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Foundation 2

Welcome to Foundation 2 2020-2021 
Chestnuts (Class 1) & Oaks (Class 2)




Foundation Stage Teachers: Mrs Sawford & Miss Lloyd
Teaching Assistants: Miss Lawson, Miss Williams, Miss Watkins, Miss Squires & Miss Smith

Meet the Team

Achievement Assembly 2021

It's Coming Home!

Chrysalis Update!

Timelapse of butterfly emerging...

Still image for this video
Look closely and you will see one of the butterflies wiggling to get out! At the bottom another butterfly manages to emerge. Blink and you'll miss it!

Shakespeare Week- The Tempest

This week we have been enjoying lots of activities to explore the play 'The Tempest' by William Shakespeare. We have played games, listened to music, written poetry and enjoyed drama workshops. We have had a wonderful time!

Drama Workshop

Still image for this video

Whipping up a Tempest Poem Map

Whipping Up a Tempest

Creating our own Tempest and Island

Caterpillar Update!

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Here is a video of our retelling of 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' by the Chestnut Class

Big Book

SInce the arrival of our caterpillars, we have started a new text in big book. We are now enjoying

'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' by Eric Carle



Take a look at our class story map below. Perhaps you could have a go at retelling the story at home?

Special Delivery!

This week the children in Chestnuts and Oaks had a special delivery! Each class has a set of caterpillars. We can't wait to see the journey of them changing from caterpillars to butterflies! Watch this space!

Our Caterpillars...

Welcome Back!

Summer Term 2

This half term our topic is all about Changes.

We have started by learning all about the lifecycle of a frog. We are currently enjoying this text in our big book sessions...


Summer Term 1


Our topic for Summer Term 1 is

Traditional Tales!


We will be learning the stories of The Three Little Pigs and The Gingerbread Man. Throughout this half term the children will be learning through play covering lots of different areas of learning. Here are some of the activities your child will experience:

- Taking on the role of different characters in their play

- Looking at materials! Why did the houses of straw and sticks blow down?

- Creating their own character puppets/ props in the workshop area

- Creating 'Wanted' posters to help find the Big Bad Wolf

- Baking their own gingerbread men

- Reading recipes

-Making up their own stories and becoming story writers!

- Talking about feelings, telling the truth and what makes a good friend.


All this and much much more!

We are looking forward to seeing you all back in school on Tuesday 20th April!


The children have been learning the story of The Three Little Pigs! We hope you enjoy their storytelling! 

The three little pigs_x264.mp4

Still image for this video

The children have been making up their own stories based on the story of The Three Little Pigs! 

What amazing storytellers we have! Great work! 


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Wow day! We had a break in!

Welcome back!

Dear parents and Carers,


We are very much looking forward to seeing all the children back in school next week, we have missed them all very much! 


Our new topic for this half term is ‘Space’. During the topic we will be learning the story ‘Aliens Love Understands’ by Claire Freedman. We will be looking at the different planets and taking about planet earth and what makes it so special. We are very lucky because we have our very own friendly alien called ‘Zog’ who is visiting us to help us with our space learning. 

We are aiming to return to our normal routines from Monday 8th March. Here is a reminder of some of the key information for F2 as it has been a little while since we were all together! 


1- PE uniforms: Chestnuts (Class 1) to be worn Monday and Thursday and Oaks (Class 2) to be worn Tuesday and Thursday. Please refer to our school website for more information. https://www.oldbasfordschool.co.uk/uniform-information/ 


2- Please ensure all of your child’s uniform and belongings are clearly labelled with their full name or initials


3- If you are not already doing so please record home reading at least 5x a week. We will be continuing to monitor children’s weekly reads. For every 5 home reads children will move along the ‘Robin Hood’ reading chart where they will collect prizes on their way. 


4- Children need to bring their own water bottles. Please ensure your child’s bottle has their full name on and is only filled with water


5- Children need to bring only essentials to school: themselves, their book bag including their school diary and reading book, a water bottle, a healthy snack (fruit or dried fruit) a coat (hats, scarfs and gloves if required) and a lunchbox if they are having a pack lunch from home. Please do not bring in any toys or belongings from home


6- Due to ventilating the classrooms throughout the day rooms may become a little chilly. Please ensure your child is wearing their school jumper/ cardigan and if required they can wear another layer under their school jumper. 


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We look forward to welcoming you back on Monday 8th March! 


Kind regards,

The F2 Team.

Our learning from Spring 2:

Aliens love spotty socks_x264.mp4

Still image for this video
The children enjoyed dressing up as Superheroes for Red Nose Day! We even had some special visitors pop by to see us as they were on their way to save the world!

Spring 2 - Space Topic


How exciting to be moving into our new topic during the spring term which is all about Space and the planets.  We have some wonderful space resources out in our continuous provision and


are enjoying sharing the learning the story 'Aliens Love Underpants'.  We also had a special


message from Zog, our alien friend from Mars!

Message from Zog

Still image for this video

A Celebration of Home Learning & Critical Worker School


Please see the gallery below to view some of the fantastic work completed during the spring term. 


At the end of each term, it is very much a long standing OBS Tradition that all pupils throughout our school attend an end of term achievement assembly. Unfortunately this year, we were unable to invite in parents and perform our some of the highlights of their learning from the Autumn Term to our OBS Community. However, we still ensured each child was recognised for their unique attributes and received a certificate for their accomplishments this term. Every child had their moment in the limelight and were applauded by their classmates, the entire F2 Teaching Team and Mrs Shaw.

The Chestnuts would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Still image for this video

Bonfire Night!

We all put on our pretend coats, hats and scarves ready for bonfire night. We worked together to build our own bonfire. We then pretended to roast marshmallows and warm our hands next to the fire. We watched videos of real bonfires and firework displays to help us imagine what it would be like.

Edible sparklers!

We made our own edible sparklers using breadsticks, icing sugar and sprinkles to make it look like they were sparkling. They were very yummy!

The Importance of Reading

Please watch the video about our expectation of 5 reads a week and the benefits of reading with your child and hearing them read to you.

Autumn 2

After the holidays that children will be learning all about 'People who help us'.

We will be looking at the emergency services as well as people at home and within our communities who help us. Over the holidays why not talk to your child about different people you know who help you. How do you help other people?

Chestnuts Bear Hunt video

Our self portraits!

This half term we have been learning all about ourselves and our friends. The children looked at themselves carefully in the mirror and thought about what they look like. The children then carefully selected different colours and materials to create their faces. We talked about how we are all unique and special.

Photos of our learning so far...


We have had a fantastic first couple of weeks at school, the children have really started to settle in and are getting used to the routines and expectations.  


We have started with a short topic on COLOUR and have shared  two stories 'The Colour Monster' and 'The Colour Monster Goes to School'.  The children have been learning about different feelings and emotions and creating some wonderful art work based on these books.


Next week we will be starting our first official topic - People Who Help Us.  More information will follow. 

Key Information for 2020-2021


Reading - Please read with your child 5 times a week and record this in their reading diary. Your child will experience lots of reading opportunities in school, reading individually, in a guided reading group and through shared reading.  Diaries will be collected in every Monday morning and the number of reads counted, which contribute towards different incentives and rewards.

Set Words & Bear Words - Your child will be given a special folder in which they will keep set words and their bear word booklet.  Bear words are the challenging words that can not be blended and need to be learned by sight, set words are mainly words that the children can blend to read, which is a skill the children learn in phonics. Children's set words are checked weekly. If your child has learnt their set words before they are due to be changed, see if they can learn to write the words or start some sentence building.
PE - Will be on a Monday for Chestnuts and Tuesday for Oaks, both classes also have PE on a Thursday. Please ensure that your child wears their PE uniform to school on these designated days. 
Water bottles - Please make sure water bottles are clearly labelled with your child's full name. Please only fill your child's bottle with water.
Names in uniform - Please ensure that all of your child's school and PE uniform is clearly labelled with their full name.




Topic Overview

Autumn 1 - Ourselves & People who help us Spring 1 - Dinosaurs Summer 1 - Traditional Tales
Autumn 2 - Seasons & Celebrations Spring 2 - Space Summer 2 - Changes

Foundation Stage Reading Rewards


Out of our cohort of 60 children the following have achieved their reading awards...


Book Mark

25 reads

Lucky Dip

50 reads

Den & Hot Chocolate

75 reads

Tea Party

100 reads

Bronze award

125 reads

Silver Award

150 reads

Gold Award

175 reads



Spring 2: SPACE!

Our space WOW day! Zog the alien came to visit and the children investigated what he left (the children took all of these pictures themselves)

A message from Zog

Still image for this video
Our topic for Spring 1 will be Dinosaurs!
We will be learning all about different types of dinosaurs, what they looked like and what they ate! We will be learning the book 'Bumpus Jumpus, Dinosaur Rumpus' as part of our storytelling. Why not have a look at our knowledge organiser to find out more about what the children will be learning during this topic.

What our gallery visitors said...


"It was very interesting."     "Amazing work, a lovely display."   "Amazing - fantastic to see so many different ideas."   "Wonderful work."  "We think everyone has done a brilliant job with their homework!"  "I can't believe how many different ideas people came up with! They are all amazing.  *** really enjoyed showing me around :) Thank you."  "I'm super impressed at all the hard work displayed.  It's amazing. ***** has enjoyed showing me around all the different projects."  "Well done all the children.  Very impressed at your creativity."  "Yet again, another fantastic display of work by all the children.  ******* and I had great fun with this project making the fossils."

The Zoo.

Still image for this video
The children learnt the story of Bumpus Jumpus Dinosaurumpus and adapted it to make their own story all about the zoo.

The children learnt about what fossil are and made their own fossils out of salt dough.

Bumpus Jumpus Dinosaur Rumpus_x264_001.mp4

Still image for this video
The children have learnt the story 'Bumpus Jumpus Dinosaurumpus' and have performed it for you to enjoy!

Dinosaur egg hunt!

Dug the dinosaur has laid two eggs at our school. He has left us clues to try and find where he has hidden them. We followed the clues to find the eggs. We then wrote messages to tell people not to touch the egg as they are very fragile.

The children have been set a challenge to make a safe, warm nest to keep the egg in so it will hatch.

I wonder what type of dinosaur is going to hatch from our egg?

Our topic this half term is Seasons and Celebrations!

We will be looking at the different seasons and how our environment and weather changes throughout the year. We will also be learning about Bonfire Night, Diwali and Christmas and how different faiths celebrate different celebrations and festivals.

If you celebrate Diwali or Eid we would love for you to come into school and talk about your faith and how you celebrate these festivals with the children. Please speak to the class teacher if you are interested. Thank you!


End of Topic Showcase - 16th December 2019


It was lovely to have parents join us at the end of the school day to take a look at all the wonderful creative homework linked to our current topic.  Please check out the gallery below.

Wow day, Bonfire making and chocolate apple eatting

There is no such thing as bad weather...

Our visit to Build a Bear!

The Chestnuts and Oaks caught a tram to go to Build a Bear in Nottingham. First we voted for which bear we wanted then we all made a wish and placed a heart inside the bear. We found a school uniform that fitted the bears perfectly. The Chestnuts decided to call their bear Tom and the Oaks called their bear Scoop. Welcome to Old Basford School Tom and Scoop! 

Thank you so much to all the grown-ups who volunteered  and helped to make this visit so special! 

A very exciting Police visit!

This is the Bear! Retold by Chestnuts and Oaks

Still image for this video


Still image for this video
During the past 2 weeks Oaks and Chestnuts have been learning the story 'This is the bear'. We made a story map and learn actions helping us remember the story. Here are the videos of us telling the story!

Supporting Your Child with Learning at Home - Parent Workshop

26th September 2019


We were delighted that many parents joined us for our first workshop of the year which was all about how children learn and how you can support their learning at home.  There was a hands on creative activity too, it was great to hear parents laughing and enjoying themselves.  Please check out the photos below.

Teddy Bear Party!

Splish, splash!

Still image for this video