice.
  • Look at a certain artist or composer


Listen, sing, dance and feel the rhythm.

You could:

  • Talk about the Music and ask them how it makes them feel
  • Draw a picture to express their feelings, pictures in their head about the song
  • Write an information text about the artist or style of Music
  • Tell someone else about what you have found out

Or just enjoy listening to the Music!



Exciting news! You will have all received your personal login and password for Charanga our online Music learning centre.

As well as a range of songs your children can sing, there are some songs that you children will have learnt recently. Some year groups have songs linked to past or present topics

  • Year 1- Jack and the beanstalk
  • Year 2- Oceans, seas and rivers
  • Year 4- Vikings
  • Year 5- Energy

Have fun!

It is great to see some of you have already started to use it, well done.

Creative Ideas:

Make an aeroplane:

  • Draw a design on it
  • Test it out! How far can you make it go? Record your answers using your own feet as the measurement. Throw 1: 3 feet Throw 2: 4 feet etc
  • You could have a competition with other people.


  • Can you change the design as you go along to make it better?

Check out these designs! Which one flies the best?

Funny Creatures:

Fold your piece of paper into 3. Someone draws the head, the next person draws the body and the other person draws the legs. Don’t let the other people see! What crazy creatures can you come up with!

Or draw your own just like Chris White does!

Check out these ideas!

Make your own band:

Instruments you could use-

  • Pots and pans for drums using a wooden spoon to hit them.
  • Cereal box for a shaker.
  • Metal spoons to tap.
  • Hands are for clicking, tapping, clapping.

Can you make a rhythm? Can you keep to a beat?

You could make music while listening to your favourite song?


Can you make up your own song?



Drama ideas:

  • Put on a show
  • Retell a story
  • Act out your favourite film
  • Hold a talent show
  • Have a disco