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Get planting!

Spring is here and it's the perfect time to get planting!

Cress Heads!


  1. Draw faces on the eggshells (you can add googly eyes if you have them).
  2. Fill the eggshells with cotton wool.
  3. Spray the cotton wool with water so that it is nice and damp.
  4. Sprinkle lots of cress seeds on top of the cotton wool.
  5. Spray more water on the seeds.
  6. Water every day and the cress will grow!

Why not grow your own tomatoes?

You will need:

* Tomato seeds

* Plant pots


*Clingfilm/ plastic bag


1- Fill some plant pots with compost and press the soil down firmly. 

2- Sprinkle some tomato seeds evenly on the surface of the soil.

3- Cover the seeds with a light sprinkling of soil.

4- Cover the pot with clingfilm or a plastic bag and secure it with an elastic band and place it in a warm, light place.

5- When the seedlings appear you will need to transfer them into their own individual pots.

6- When the weather gets a bit warmer, around June you can plant them outside in the garden or in a larger plant pot.


Why not grow your own sunflowers!

You will need:

- Plastic cup

- Large plant pot/ area outside to plant your sunflower

- Compost

- Sunflower seeds

- Watering can



1- Fill your cup 3/4 of the way to the top with compost.

2-  Make a small hole in the  middle with you finger and place the sunflower seed into the hole. Sprinkle some soil over the top of the seed.

2- Add water the pot to ensure the soil is nice and damp.

3- Put the cup somewhere sunny. Remember to keep checking it to see if the soil becomes dry. If so add some more water. Try not to over water the seed otherwise it will rot!

4- After 1-2 weeks you should start to see your sunflower begin to grow! Keep a diary/log and measure how much it grows each week.

5- When your plant grows too big to stay in the cup, carefully remove it from the cup and plant it into a bigger plant pot or in a safe, sunny place in your garden.

6- Keep a record of how tall your sunflower grows and send us some photos!

I wonder who can grow the tallest sunflower?


7- Once your sunflower head has turned brown cut it off and hang it somewhere dry and airy. When the seeds are dry rub them together to loosen them. You can feed these seeds to the birds in your garden!


Have fun and remember to please email your photos to: