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Fine motor skills activities

Can you make your hand muscles strong?

Homemade Car Track

Top Tip: The back of an old roll of wallpaper is good if you are struggling for paper. 

Children can make their own car track. You could also add:

  • Train track
  • Shops
  • Houses
  • A school
  • Fire station
  • Police station

Let the children draw whatever they like on the paper.

Add cars, trains and people to the track, then it’s time to play and have fun.


Can you act out different problems? For example: There is a house on fire who will go and put it out?  

Make a board game:

You can use a piece of paper or the back of a cereal box.

Step 1: Draw your design however you like.

Step 2: Choose what you have to do when you land on a certain space e.g. do five star jumps, it’s your lucky day move forward 4 spaces, sing a song and move forward 3 places etc You can make a pack of cards with the things you have to do (these could be linked to your own interests- exercises, times tables, songs etc.    

Challenge: Could you make your board game linked to one of the Topics you have learnt at school this year? Or one of your own interests e.g. dinosaurs, cars, favourite film, computer game etc. Then your questions could be linked to it!

Step 3: Find some counters. You could use coins, toy cars or you could make your own.

Step 4: Play your board game and have fun.