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Whilst am I writing a weekly HT CATCH-UP Newsletter to parents each week (every Friday) as we return to school after lockdown, this will replace my weekly HT BLOG at this time.


For copies of my HT CATCH-UP Newsletter, please go to NEWS & EVENTS on the OBS WEBSITE OBS PAGE and then click on NEWSLETTERS.


Thank you


Mrs Shaw   18.9.20




It has felt just incredible to have our school back full of our wonderful OBS pupils and families; we have missed you all so much!


I am so PROUD of how you have conducted yourselves this week, listened so carefully to new instructions about the way school is now working each day and managed to remember new routines very well indeed!


Well done to all of our parents for using our OBS ONE WAY SYSTEM so effectively and thank you for helping to keep the movement and flow around the system going so that both drop off and pick ups have taken place in just 20 minutes either side of the day. For a school our size, with nearly 500 pupils, this has been really impressive.


Our pupils have made excellent first impressions on their new teachers each day this week and are clearly out to impress! Each teaching area throughout school now has a new 'RECOGNITION BOARD' for adding pupils names who are spotted going over and above the school rules and expectations. (I have already seen some children's names on them, after just 3 days!) On top of this, I have witnessed many members of staff giving out PROUD POINTS to pupil for following our 5 PROUD Rules!


Over the first couple of weeks back here at OBS, the entire school is doing a theme based on COLOUR! We'll be using this theme to welcome pupils back in to their OBS learning journey, alongside some baseline quizzes and tasks to reassess where they are at in their learning. Each year group will then be launching in to their new topic on Monday 21st September with a WOW day!


Our final piece of fantastic news, that has also been shared in my first HT Newsletter of the year today, is our 3RD PLACE RECOGNITION IN THE NATIONAL INCLUSIVITY AWARDS FOR 2020 THROUGHOUT ENGLAND & WALES! We are delighted to be one of just four school nationally to achieve such a prestigious award. (For more details please see latest news or my new HT Newsletter for September 2020!) 


Attendance this week was 95.9% - which is a very positive start after such a long time away.

Be sure to check out our NEW OBS 2020-2021 Attendance Class Challenge - THE OBS CLASS LUDO RACE, under the 'children' link at the top of the website! We'll announce our first top 3 winners next week and see who will be first on the board!


It has felt so good to be back, seeing your children's faces this week, so happy, so excited, so content, has been the best feeling in the world!


See you on Monday, have a fantastic weekend.

Mrs Shaw - Headteacher






OBS Sports Relief week has been an incredible success! All pupils have made and sold their own fruit kebabs to promote '5 A DAY' and the importance of healthy eating. All pupils have ALSO completed the 'bleep test' and tried to beat their scores from earlier in the year! We have had many lessons and assemblies this week about the need to take care of our bodies and how exercise is a key part of being healthy. On top of this, we were joined on Thursday for the entire day by 12 Students from the Nottingham Trent University, who ran throughout the day, 3 lessons for all pupils to take part and engage with taught through the sports of: Tennis, Basketball and Football! Each class had at least 40 minutes of an extra PE session for the week alongside these students. Needless to say the children all LOVED IT and great day was had by all.


Thank you to all of the parents who joined us on Wednesday morning for our half termly Community Catch Up session. We were delighted that this session was run by Chris White, published author and our OBS Patron of Reading! Chris ran a superb, interactive session with our parents on how to get the best of out your children when reading at home and how to inspire and encourage them to read books more often! Thank you for all of your positive feedback.


The Y3/4 Athletics Team stormed through to the Nottingham City Finals on Wednesday afternoon, winning their Semi Final Heat with a total of 268 points! Congratulations to the 30 children in y3&4 who enjoyed every second of the event and represented school just brilliantly! PROUD!


Well done to the U10's boys football team who finished 2nd this week in the Forest Cup! A superb attitude was displayed by all. An overall result to be very PROUD of!


It was just brilliant to see so many happy pupils and parents at 'Night 1' of our parents evening on Wednesday. Thank you for attending; we know that the very best way for our pupils to be successful and to reach their potential is partnership between school and home.


The country has been dominated this week by the Coronavirus. We have now created a new link on the homepage of our website which will be updated daily with the latest government advice and anything additional we feel you as OBS parents will need to know.


Attendance this week was 96.8% Which is good.


Take care of yourselves and your loved ones


Mrs Shaw





A jam packed week to share with you all here at OBS!


On Monday Year 4 had their Science Fair all afternoon and after school with their parents/carers! The afternoon was a hive if activity, investigations and experiments! A huge thank you to the students at Basford College, just down the road, for supporting us in this event and to Mrs Priddy as Science lead for organising such a fantastic afternoon of curiosity and learning.


Well done to the Y3/4 Gymnastic team who finished 5th in the City Finals on Wednesday! Each of you performed your 3 individual routines with confidence and pride! The team missed out on a medal by only 1.4 marks! It was clearly a very close competition!


On Thursday we celebrated World Maths Day by dressing up as Rock Stars, linking to our weekly times table challenge and homework 'TIMES TABLE ROCK STARS!' to this years theme! Some of the costumes were just BRILLIANT! If I had to pick a favourite, it would have to be Ted from F2 who came as 'Ted Sheeran' A GENUIS IDEA! Pupils also had opportunities to compete in mini group maths quizzing and compete as classes against one another for who knew their number bonds to 10, 10 and 100, as well as times tables all the way up to 12x12 the most! Mrs Schindler as Maths Lead will be announcing the winner next week.


Well done to Year 5 Handball team who competed yesterday at the City Festival! Many of the team represented school for the first time in this sport. Miss Ubee was so impressed with your sportsmanship and concertation in each and every match you played.


Year 5 this week were visit by the 'INFLATAVERSE!' Students from The University of Nottingham  spent the afternoon in Year 5 conducting numerous experiment and leading learning! The children even all got to go in to an inflatable planetarium to learn about our solar system and beyond.


Attendance this week was 96.6% which is good.


Have a fantastic weekend everyone


Mrs Shaw 



'A promise is a promise .. a deal is a deal!' Shylock, The Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare


This week the entire school has fully submersed itself in our Shakespeare week studying The Merchant of Venice! Our pupils have had such a wealth and breathe of experiences and of learning this week all related to this well known Shakespeare play. Please see our Latest News page, Class Pages and RSC page on this school website for more details and examples of this truly wonderful week! Our whole school assembly this afternoon was a hive of activity as each class shared their highlights from the week. PROUD!


Well done to the OBS Chess Team, a very successful two sets of matches in just one week! The OBS A Team are now 2nd in the league after an impressive set of wins on Tuesday evening and the OBS Girls Chess team, many of whom are just y5 and y4 did incredibly well on Thursday evening in their matches too!


The Y5/6 Handball finished just outside the medals this week at the City Finals in 4th Place! Well done to the entire team, I know you did school proud and really enjoyed another opportunity to represent school at sport.


Thank you to all of our F2 parents who were able to join us this morning for our maths workshop! Learning alongside your child in their classroom means the world to them. Thank you for all of the positive feedback, we hope you've picked up lots of ideas and resources to help with maths at home as well as at school.


Well done to the OBS Basketball team who continue their unbeaten run this season after back to back wins tonight against both Ambleside and Brocklewood Primary. Well done to Ethan and Taylor who had their debuts for school and to Abdelaziz who scored not just his first but his second ever basket for school in a match! A SUPERB overall team performance! PROUD!


Finally on Monday we held a Science Festival in Year 4! Volunteers from Basford College and the Enthuse Project worked alongside our Science Lead Mrs Priddy and created a fantastic array of scientific enquiries and investigations for them get stuck in to. The questions and vocabulary that pupils were using when probing and conducting each task was so impressive. Thank you also to all of the parents who joined us for the after school science fair that followed this! Fantastic as always to have your support!


Attendance for the whole school this week was 96.6 which is good.


Wishing you all an enjoyable weekend


Mrs Shaw





Well happy Valentines Days to you all and ….. HAPPY HALF TERM! We are now officially half way through the academic year! WOW!


This afternoon I have been at Wollaton Hall Park with 18 of our pupils from Year 3, 4, 5 and 6: all of whom have run either a 1.5km (year /4) or a 2km (year 5/6) extremely gruelling, hilly and muddy cross country course! Every single one of them ran with superb grit and determination on a particularly difficult course! There were over 650 children competing today in total! All of the OBS pupils finished in the top 100 in each of their races! Huge congratulations to Christian who finished in the Top 10!


Year 3 on Monday showed us what fantastic bakers they are! Your scones tasted absolutely delicious! Thank you to all of the parents who were able to come and sample our brilliant bakers on Monday afternoon, I hope you were spoilt rotten and enjoyed your afternoon tea!


Well done to the Y3/4 Athletics team who this week competed in the Heats (first round) of the Indoor Sports Hall Athletics Championships for Nottingham City! The OBS Y3/4 Team went storming through to the final, winning their heat with a highly impressive 335 points! Thank you to the 15 parents and family members to came along to support us all. We heard you cheering the children on every step of the way!


The U'11 Boys football team on Thursday night had a very impressive and important win against Rise Park Primary! The team are now currently in 1st place in the league! Exciting and nail biting games now Lay ahead until the end of the season in April!


This week we have had over 39 FREE extra curricula clubs on offer at OBS! Just fantastic! Thank you to all of my staff who give and give to our pupils in order to allow them to enhance their school experiences beyond the academic curriculum week in week out! We have 3 new clubs starting after half term including: Y6 Table Tennis, Y5/6 Cricket and KS2 African Drumming is BACK! OPPORTUNTIES BRING SUCCESS!


Hope you all have a wonderful half term!


Mrs Shaw




Hello! I am very proud of how hard the children have worked this week on their mid year assessments. Two of our schools PROUD rules: Resilience and Do your best have been ever present in each classroom throughout school.


Delighted to share the OBS new girls football team won their first match of the season this week after coming so close on many occasions! They had a very convincing win again Rosslyn Park Primary, winning 4-1! SO PROUD OF YOU ALL!


Well done to the 22 pupils, including 7 boys, who took part in the Nottingham City Dance Showcase this Wednesday night on the Ellis Guildford stage! You performed with passion, determination and clear synchronisation. Your dramatic contemporary piece about the addiction of social media really struck home to the audience and most definitely impacted everyone who witnessed it! PROUD!


Talent Show this afternoon was a highlight of the year! Over 20 different acts made up of a total of 84 pupils held the entire school's attention for most of the afternoon! Blown away by the talent we have beyond the academic curriculum at school and I am so pleased you had the opportunity and the bravery to showcase all of these truly marvellous talents to us all. INSPIRING!


Attendance this week was 96.3% which is good.


Have a wonderful weekend


Mrs Shaw





And there we are... the end of January already! Frightening how quickly the months fly by when you are busy and having fun!


Thank you to all of the parents who attended both our Year 2 and Foundation 2 workshops this week! We really appreciate your on going support and partnership in educating our young people together! Thank you also for all of your very positive feedback, especially in terms of how useful the 'help at home' tips were! We hope you have fun with your little people trying these out back at home!


Congratulations to Michelle and Josh from Y6 who were acknowledged this week in Playground Awards Assembly for January as they were announced as Playground Guardians of the Month! Your caring nature, thoughtful disposition and helpful attitude make such a difference to our playground! WELL DONE! Congratulations also to Elias in Y4 who was presented by Mrs Shaw with the Headteacher 'ABOVE & BEYOND' award at playtimes. Elias will always get involved in every lunchtime sporting challenge and give his best, he also actively goes out of his way to encourage others to play with him if anyone ever looks a tad upset or lonely AND ... he can always be relied upon to follow every school playground rule to the best of his ability! WELL DONE!


So much sporting success to share this week!

Well done to the U10's boys football team for their impressive team play against Southwark Primary this week. Mr Hill and Mr Burrows are so excited by you all and the way in which you play both together and as individuals.

AN AMAZING RESULT for the NEW OBS KS2 Boccia Team! They on Monday played in the heats of the Nottingham City Competition and won every match! They are now straight through to the finals in February! WELL DONE!

8 girls from Year 5 represented school for the very first time ever in sport this Thursday afternoon at Harvey Haddon Sports Village in a 'THIS GIRL CAN' Mega Festival! The girls competed brilliantly as a team, wearing the OBS School kit and took part in Handball, Curling, Hockey and Athletics! The smiles on your faces when hearing all about your adventures made my day!


Please join me in wishing Harvey, Christian, Alijah and Rio GOOD LUCK as on Saturday (tomorrow) I'll be cheering them on as they represent our school and Nottingham City in the EAST MIDLANDS REGIONAL FINALS OF CROSS COUNTRY! Fingers crossed the weather is kind to us!


Attendance this week is 96.8% which is good!


Have a great weekend and I will see you all on Monday bright an early for another week at OBS!

Mrs Shaw





Another week with so much to celebrate and share here at OBS once again!


I am delighted to announce that this week our school was presented from the Nottingham Music Services Division, an award for being a 'MUSIC HUB CHAMPION SCHOOL FOR 2019-2020'. This was awarded in recognition of all that the school does to promote music for our pupils. As well as weekly music lessons throughout our school, OBS on a weekly basis offers: Y4, Y5 & Y6 Guitar lessons, Y2 Recorder Club, Y5/6 Area Band Orchestra and KS2 Singing for the Soul! PROUD!


Tonight the Y5/6 Basketball team competed at Brocklewood Primary! 4 members of the Tuesday night after school squad had their debut performance! The team played two matches, winning both! WELL DONE!


Thank you to everyone who attended the Year 4 Maths workshop this week. It is just fantastic for the children to have you alongside them in a maths lesson! They loved every second of it. Thank you for the overwhelming positive feedback!


Y4 Mega Festival Success! Well done to the 8 member of Y4 who represented school on Thursday afternoon at Harvey Haddon Sports Village! All 8 of you represented school, in sport, for the very first time and looked incredibly smart in the school sports kit! You competed in athletics, hockey, handball and curling! A mega festival indeed! WELL DONE!


All of our Year 6 pupils this week completed and graduated from a Police Lead 'STREET AWARE' course! The PC who led the course was very impressed with your maturity and commitment throughout the course! CONGRATULATIONS ON ALL GRADUATING! PROUD!


Well done to the Y6 Handball Team who on Tuesday stormed through to the City finals at the end of February after winning all of their matches within their heats! PROUD!


Have a fantastic weekend!


Mrs Shaw





Well, I thought last week was busy one with so much to share...

Best grab yourself a cup of tea!

Even more fantastic news to share this week of all we do beyond the daily routine here at OBS!


On Saturday afternoon, I had the pleasure of taking a number of pupils to the County Trials for Basketball! I am delighted to share with you that 8 of our pupils, 4 boys and 4 girls have been selected in to the Nottinghamshire Basketball Squad for U11's in 2020! An incredible achievement! The most the school has ever had in the past is 3 pupils at one time! Congratulations to Kyhannah, Kara, Maja, Ella, Harry, Chris, Connor and Declan! WHAT A PRESTIGIOUS HONOUR! PROUD!


Well done to the 14 pupils in Y6 who on Monday spent the day working alongside Nottingham Forest FC in the Community. They attended a 'Mental Health and Well Being Event' with the end goal (following further training) to become Well Being Ambassadors within our school. Mrs Sawford told me how impeccably you behaved and how the course leaders commented upon your answers, ideas and responses being the strongest of the day! PROUD!


Thank you to all of the parents that came to our Community Catch Up morning on Wednesday! We were delighted to be joined by Iffat Iqbal, Neighbourhood Management Operations Manager for the Basford Ward of Nottingham City. The ideas, suggestions and actions agreed for our locality have really excited Mrs Tee, our parental engagement lead, with another new, clear, community focus!


Well done to the school Handball team for storming through to the Nottingham City Finals later this term! The team won every one of their matches back to back at the Harvey Haddon Heats on Tuesday! PROUD!


This Wednesday 16 of our pupils from Y3-6 took part in the gruelling Nottingham City Cross Country Finals at Wollaton Hall. Each pupil had to run a hilly and muddy 1.7km course! There were over 160 pupils entered in the girls race and over 180 pupils in the boys race! Each girl finish in the top 50, with Skyla finishing in the top 20! All of boys also finished within the top 50! 5 boys made it in to the top 20: Jacob 19th, Rio 14th, Harvey 10th, Alijah 5th and Christian an unbelievable ... 2nd! The boys team overall were the fastest team of the day, were awarded with GOLD MEDALS and were announced as the Nottingham City Boys Team of 2020 for Cross Country! PROUD!


To top all of that off: Harvey, Alijah and Christian have now been selected by Nottingham City to represent them at the East Midlands regional final for Cross Country on Saturday 1st February! (I can't wait!)


Finally this week we have celebrated as a school, in partnership with our other local primary schools; 'BASFORD WEEK IN ACTION!' Our 18 members of School Council from Y2-6, alongside members of the community and local councillors, have been out, LITTER PICKING within our locality to make a stand against dropping rubbish and to help promote both pride and care in Old Basford from the younger generation!

In addition to this, we have had members of the local council supporting us on our main road each afternoon, by promoting the importance of the quality of air pollution. They have actively been talking to parents and pupils about car idling at the end of the school day. PROUD!


Attendance this week was 97.2%, which is good! Well done to Class 11 this week with 100% attendance, earning your class £5 of PROUD POUNDS to spend together at the end of this term!


Wishing you all a wonderful and well deserved weekend.


See you on Monday


Mrs Shaw





What a week! We certainly have entered 2020 with a BANG!


It has been lovely to see all of the pupils after the Christmas break, I've really missed them! School has been a hive of activity with all classes taking part in their WOW days; where each year group has been introduced to their new, exciting topics for this half term!


Congratulations to the Y6 OBS Basketball team who yesterday were crowned CITY OF NOTTINGHAM CHAMPIONS! The children played with such skill and determination, their team spirit and supportive nature was commented upon by coaches from other schools! They will now be representing Nottingham City at the Regional Finals later in the academic year! 


All children in Year 3 and 4 travelled to Nottingham City Centre to watch the Pantomime Sleeping Beauty! The trip was organised through our P6P (Primary 6 Partnership) and was an overwhelming success with all pupils thoroughly enjoying the afternoon! Many thanks to the parents and members of our OBS community who joined staff to ensure we had enough adults to make taking all 120 children possible!


A sad and momentous day today for OBS! Mr Ray Martyn, our school site manager of 21 years, retired today! He had the most wonderful and thoughtful send off from the pupils. Each class made him a card and secretly in assembly this week the children recorded an especially written song for him that we heard at the end of the day today. This was followed by an after school celebration where former members of staff from the last 20 years all came back in tribute to his many years of long service at the school! You will always be a part of the OBS Family Mr Martyn! Thank you for the legacy you leave behind you!


Attendance with week was 97% - back to normal! Let's hope the bugs are on their way out now!


Have a fantastic weekend!


Mrs Shaw



517 Christmas Dinners, 240 KS2 children at a carol service, 220 FS & KS1children performing to audiences, 29 children in an athletics final, 18 Local Care Home Residents,10 pupils in a handball competition, 8 pupils in a chess tournament, 7 Christmas Productions, 6 children in an orchestra concert and a partridge in a pear tree.


Well ... we sure know how to pack EVERYTHING in here at OBS! Never a dull moment!




This week I have had a pleasure of introducing 7 Christmas Concerts to parents, pupils, staff and local elderly residents! All of our nursery, Foundation 2 and Key Stage 1 pupils have shone and made all of us incredibly PROUD of them! Thank you for both entertaining and memorising us ALL!


Congratulations to the Y5/6 Athletics team on becoming Silver Medallists this week at the Final of the City of Nottingham Indoor Athletics Championships! You competed with passion, determination and incredible team spirit! PROUD!


Well done to the chess team who this week competed against The Nottingham Girls High School, Roundhill Academy and Richard Bonnington Primary! Fantastic effort and logical thinking from all of our players! An overall team place of 2nd! PROUD!


This afternoon our F2 children performed to local OAP's from our school community and to local residents from 3 of our closest care homes. They spread smiles of pure joy across the faces of our audience. After the performance they were treated to refreshments and Christmas Cake by both our OBS School Council members and the FOBS team!


This week our Y5/6 members of the Nottingham Area Band performed at the 'Christmas in the City' Musical Concert at the Albert Hall! Mrs Kelly was so impressed with your musical talent and how much you have come on since joining Area Band with your guitar playing! PROUD!


An excellent achievement this week on Tuesday for our Y3/4 Handball Team who competed in the Nottingham City Festival and won 11 out of their 12 matches! Clearly a team with tremendous potential for the future! PROUD!


Well done and congratulations to our OUTSTANDING Kitchen and Midday team who today allowed 517 children and staff to have a delicious Christmas Dinner! Tanya and the kitchen team worked together seamlessly, a HUGE THANK YOU for your efforts! Thank you also to the Midday Team for adding that extra sparkle to the dinner hall and for dressing up for the occasion! Needless to say the children had a ball!


Attendance this week have been very very low … just 92.7% I know the viral infection has been wiping class by class out. Wishing you a healthy weekend and see you all on Monday for the last week of school before Christmas!


Mrs Shaw



Well, here we are... in December! And with just 2 weeks of the Autumn Term left to go!


A huge thank you to everyone in our OBS Community who came to our Winter Fair this Thursday evening! We raised an incredible £650 in just over an hour and 15 minutes! WOW!


This afternoon our entire Year 5 and Year 6 cohorts went to Nottingham City Centre to watch the Pantomime! Not only the children but the staff too had a FANTASTIC afternoon, full of fun and laughter!


This weekend our OBS FOOD BANK is being supported and sponsored by the Cornerhouse Nottingham. Anyone that donates any food to the Cornerhouse this Saturday between 12-3pm will receive a free cinema ticket in acknowledgement of their generosity! Our OBS Food Bank and Hygiene Bank will be open to our parents during the final week of term in order to help try and support our families during the 2 week holidays. (Monday 16th December to Friday 20th December both before and after school.)


Year 4 today were joined by an expert Roman Archaeologist from Wollaton Hall! They had the most fascinating day and really impressed our expert with not only their current subject knowledge but their confidence in using technical vocabulary! WELL DONE YEAR 4! 


Well done to our Year 5/6 OBS Gymnastics team who this week competed in the Nottingham City Finals at The Inspire Gymnastics Centre! Each member of the team had to complete 3 routines and then their collective scores made their team's final total! The team finished in 4th place, just 0.8 points outside of the medals! OUTSTANDING EFFORT! PROUD!


There were actual Volcano Eruptions this week in Year 3! Thank you to all of the parents, siblings, grandparents and aunties/uncles who joined us earlier this week for our Year 3 DT & Science Volcano Workshop! The hall was a hive of excitement and activity!


Attendance this week was 96.3%


See you all on Monday! Have a wonderful weekend!


Mrs Shaw



Well... here we are …. on the very edge of December! (Where does time go?!)

Staff have been working away tonight after school in order to ensure that when the children arrive on Monday school is looking very 'Christmassy'; the entrance hall and office area are looking very glittery and shiny! AND... the OBS Christmas POST BOX … IS BACK!


A really enjoyable and successful week to report on again here at OBS!


Well done to the Y5/6 Athletics Team who won their Semi Final on Wednesday this week at Harvey Haddon; they are now through to the Nottingham City Finals (Top 6 Schools in the City) on 12th December!


Also a fantastic well done to the KS2 Mega Festival Team who came first in their multi skills festival event on Thursday afternoon. They competed in: Hockey, Curling, Handball and Athletics! A superb event and many of you represented school in sport for the very first time! PROUD!


F2 this afternoon were visited by the Paramedics from the QMC (Queens Medical Centre), all of the children got to sit inside an Ambulance and then interview the paramedic team. They were very impressed with your well thought out questions! They also passed on to me that they thought you listened really carefully and that your behaviour throughout was excellent!


Well done to Amy and Jasmine who have WON our Anti Bullying Poster competition! FANTASTIC design of our OBS STOP (Several Times On Purpose & Start Telling Other People) Campaign that we have been promoting and enhancing throughout our school over the last 3 weeks! CONGRATULATIONS!


Thank you to all of the Y6 parents who joined us on Thursday night afterschool for our Maya Exhibition! The atmosphere within classes 13 and 14 was just wonderful; the positivity and happiness within both rooms made for many a very special moment. The children really have outdone themselves this time! STUNNING CREATIVE WORK & INDIVIDUAL PROJECTS! PROUD!


Congratulations to all of the winners from Y1-6 of our Playground Awards assembly who today got to eat at the VIP FINE DINING TABLE in the school dinner hall! It is fantastic to hear from the Middays and Active Playground Leads that our new competition for this month of December, announced on Monday  ….  'Santa Space Hoppers' ... is already incredibly popular!


Attendance this week is 96.1%, which considering the bugs that are still very much present in school, is good.


Have a wonderful weekend - see you in December!


Mrs Shaw



Happy Friday everyone! Thankfully the rain has receded and we have been out every breaktime and lunchtime this week! The field, sadly, is still a 'no go' area and currently more like a bog than a school field. But the entire Foundation Outdoor Area is now back is action thanks to some clever drainage from the FS Team! We are insisting all pupils are always in their coats whilst outside, please ensure your child brings one each day and that their name is in it.


Thank you to all of the Foundation 2 Parents who came to our practical parent workshop on Thursday morning, it was wonderful to hear such positive feedback from parents face to face. Your support is always so highly valued. A great turn out! Well done and thank you to Mrs Pickup and Miss Lloyd!


Year 6 on Wednesday transformed in to 'The Explorer Academy!' They were lead by Simon a real life jungle explorer who through his exceptional talents and use of the latest technology transported the entire y6 cohort back in time to the land of The Mayan's in Central America! This is a new topic for y6 this year and Simon just brought it to life! The children were captivated! (Please see the y6 class page for examples of work and photos from the day.)


The OBS Basketball Team continued their winning start to the 2019-2020 season; they competed against 5 other schools at The Heats of the Nottingham City Basketball Competition, winning all of their matches progressing through to the Finals in January! In total they scored 90 points as a team and conceded just 12! Highly impressive team performance! WELL DONE!


This afternoon the entire school celebrated all of their hard work during Autumn Term Assessment week by having a WHOLE SCHOOL TALENT SHOW! Well done to every child who put themselves forward in the initial rounds of auditions in their year groups, PROUD - congratulations to all of the acts, who were voted by their peers, who made it through to the final and performed in front of school yesterday! YOU ARE STARS!


Well done to the U11 Boys Football Team who this week came 3rd in the Forest Cup! I know Mr Hill and Mr Burrows said there were some very close matches and that you gave your all! PROUD!


Mr Ross and his chess team hosted our fellow chess playing schools this Thursday in our school hall from 3:30-5:30! Delighted to share that yet again the team played with determination, skill and clear focus! Well done for your individual efforts on all 8 boards!


The girls football team just about squeezed in their last match before Christmas before it got too dark as they visited Whitemoor Primary this week! They lost 2-0; Miss Ubee commented on your upbeat spirit, team interplay and amazing attitude! We are so PROUD of how this new team and sport for our school is evolving!


This week all of our afternoon lessons focused on Anti-Bullying. We still have a few   children and parents who are not using the term bullying correctly, we will continue to promote and spread our clear message of THE OBS STOP CAMPAIGN!

S - several                                     S - start

T - times                                       T - telling

O - on                                           O - other

P - purpose                                   P - people

The children have completed a progressive series of Anti Bullying, age appropriate, lessons this week which they have all been very engaged within. Mrs Sawford as PHSE lead can't wait to see your year group Anti-Bullying competition entries! Remember the closing date IS NEXT Friday 29th November!


Attendance this week is 96.1%, which is 'okay' and thankfully MUCH better than last week, hopefully with the colder weather, the bugs are on their way out!


Enjoy the weekend everyone, see you on Monday, remember to 'CROSS THE LINE BEFORE 10 TO 9!'


Mrs Shaw





This week we have celebrated throughout school 3 very special days: Remembrance Day, Odd Socks Anti Bullying Awareness Day and Children in Need! For each of these events the children have been just FANTASTIC; they've collectively and individually shown great maturity, respect and a wonderful fundraising spirit.


On Monday the school held 2 minutes silence during our Whole School Assembly and all were impeccable throughout. On Tuesday the entire school were wearing the brightest, craziest, odd socks in support of Anti Bullying ( we as a school are doing our OBS Anti Bullying Week next week) and TODAY … every pupil and adult came to school in their active wear/sports clothes and every person took part in the Joe Wicks (The Body Coach) Big Morning Move!


But it doesn't stop there … On Wednesday we hosted a Royal Shakespeare Company production in our very own OBS School Hall! The actors from the RSC performed Shakespeare's A Merchant of Venice! All of our Y5 and Y6 pupils were memorised for an hour and 45 minutes! What a privilege! As a Lead RSC Associate School, 4 of our Y6 Shakespeare Ambassadors were included in the performance! Well done to Jack, Nemrah, Kara and Jack, I was so so PROUD of you! A moment to always treasure.


On Thursday our pupils from KS2 competed in the City Heats of the Indoor Athletics Championships! The children competed with grit, determination and an immense supportive, team spirit! The children competed in a total of 6 Relay Races and 6 Field Events! The collective OBS Team score was 286, we finished in 1st place and are through to the Semi Finals at the end of November!


Thank you to all of the Y1 parents who were able to join us for their Phonics Workshop on Tuesday morning. I've been reading through all of your feedback questionnaires, I am so so pleased it is so supportive and useful. Thank you to the Y1 Teaching Team for your preparation and delivery; it was clearly very favourably received.


Finally, my newsletter went out to all parents this week, included within it, as well as all the moments to treasure from Autumn 1, was... our Results of the Parent Questionnaire - please do take a moment to read it. We are delighted to have your support and are privileged as a school to serve you all, our OBS Family and Community! (A copy can be found on our latest news.)


Attendance this week was very low at just 94.8% We have been struck hard by 'a stomach cramp bug' and a 'sickness bug' (my little girl has had it too!) Hoping everyone returns to full health next week.


Have a fantastic weekend everyone and enjoy Children in Need on BBC1 tonight!


Mrs Shaw





Welcome back everyone to AUTUMN 2! It was just fantastic to see all of the children on Monday morning and indeed all of this week; I really missed them over the 2 week half term break!


Thank you to everyone who took part in the Black History Heroes Project! In whole school Honours Assembly today we celebrated 14 children's projects and listened to their voice and their opinions as to why they had chosen their particular Black Hero! Then, after school, we held our very own OBS Black History Exhibition and were joined by both pupils and parents alike. ALL projects produced were on display for us to share and celebrate. Thank you to everyone that came and supported us, the event had a really lovely atmosphere!


Congratulations to the OBS Chess Team who on Wednesday night had their first tournament of the season against: The Girls Preparatory High School, Roundhill Primary and Richard Bonnington Primary! The team finished in 2nd overall, Mr Ross and I were particularly delighted with this result as, 5 out of 8 members of the team were representing school for the very first time in Chess! PROUD!


This week Y6 went to visit the Jewish Synagogue near Canning Circus; all week Y6 have had RE Enrichment sessions learning all about Judaism. Both guest speakers in the Synagogue commented on the children impeccable behaviour, manners, insightful questions and their knowledge of the Holocaust.


Well done to both the U11 Girls and U11 Boys football teams this week who continue in their pursuit to move up the league in to the top 3! The Girls Team played brilliantly, but lost to Southwark 3-1. The boys had a 1-1 draw with Robin Hood. Fantastic to see so many pupils being given the opportunity to represent school in competitive sport.


The FOBS team first disco of the year was a great success! Thank you to all of the pupils who attended and had a great time alongside their friends whilst raising money for school.  To ensure it wasn't just the kids that were having all the fun, FOBS and the OBS EYFS team also offered a Parent Bingo event, which was well attended and very popular! Congratulations to the lucky Bingo Winners! WELL DONE TO THE FOBS TEAM! You are invaluable in supporting our school!


Just a reminder that next week on Tuesday it is ODD SOCKS DAY to celebrate diversity related to Anti Bullying Week! AND … next Friday it is CHILDREN IN NEED …. pupils are to come in sports clothes or active wear as we will be following the Joe Wickes (The Body Coach) get active programme to raise money for Children in Need.


Attendance this week was good at 96.6%


Have a wonderful weekend everyone and I'll see you on Monday!


Mrs Shaw - Head Teacher


Now, I know we always have a busy week to report on at OBS, … but this week … I’d grab yourself a cup of tea and maybe a biscuit as you read about our final week of Autumn 1 2019 here at OBS! SO MUCH WONDERFUL NEWS TO SHARE WITH YOU ALL!


Today we hosted our OBS Mini Marathon, which we sadly had to postpone 2 weeks ago, well done to all of our children and members of staff who fully embraced the occasion! Your efforts, drive, laughter, passion to do your best and support others was so incredibly evident! Thank you to everyone who we have already received sponsorship money from for this event, as you’ll remember the school council have made it their mission this year to improve our school playground! All sponsorship money will go towards this goal!


This morning I was invited to join Year 2 in the hall for their very special Creative Exhibition linked to their topic this half term, The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch! To see such a vast array of 3D projects: lighthouses, sandwich boxes, menus – wow, just wow! I felt very honoured to be invited and hear all of the children speak so confidently about their work!


Tonight after school we were joined by our Year 5 pupils and parents for their end of topic 'Goose Fair Art Gallery!' What FANTASTIC and gifted artists we clearly have in our current class 11 and 12! Your work really captured our imaginations with your drawing, sketches, painting and sculptures! WELL DONE YEAR 5!


Foundation Stage were joined by PC Tony Chambers and his two working police dogs, Ross and Jack. The children were amazed to see Ross and Jack on our KS1 playground searching and finding pieces of hidden evidence; they also gained so much from hearing PC Chambers speak and just loved asking him questions linked to their topic this half term; 'People who help us!'.


Today both Y1 and Y3 have had their end of topic celebration days; Year 1 pupils have all created and made their own 'everyday super hero' costumes to wear and looked simply ‘SUPER’b! Year 3 this morning was invaded by 60 Cavemen and Cavewomen from the Stone Age and Iron Age to fully embrace their Celebration Day! I know both year groups have been a hive of activity with tasks and challenges where the children have been asked to apply their knowledge from their learning within their topics over the past 7 weeks.


On Monday the OBS Y6 Tag Rugby team competed in the City Rugby Festival and were undefeated all afternoon in each of the 6 matches! Miss Fleet was OVER THE MOON with your skill, interplay, defence and team spirit! CONGRATULATIONS!


Today, HATS OFF to our very proactive OBS Sport Captains, who have been showing 'RACISM THE RED CARD' here today at OBS! Many of our children were both shocked and upset by the racism shown on national TV during the England VS Bulgaria football match on Monday night. Our OBS Sports Captains met with myself on Wednesday afternoon and decided to make today’s Mini Marathon link to the SHOW RACISM THE RED CARD national campaign. Each of our pupils the Sports Captains made a Red Card to wear during the Mini Marathon and enhanced the event by giving out flyers to parents explaining why they had decided to do this. PROUD!


Attendance this week was low at just 95.3% which was disappointing, this is due to some of our families taking children on holiday during term time before half term.


Wishing everyone a FANTASTIC 2 WEEK October half term – see you all bright and early on Monday 4th November where the children will be encountering their new topics for Autumn 2!

Take Care

Mrs Shaw


We have LOVED having so many exciting parent workshops in school this week. The school has been filled with a BUZZ of creativity!


Thank you to all of the Y1 parents who joined us on Monday to recreate our bottle birds that are just stunning and hanging in trees at the far end of our school field! They are so eye catching and really add life to this outdoor area of school. (Please see photo's on the y1 class page of our website!) Thank you ALSO to our Y6 parents who joined us this morning for WW2 Anderson Shelter building and designing! The hall was a hive of papier-mache, corrugated card and high quality engineering! I can't wait to see them all when they are dried and are decorated!


Congratulations to the boys Under 11 Team who came 3rd in the Forest Cup this week. They narrowly missed out on the final by one goal in extra time from a free kick! But ... recovered brilliantly to win the play off final for 3rd or 4th place! Great resilience boys and fantastic team spirit. PROUD!


Thank you to all of our parents who joined us for parents evening this week, your comments about school, your children's happiness, their starts to the academic year and enthusiasm for school were so so touching to hear and share as a staff. Thank you also for the overwhelming positive first batch of responses to our annual parent questionnaire; once our 2nd parents evening next week is over, we will be sure to collate the results and share them with you all. Please do share with us where else you think school can improve - we are always happy to respond to feedback.


Congratulations to all of the pupils this week who have been announced as School Reading Champions, Librarians and our very prestigious Club Captains of school! These achievements are very special indeed and hold a great level of responsibility and trust within school! Continue to shine bright! PROUD!


Attendance this week was 96%


Wishing you all a fantastic weekend, just one more week to go before half term.


Mrs Shaw





Thank you to everyone who joined us today for our OBS FLYING HIGH AT 50 celebrations!

Today I have heard children saying 'This is the best day of my life' and 'Today has been AMAZING!'.


Today close to 500 kites have been made across our entire school by pupils, staff and parents who then have flown them with pride across our school playgrounds and fields! We have had a historical whole school assembly looking back at the very beginning of our school's legacy … all the way back to 1878! We've looked at pictures of the our current school being built back in 1969 and the demolishment of the old Victorian school building that was once where our playground is now! We've also sung Happy Birthday to ourselves and blown out the candles on our very special 50TH BIRTHDAY CAKE! Special thanks to Mrs Della Rocca (FOBS team and Alessia and Nico's mum) for the most amazing (and very delicious) CAKE! A huge thank you to all the OBS staff, but especially to Mrs Thomas and Mrs Tee who have organised, resourced and orchestrated the entire day! IT WAS ONE TO REMEMBER FOR A VERY LONG TIME!


Back to winning ways … this week our KS2 Cross Country boys and girls relay teams made us incredibly PROUD at The Nottingham City Finals held at Colwick Country Park! The girls A team finished in 5th place overall, the boys B team finished in an incredible 3rd place achieving Bronze medals ... AND THE BOYS A TEAM ARE NOW THE CHAMPIONS OF NOTTINGHAM CITY FOR CROSS COUNTRY, achieving gold medals! (That is now 2 years in a row the boys have been City Champions at this event!) A truly fantastic achievement! WELL DONE EVERYONE WHO WAS INVOLVED! 


One of my favourites days in my 11 years of being at OBS happened this Wednesday morning! Year 4 invited parents to join their children in our school hall to make their very own model  of The Iron Man! (This is the Shared Reading book all Y4 pupils are studying.) The pupils not only used recycled material that they have been bringing in to school over the past week, but also applied their knowledge and skills from their topic this half term 'Flashes and Bangs' to build electrical circuits with switches to allow each Iron Man model to have EYES THAT LIT UP! The hall was a hive of activity with over 45 parents and grandparents! A truly magical morning! (Please see the Y4 class page for more details!)


Also this week our BRAND NEW OBS Girls Football team had their first match ever for school at a local tournament! Thanks to our new sports teacher Miss Ubee, we now have 25 girls each week coming to football training and are PROUD to say OBS now has a girls football team! The girls finished in 4th place at the competition … a superb achievement for a team in its infancy!


Tomorrow we have a staff INSET training day - we will continue to be focusing on and revitalising our school curriculum to ensure Autumn 2 is just as exciting for our pupils as Autumn 1 has been.


Looking forward to seeing many of you at parents evening next week! Have a great weekend, I might even see one or two of you at Goose Fair! Enjoy your 3 day weekend children!


Mrs Shaw



Hello! What a wash out it has been weather wise this week, thankfully it never dampens the spirit or the hive of activity here at OBS!


A huge thank you to everyone who baked or donated cakes, supported, lead and attended our MacMillan Coffee morning today! Our school council and FOBS (Friends of Old Basford) worked together like the 'dream team' to plan, prepare and execute an absolutely fantastic morning. Yet again the BRILLIANT OBS community came out in force to support this very worthy cause! THANK YOU! (Please see the latest news and PTA website pages for pictures of todays hugely successful event!) I am sure the total raised will be shared on Monday with you all.


Congratulations to 16 pupils from Year 3 to Year 6 who in this afternoons 'Honours Assembly' were announced as this years 2019-2020 OBS Spanish Ambassadors for school! We know you'll be a positive force in enhancing and promoting opportunities for Spanish around our school! (Pictures and more information on the latest news website page.)


We were so disappointed to have to cancel our annual OBS Mini Marathon today; due to  the very poor weather over this last week and the field/school grounds being not fit for purpose to allow all 500 (pupils and staff) to complete the event! We have rearranged the event for 2 weeks today - Friday 11th October - so please do continue to fundraise and collect your sponsorship! GOOD LUCK TO MRS BLACK AND MR HILL WHO ARE RUNNING THE 'REAL' NOTTINGHAM ROBIN HOOD HALF MARATHON THIS WEEKEND! (Special best wishes to Mrs Black who is doing the event for the very first time; Mr Hill we avidly await to hear your time and if you can beat your Half Marathon personal best - I hope the weather is kind to you on Sunday!)


Congratulations to the OBS Y6 Hockey Team who competed at The Nottingham University Highfield Campus yesterday in the Y5/6 Nottingham City Hockey Finals! I was so impressed with your 5th place result out of the 17 teams that made the finals! Excellent effort, attitude and sportsmanship were reported to me by Miss Ubee! PROUD! 


Thank you to all of the parents who came to our F2 Parent Workshop on Thursday - your positive praise for the event on Survey Monkey has been very much appreciated. Thank you to the staff for your preparation and delivery - together as a partnership we will deliver the best quality education to support your children.


Finally, a huge well done to our 4 brand new OBS Shakespeare Ambassadors! Four of our y6 children attended a days training this Tuesday at the Nottingham Royal Concert Hall, they were involved in a whole day of workshops run by the Royal Shakespeare Company! The pupils couldn't wait to come back and tell me all about it. They now wish to establish and run their own KS1 lunchtime drama club in our back hall, they are hoping to apply all of the skills that they have learnt on their training! INCREDIBLE VISION, AMBITION AND ENTHUSIASM! PROUD!


Attendance this week is good at 97.3%


Have a fantastic weekend and good luck to anyone else running in either the Children's Mini Marathon or the Half Marathon this weekend around our fantastic city!


Mrs Shaw



What a wonderful week!


This week in our whole assemblies we have announced our new School Student Council and new School Eco Council for 2019-2020! Thank you and well done to the many children who nominated themselves to be considered for these high profile roles! Each class voted for their peers following a short presentation from each of the candidates. I have no doubt you will ALL be an excellent voice for new ideas, change and progression at Old Basford this academic year! Congratulations on your appointment!


I am very excited to announce our new outdoor lunchtime library is very nearly ready to go! This idea of an outdoor library came from the children at the end of last academic year and I know Mrs Black (Literacy Lead) has spent time resourcing a vast range of books and text types for you all to enjoy if you wish at break and lunchtimes. 


Mrs Black has also in her assembly this week announced the exciting opportunities for our pupils in terms of literacy. Application forms for Reading Champions were given out this week, a pivotal role in our school, and ... classes also need also need to vote next week  for their new 2019-2020 Librarian Reading Ambassadors!


Well done to all of our new Class 1 and Class 2 pupils who this week lined up on the playground before school for the very first time! I am so impressed with how grown up you were when saying goodbye to your grown ups before walking around with your teachers to your classroom on your own.


This week Year 6 visited the Holocaust Museum in Newark linked to their topic on World War 2! Their teachers and staff at the centre were once again full of praise for the children's behaviour, subject knowledge, empathy and inquisitive questioning. I spoke to one Year 6 as they were leaving school that night who said it was the best trip he had ever been on and the very best part was meeting a real life survivor of the Holocaust in person! Year 6 are now planning on visiting our local Synagogue in the next few weeks linked to their intertwined Judaism topic.  To see what your child is learning this term please remember to visit their year group/class pages for an overview of their exciting curriculum!


All classes have been busily preparing for next weeks annual OBS Mini Marathon! We are using the event this year to fundraise for improvements our two school playgrounds. (Please ensure all pupils next Friday have their PE with them and get a few sponsors!) School Council will then collect ideas from our pupils about what else the would like to enhance our two concrete yards. 


Attendance this week was low at just 95.4%! Sadly we already seem to have been struck by both a sickness bug and a coldly/flu virus!


Have a lovely weekend, the weather tomorrow looks stunning! (Clinging on to the last bit of summer!)


Mrs Shaw


Well this week has just flown by! It has been wonderful to see each and every child following their new classes routines and rules with confidence and pride. Behaviour around school has been exemplary! I continue to be so impressed with our Year 6 pupils who this week have carried out Playground Guardian duties on our KS1 & KS2 yards with enthusiasm and kindness.


It was lovely this week to see our new Foundation Stage children in Classes 1 and 2 be paired for the first time with their Year 5 Amigo (buddy)! I have no doubt that throughout the year they will develop a very special bond and friendship as they share special events and celebrations together! Well done to each Year 5 pupil for the care and consideration they gently gave each of our new pupils, you really did make them feel very special indeed!


This week has seen the return of our sporting lunchtime and after school extra curricular clubs! It has been just fantastic to see numerous pupils getting involved in: basketball, hockey, cross country, boys and girls football, tennis, tag-rugby and athletics! AND ... next week we see the return of ... chess, guitars, area band, science and Lego club!

OBS= Opportunities Bring Success.


Tonight I have sent home with each child my newsletter for the new academic year, there is also a copy on this website under the 'news and events' link at the top. Please do give it a read over the weekend with maybe a cup of tea and a biscuit! Any questions, you know where to find me!


Attendance this week was good at 97.9%! Have a very enjoyable weekend!


Mrs Shaw





Happy September! Welcome back everyone! 


I'd like to start my first Headteacher blog of the academic year by saying a very special and warm welcome to our new foundation stage children and parents in both nursery and classes 1 and 2! And also  ... to our 5 new children and their families joining us across Year 3, 4 and 5 …. Welcome to the OBS Family!


It has been a fantastic, calm and very happy start to the new academic year! The children have behaved impeccably well and seem full of joy and enthusiasm for their new teachers, new classrooms and new curricula topics!


Thank you to ALL of the incredibly dedicated OBS staff for their hard work over the summer break to ensure school looks vibrant, engaging and ready for another fantastic year. Thank you to our Site Manger Mr Martyn and his cleaning team for their work too over the holidays; school is looking sparkling and new again!


I now have to praise our new Year 6 pupils who have had an exceptional first week leading school, taking on additional responbilites with maturity and eagerness! I have been VERY IMPRESSED with what I have seen so far and all that your class teachers have told me!


Thank you to the vast majority of our Y5, Y1 & Y6 parents who have joined us for our New Year Group Welcome Parent Meetings this week! It was fantastic to see such a strong and supportive turn out! Next week we have:

Y3 Welcome Chat - Monday 9th September 3:30-4:00 School Hall

Y2 Welcome Chat - Tuesday 10th September 3:30-4:00 School Hall

F2 Welcome Chat - Wednesday 11th September 3:30-4:00 School Hall

Y4 Welcome Chat - Thursday 12th September 3:30-4:00 School Hall

We hope the turn out is just as positive.


This week has seen both Infinity and Mini Infinity clubs begin at break and lunchtime. It is already incredibly popular. Next week we see the start of: Y6 Tag Rugby, Y5/6 Basketball, Y3 Football, Y3/4 Athletics, Y5/6 Street Dance, Y5/6 Running Club, Y4 Tennis, Y5/6 Girls only Football and Y5/6 Football Squad Trails! With even more clubs due to start back in Week 3! OBS= Opportunities Bring Success!


Attendance this week is 95.9%, which is low, but we hope to be back in the early 97%'s next week as a few families are still to return back in to the country after the summer.


Have a WONDERFUL weekend and see you all bright and early ready to do it all again on Monday!


Mrs Shaw


BLOG 2018-2019


Just 3 school weeks left to go! Again, SOOOOOOO MUCH to share with you about what has been happening this week here at OBS! Grab a cuppa and enjoy!


Thankfully we have had beautiful weather all week which has been just perfect for our Year 2 residential! On Thursday night all of our Year 2 pupils stayed overnight in tents on our school field! To ensure they had a night to remember, we started with a disco, followed by popcorn and a cinema screening in our school hall! We are so PROUD of each and every one of them, especially those who it was their very first night staying away from home.


On Thursday morning our 4 Sports Ambassadors from Year 5 attended a Nottingham City Graduation event, thanking and acknowledging them for their hard work throughout the year promoting sport on our KS1 playground!


On Wednesday each of our children had a transition morning with their new teachers for September! The dinner hall was a hive of activity at lunchtime with pupils eager to share and compare their mornings and thoughts of their new teachers!


On Thursday evening, our Year 3 and 4 footballers has their first taste of OBS competitive football playing in the Year 4/5 City Cup! It was the first time none of our y5 pupils had been a part of the team. (I think Mr Hill and Mr Burrow’s were trying to check out their Under 10's team for next season!) The boys did just brilliantly and got all the way to the semi-final, losing 1-0 to Robin Hood Primary!  I know Mr Hill and Mr Burrows were so impressed with your effort, attitude and sportsmanship! The future team looks very positive indeed!


On Thursday morning our F1 nursery pupils had the most fantastic day at Ferry Farm! Thank you to the many parents who gave up their day to allow us to have enough adults to be able to take the children on this wonderful experience! I know the children thoroughly enjoyed feeding and learning about all of the animals.


On Tuesday afternoon we had another one of our Staff vs Kids sports matches! This time it was… ROUNDERS! 9 members of staff put themselves forward to play against 17 members of the y6 rounders after school club! This time… it was the kids who were victorious winning by just 1 rounder, with the final score being 12-11!


Today our y5/6 basketball team represented The City as Champions of Nottingham in the Regional Finals at Nottingham Trent University! After an intense round robin competition they finished as Silver Medallists for the East Midlands! (They lost out on the gold by losing 1 of their 8 matches by just 1 point!) SO IMMENSELY PROUD OF YOU ALL! Please see the picture below, what an incredibly talented group of individuals and an outstanding team!


My personal highlight of the week was on Tuesday; all 60 of our F2 pupils and 13 members of the KS2 girls after school football club had quite a surprise when Maddy Ubee arrived at school for a special presentation! Each pupil was given their own, brand new football from Maddy to keep! The pupils, as you can imagine, were over the moon!


Have a great weekend everyone!


Mrs Shaw – Head Teacher



At last the sun is OUT! HOORAY!

Another very busy and exciting week to report on here at OBS!


All of our Year 4 pupils have been incredibly lucky to work on an amazing ‘print collage’ project with local artist Jane Stockley this week. We are delighted to be a part of a very special artist adventure, alongside a group of schools, who like us, are a part of The Nottingham Schools Trust, called ‘Under One Sky!’ Each pupil in Year 4 across these schools, will produce an individual piece of work that together will create an impressive, collective piece of art work that will be showcased at a gallery event in September across the city!


On Tuesday after school we held our first Family Maths Quiz event! Thank you to all the pupils, parents and even grandparents who made up a quiz team! It was just fantastic to see families having so much fun with number, shape and problem solving! Thank you also to the FOBS team for being such fantastic hosts by ensuring everyone had refreshments, creating a relaxed and friendly atmosphere!


Well done to our Y4&5 Athletics team who this week competed at the finals of the Nottingham City Outdoor Quad Athletics Event! Each individual took part in 4 different events: long jump, mini howler throw, 50m sprint and 400m long distance! Many of them won some of their individual events; I was delighted to hear of your sportsmanship and how you continued throughout to encourage and support one another to do your best!


Y1-6 Sports Day! What a HUGE SUCCESS! What an incredible amount of adults we had come and join us! Thank you for your active participation in cheering on either the odds or even teams! We think the new additional of the egg and spoon and three-legged races went down every well and the children certainly seemed to enjoy them! In the end it was the Odd team that won the day, beating the Even’s by 36 points!


The week we have embraced Wimbledon Fever with 2 sets of external tennis coaching! Today we have had a Rainbow Tennis afternoon for KS1 with and yesterday our Y3’s took part in our new Tennis after school club! The children have thoroughly enjoyed both experiences!


Attendance this week was LOW just 94% which is disappointing!

Enjoy the weather this week, it sounds like tomorrow is going to be scorching hot!

Mrs Shaw – Head Teacher



Hello... FRIDAY AGAIN! I have NO IDEA where the week goes!


Lots of lovely things to share with you all again this week!


Many of our Y4 pupils this week had a very exciting day of being forensic scientists investigating a crime scene! They used science experiments to eliminate potential suspects using finger prints and hair samples - FANTASTIC! They absolutely THRIVED and thoroughly ENJOYED the experience! (Pictures on latest news!)


THIS GIRL CAN! Congratulations and well done to all of the girls who represented OBS in the Girls Sports Festival at Harvey Haddon Stadium on Thursday. They worked as a team and competed in a brilliant variety of sports such as: hockey, curling, handball and athletics!


Enterprise Day! Today throughout school each class has been presented with the challenge of their very own, child led, stall at our OBS Summer Fair on Thursday 11th July! Each class has been given £5 to invest in to their class stall! Throughout the day our pupils have been designing, presenting and voting for their favourite class stall enterprise idea! Pupils have discussed potential profits, resourcing, organising and marketing! I can't wait to see all of your stalls in 3 weeks time!


WE ARE A GO (so long as the weather stays on our side) for Y1-6 sports day next week on Thursday 27th June at 9:15! Friends and family are very welcome to join us on the field for the morning! Please remember class colours! Odd Classes 'cold' colour T-shirts (grey, purple, blue, black) and Even classes 'warm' colour T-shirts (red, orange, pink, yellow) all to be accompanied by plain black school PE shorts and trainers please!


Please remember it is an INSET training day for staff on Monday, so I will see you all on Tuesday morning!


Have a great weekend!


Mrs Shaw


What a wet week! Rain, rain and more rain! The children have been real a credit to school though, behaving very well! Year 6 have been superb and a real testament to upper school, thank you for helping to ensure all classes at breaktime and lunchtime, whilst doing your wet play monitor duties, have been following our OBS PROUD school rules! I know the children in the younger classes have really enjoyed the games you have played and invented alongside them.



What a week to celebrate and showcase 'THE ARTS' here at OBS! Thank you to the many parents and pupils who joined us after school on Monday night for a fantastic variety of art and craft workshops. Well done to both The KS2 and KS1 Art Club for designing such great activities for everyone to take part in.



Drama and Dance at it's finest here at OBS on Tuesday night! Thank you so much to our excellent OBS drama club for their performance of Romeo and Juliet; William Shakespeare himself would have been PROUD! The National Finalists OBS Dance Team also preformed their winning routine and yet again WOWED the audience!



Finishing off our showcase of 'THE ARTS' on Wednesday night was our annual OBS Music Showcase! I was brought to tears by the talents of our pupils and how they are just flourishing in having the confidence to perform in front of a large audience! Some pupils sang solos, others performed duets on the piano and groups of pupils had the audience singing and clapping along whilst they played the guitar and the African Drums!


There is still more to share this week... SPORTING SUCCESS WISE!


Congratulations to the Y4/5 Athletics team who this week competed at Harvey Haddon Stadium in the Quad Athletics Semi Finals. It is a real testament to sport here at OBS that we were able to take 2 teams! Every child competed to the best of their ability. A very special well done to the A Team who made it through to the city finals in 2 weeks time!


On top of that, the OBS A and B Basketball Team competed this week in the End of Season Rallies at Brocklewood School! Their support and encouragement for one another made me burst with pride! It was just fantastic to be able to take 26 children to take part in multi gender competitive sport! The A Team won all of their matches with flair and the B Team won 2 out of their 3 matches! FANTASTIC!


Attendance this week for the whole school is 97%! Congratulations to Class 14 in 3rd place with week with 98.3%, to Classes 6 & 13 in joint 2nd place with 98.6% and to Class 8 in 1st place with 99.7%


Wishing you all 'a not too soggy' weekend and that the rain does a disappearing act and the sun reappears!


Mrs Shaw - Head Teacher





Welcome back everyone to Summer 2!


Where has the year gone? Just half a term left until each child will be moving up to the following year group, half a term until we will be welcoming 60 new 4 year olds in to OBS school life and just half a term until we have to say a very sad good bye and good luck to our Year 6 pupils as they begin their secondary education.


On Thursday this week, we had two external visitors who came to conduct a review day here at OBS. They were Headteachers from our Primary 6 Partnership Schools, who we work in  collaboration with as critical friends, to both challenge and extend the education we provide for our pupils. They spent the entire day inspecting lessons and pupils books, interviewing staff and pupils. The final report is an incredibly positive one. (I've sent it out to all parents today on Marvellous Me for you to see.)


Our pupils have been working incredibly hard this week to prepare for our first ever 'BASFEST' event next week! Over 3 nights after school we will be showcasing 'THE ARTS' here at OBS!


On Monday night we'll have art and craft activities for pupils and parents, all of which have been organised and orchestrated by members of the KS1 and KS2 OBS Art Clubs.


On Tuesday night the Drama Club will be performing some of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, after which, our OBS Y5/6 Regional Dance Champions, will perform their winning routine!


Finally, on Wednesday, we will be hosting our very own OBS Music Showcase, allowing our pupils the opportunity to demonstrate their vast array of musical talents and gifts. Huge thanks in advance to Mrs Thomas, who is currently run off her feet, ensuring everything is ready for next week.


On Tuesday the Street Dance Team performed their winning regional dance routine at the NATIONAL FINALS of The Great Big Dance Off at Oxford's New Inn Theatre! There, in front of a packed 800+ capacity audience, they danced their socks off to every single step and beat! SO PROUD OF THEM! Thank you to the 26 parents, friends and family who travelled all of that way with us, supporting us every step of the way. You really made yourselves heard and it both encouraged and aspired each child to give it their all! 


Well done to the OBS FOBS team for 2 fantastic Disco's on Thursday night this week as well as parent bingo! We have managed to raise over £350 - all of which, as always, will go towards reducing the cost of trips and residentials to our parents. Thank you, yet again, to everyone for your support. A special thank you to parent volunteer, Tony Allen, for being our DJ.


Happy EID MUBARAK to many of our families. I hope you had a wonderful time celebrating this week.


Looking forward to BASFEST next week - hope to see as many of you there as possible!


Have a great weekend (let's hope the weather improves! Come on SUMMER!)


Mrs Shaw





What an incredible week! WOW! So much to share with you all!


I am always very PROUD to be the Head Teacher of OBS; but this week I don't think I could be PROUDER of our children and staff!


Over the last 5 days 180 children have had the opportunity to camp at Walesby Outdoor Adventure Centre! I have beamed with pride and held back tears of joy as I've watched children conquer fears, achieve things they never thought they'd be able to do, coach, encourage and support their peers! JUST GORGEOUS! None of this could happen without the INCREDIBLE OBS STAFF - 22 of whom stayed and camped at least one night this week alongside our pupils!


Year 6 today have been VIP's at The Royal Concert Hall; one of the many benefits of being a Royal Shakespeare Company Associate Lead School is the added extras we have offered, something that only 30 schools in the country get the opportunity to do! Today our pupils got a back stage tour of the Concert Hall …. AND.... got to see and meet Samantha WOMACK (formally Roni in EastEnders) rehearsing with fellow cast members for their production of 'The Girl on The Train!' Such a privilege!


Year 2 today had a treat day at Sherwood Pines, den building, exploring the woods and thoroughly enjoyed every single part of the Gruffalo Trail! Thank you to the Year 2 teaching team for all your hard work and preparation in allowing the day to be such a success!


Year 3 today was alive with Egyptians! How amazing they all looked in their costumes - every time I popped in they were creating, painting, exploring and acting!


Well done to the Y4 Tag Rugby Team who played brilliantly at a friendly tournament over in Clifton this Wednesday. You were highly skilled and it was lovey to hear other coaches complimenting your teamwork and style of play! 


Today's whole school assembly was on Water Safety, your child may talk to you about it at home. We are keen to spread the message as the weather gets warmer to stay away from open water and never to put yourself in a dangerous situation.


Attendance this week was much lower than we'd like, just 95.5%!


Have a great half term!


Mrs Shaw - Head Teacher




What a beautiful week it has been on the whole weather wise - summer seems to be on its was - and just in time too with next week being WALESBY WEEK! With 180 and 18 members of staff in total spending some of next week camping!


CONGRATULATIONS to ALL of our INCREDIBLE year 6 pupils who this week took a total of 6 examination papers in the National Test week - SATs! Your resilience, commitment, determination, support and encouragement of one another made the entire staff SO PROUD OF YOU!


Well done to Classes 1 & 2 who had the most wonderful day on Monday with their trip to Manor Farm in East Leake! A huge thank you to all of the parent helpers, we couldn't have done it with you! I've been chatting to the children all week about their experiences, favourite parts of the day, favourite animals etc - it certainly seems like a FANTASTIC time was had by all.


Thank you to everyone who attended our parent RSE Workshop meeting on Monday, I hope you the information we went home following the meeting both information and useful in term of how we will coverage this element of the curriculum in each year group in school.


Attendance this week was very good at 97.5%!


Wishing you an enjoyable weekend - good luck to y3, y4 and y5 parents packing for camp! (Extra layers needed for night time please! I know I'll be packing at least 2-3 hoodies and pairs of THICK SOCKS for the night time!)


Mrs Shaw


Hello, I'm not going to lie, it was lovely having a 4 day week, wasn't it?! Although we did all feel a tad out of sync Tuesday morning, thinking it was Monday!


A very happy week at school on the whole to report on.


Congratulations to 6 of our Y2 pupils who this week competed at the City finals of the KS1 Gymnastics competition. They did brilliantly performing 3 routines each as individuals. There overall team score saw them finish in 4th place, just 0.8 outside of the medals! Well done to all 6 of you in your first (I'm am sure of many) opportunities to represent school in sport! PROUD!


The chess team on Thursday night had away matches against Richard Bonnington, Roundhill and The Girls High School! Another very fine performance by the team as a whole and some individuals Mr Ross shared with me played exceptionally well with tremendous levels of concentration!


Our new KS1 yoga free after school club started this week. Mrs Sawford shared with me some of the activities you did and how much you had all enjoyed it! Wonderful to hear!


Next week we wish our Y6's all the very best in the End of Key Stage National Examinations! After teaching all of them this morning, they are focused, ready, yes of course a little nervous and anxious - BUT … we believe in you and will be with you every step of the way!


Attendance this week was good again at 97.4%! Which is very encouraging!

Have a good weekend everyone! (Year 6 rest up and get some early nights in!)

Mrs Shaw


What a FANTASTIC WEEK here at OBS to share with you all!


Today, we held our 7th ODW (One Day Wonder) of the year so far CAREERS DAY! It was SO INSPIRING to see all of the children dressed up as 'job roles' that they would like to be when they are older. From architects to doctors, make-up artists to judges, vets to DJ's, sportsmen and women to midwives, policemen and women to authors! WHAT A DAY WE HAD! To add to all of this we were joined by 10 different adult volunteers who all spent time in the classes throughout school with our children, sharing their job roles, responbilites, passions and how they got to where they are today! Real life stories are just so incredibly powerful!


Thank you to everyone who attended our FOBS parent bingo afternoon this week, helping us to once again raise vital funds for school; all of which is used to enhance enrichment opportunities for trips and residents, helping to keep our costs as low as possible for parents.


Well done to the Y6 Table Tennis Team who this week competed in the City Finals at Harvey Haddon. You played with passion and determination! PROUD!


This week we had 3 residential meetings for our y3, y4 and y5 camps that will e taking place in just under 3 weeks! It was wonderful to see so many parents attending these information meetings with their children, thank you for all of your insightful questions! Not long to go now!


Book Fair has been back with a BANG this week at Old Basford, on Wednesday night we even managed to do it outside in the sunshine. If you haven't managed to make it yet, don't panic, Book Fair is on in the back hall for one last time this academic year on Tuesday 7th May.


Attendance this week was an impressive 97.6%! A very happy Mrs Shaw!


Wishing you all a wonderful and long bank holiday weekend! See you at 8:50am on Tuesday 7th May.


Mrs Shaw - Head Teacher


Welcome back every to SUMMER TERM!


This week at OBS all classes had had their 'WOW' days where they have been introduced to their new topic for the half term. It was wonderful to see children being imaginative and helping to create their new topic classroom wall displays!


Our new Buddy Bench signposts were revealed today in whole school assembly! Both the Upper and Lower playground designs were met with a round of applause by the children! Well done to our School Council members for their forward thinking and driving this new element of school playground life forward! Also, very well done to the children who's winning designs for the signpost have now become a reality!


OUR NEW OBS AFTER SCHOOL KIDS CLUB HAS BEEN A HUGE HIT! Thank you so much for ALL of the overwhelmingly positive comments from both parents and children. We are so pleased you are having such an enjoyable time!


This week I had the please of joining Miss Wardle at her graduation for her Master Degree, The SENCO Award. Huge congratulations!


We are now a 'RED BOX SCHOOL' - OBS are incredibly PROUD to work in partnership with the 'RED BOX CHARITY' ; together we will work against period poverty and provide for both pupils and parents 2 red boxes that allow women access to free sanitary products. Our adult red box is located near out school food bank just inside the breakfast club waiting area.


Attendance this week is back where is should be after some very unusual, lower than normal weeks before the Easter break due to sickness bugs and chicken pox - 96.9%! (Much better!)


Wishing you all an enjoyable weekend! 


Mrs Shaw - Head Teacher

Friday 5th April 2018



Wishing all of our pupils, families and our entire OBS Community a wonderful 17 day break from school. (Just a reminder to say we start back on Tuesday 23rd April due to the bank holiday on Easter Monday!)


What a week; 4 fantastic achievement assemblies, an Easter Bonnet Parade, A Staff VS Kids Tag Rugby Competition,  An Odd Classes VS Even Classes 18/19 Topic whole school quiz, a Romeo and Juliet Celebration Showcase Assembly, Two Under 11’s Football End of Season league matches, A Rainbows Charity Coffee Afternoon and 2 Incredible Productions of Year 3&4’s Musical Cinderella! NEVER A DULL MOMENT HERE AT OBS!


Never in one week do I think the school motto of ‘Opportunities Brings Success’ has been more evident! We believe in giving each our of pupils rich and varied experiences that help to mode them not only as children, but as to the adults they will become in our modern British Society!


As a Royal Shakespeare Company Lead Associate School we this week have fully embrace throughout school our enrichment theme week of Romeo and Juliet. The children have thrived in their acting abilities, perform as characters from the play or recreating freeze frames from key scenes. It has been a joy to see just how engaged they are!


Thank you to everyone who attend one of the 4 achievement assemblies this week. The children just revel in having you there when they are awarded their Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum Proud Achievement Certificates and Badges! It has been wonderful to see the children PROUDLY wearing them on their school jumpers and cardigans for the rest of the week and shows just how much they value them!


I would like to send my sincere thanks out to the incredible staff here at OBS; they each go above and beyond in order to ensure our pupils get opportunities to SHINE!


Remember the school is open on Monday – Thursday of the first week of the holidays with a variety of holiday clubs, each one just £17 a day. There is still some availability; so feel free to turn up on the day at 8:45.


Wishing you all a happy and healthy break – see you on Tuesday 23rd April ready for the summer term!

Mrs Shaw



What a way to end the week! No longer today were we a school that was a sea of blue in whole school assembly, but a sea of RED!


Red Nose Day here at OBS was a HUGE SUCCESS! The children loved their 'DANCE A THON' this morning in the hall! A huge thank you to Mr Tony Allen for once again giving up his free time to support school in another enriching activity! For 3 hours consecutively our school hall had children dancing in it! Each class tagged and high fived one another in and out of the hall! The atmosphere was just FANTASTIC! (All sponsorship money for the 'DANCE A THON' is to PLEASE be in by next Friday 22nd March - then we can announce the grand total!) 


Well done to our school council representatives and to Miss McCulloch and Miss Tarlowski for allowing RED NOSE DAY here at OBS to run sooooooooooo smoothly, for being fully inclusive to every child and making it SO MUCH FUN!


Well done to the Y5 Mega Festival Team who all represented school for the 1st time in sport this Thursday at Harvey Haddon Stadium! It was lovely to hear that lots of parents and grandparents came along to support you! Well done for making school PROUD!


On Monday lunchtime our Y6 Football team narrowly missed out on a place in the FINAL OF THE CITY CUP. They lost  to local rivals Whitemoor Academy after dominating most of the game in the cruellest of English ways ... the dreaded penalties! After full time it was 1-1, after extra time 1-1, BUT in a brutal penalty shoot out they lost by just one goal! I'd like to praise all the boys for how they conducted themselves throughout, especially afterwards when going back in to lessons in the afternoon after such disappoint! PROUD!


Our first night of Mid Year Parent Evenings this Wednesday was a real success! It is always fantastic to see pupils and parents leave together at the end of their appointment beaming with pride! We look forward to seeing all of our other parents at NIGHT 2 next Thursday! 


Attendance this week was 96.1% This week the sickness bug has seemed to have hit Y3 the most! Let us hope it is completely on its way out of school very soon!


Enjoy watching Comic Relief tonight and thank you again for your support today!


Mrs Shaw




Much to share and celebrate this week; as always here at OBS!


What a fantastic WORLD BOOK DAY we had! The children thoroughly enjoyed their day and enriching reading activities that took place throughout it! The costumes, WOW, were just amazing! It shows the clear love there is for WORLD BOOK DAY and for celebrating and sharing books in our school community. During todays Honours Assembly, all year groups showcased and shared the activities they had done or recited some performance poetry to the rest of the school! A very special assembly to be a part of and great to see the children leading it!


Amigo’s read with Foundation and Y6 read to Key Stage 1! As a part of our own going special partnership between our Y5’s and F2 children, and our Y6's and Year1-2 pupils - our children from Upper School spoke about their favourite books, characters and acted out scenes from their books over in Oak’s and Chestnut’s classrooms, and in classes 3-6! All pupils thoroughly loved the experience; something we need to do more often I think! Food for thought!


Football and Basketball Success! Both teams this week competed for school! The Under 10’s football team are now through to the semi-finals of the Forest Cup. Mr Hill and Mr Burrows were very pleased with the boys’ performance and are already looking forward and planning their team for their next match on Monday. The Basketball Team travelled to Ambleside Primary and played against both Ambleside and Jubilee Primary Schools they scored 48 points in total over the 2 games. The final scores were OBS 22 Jubilee 4 and OBS 26 Ambleside 5. All players did our school PROUD!


Our first ever Makaton Workshop was an overwhelming success. Our Speech and Language Teacher Gemma was so impressed with the number of parents attending and how quickly they picked up basic signing elements. Miss Wardle (SENDco) will be continuing to run additional workshops in the next 6 weeks to support parents of our children – so keep your eyes peeled.


EASTER HOLIDAY CLUBS ARE BACK! After the success of our first ever holiday club during February Half Term, I am delighted to say that: Dancing Motion, Hood’s Multi-Sports and The OBS Arts and Craft in Action dates will be realised shortly for the first week of the Easter Holidays – keep an eye out for our flyers and get your places booked soon to avoid disappointment!


Bronze, Silver and Gold Handwriting Award has its first acknowledgements! Well done to 5 boys in years 2-5 this week who have our first children to achieve an award! All boys achieved the ‘bronze’ handwriting award for improvement! Each of the boys have rung the original (1878) school bell at different points this week around our site and received much praise from both staff and pupils for their impressive handwriting.


Thank you to the 42 Y6 parents who attended one of our 2 SATs Examination Information Meetings this week. I hope you found them both knowledge and insightful in how to best support, prepare and encourage your child in the weeks ahead. The Year 6 team were very thank you for your very positive comment, questions and responses. We are always here to work in partnership with you.


Attendance this week was 95.8% which is disappointing! The bug seems to have really hit Y5 and Y1 this week! I hope those of you who have been ill feel better over the weekend!


Wishing you a lovely weekend, and remember the free science fair at Wollaton Hall on Saturday if you have a few hours spare. It’s meant to be FANTASTIC!

Mrs Shaw

Friday 1st March


I hope all the children had a good break over half term! I know the 50 plus children who attended one of our two new Half Term Holiday Clubs had a fantastic time doing: sport, dance, drama and craft! Dates will be out soon of more clubs over the Easter Break! EXCITING TIMES!


We have been so impressed by the optional family homework projects. The variety of amazing, homemade, musical instruments has been wonderful! Many of which were brought along to assembly today to be showcased and played to the school! Well done to anyone who gave it a go!


Similarly the OBS School Council have also been very impressed with the entries they have had from their half term to ‘Design our new buddy bench’ competition! I am sure it will not be an easy decision when trying to work which of the creative designs make the final cut!


Congratulations to the Y3/4 Athletics team who this week made it through to the Semi Finals of the Indoor Sports Hall Athletics Competition. The children preformed especially well in the field events; we’ll be sure to keep practising our sprinting and baton changes over the next couple of weeks!


Wel done to our Y5/6 Nurture Children who this week went to Morrison's in Bulwell to help shoppers pack their weekly items in to bags, whilst trying to raise money for school enrichment activities. Members of the public commented on how well behaved, polite and careful you were when serving them. PROUD!


A small reminder, following my message to parents this week, about ensuring all pupils come to school smart, and in full school uniform. We are particularly focusing on footwear at present; if your child does wear trainers to school these must be completely plain black.


Thank you to all the Year 3 parents who joined us for our Reading Workshop. Having a lesson alongside your child is such a prilvedge and something the children thrive from! We hope many of the techniques shared with you, you are able to regularly use at home when supporting your children with their reading and comprehension skills.


I was delighted to announce this week that we will be running an after school club post Easter. The new OBS KIDS CLUB will run daily from afterschool until 6pm. Please book your child’s place with the office to ensure your choice of days can be met as soon as possible.


Attendance this week is 95.9% which is disappointing, sadly a few bugs are still lurking in amongst our lovely school community. Hopefully we will be back in the high 96%’s and 97%’s next week!


Have a fantastic weekend!

Mrs Shaw


Another Half Term GONE! We are officially now half way through the year! And with the hours of daylight increasing and summer on its way … there is so much to look forward to after half term as we move in to the second half of the academic year!


This week………..


Thank you to all of the children who attended one of our two Valentines Discos on Tuesday evening and to the parents who, whilst waiting for them, enjoyed a few games of Bingo in our Foundation Block! We raised an incredible £630! This, as always, goes towards covering the total subsidies made by our school for all year groups' Residentials and Trips this year. In total, school subsidises over £6000 to ensure costs stay as low as possible for our parents. Your support and fundraising for all of our events really does make all the difference!


Talking of Trips – On Monday our Year 5’s went to the Galleries of Justice in Nottingham City Centre linked to their topic this half term ‘Crime and Punishment!’ They had a fantastic day and were brilliantly behaved! Our Chair of Governors, who also attended the event with them, shared how much the trip really brought all their classroom lessons and learning to life!


Key Stage 2 ‘Aced' the Road Safety Quiz with a combined score of 89.6%! On Wednesday afternoon, all pupils in Y3-6 took part in our annual Road Safety Quiz in partnership with The Highways Agency! With being so close to a busy, main road, it is so important we prepare and inform our pupils about road safety. The pupils did brilliantly and really applied their learning and practical experiences.


On Thursday evening the OBS Street Dance Team performed at the East Midlands Regional Finals of ‘The Great British Dance Off’ at the Albert Hall. Thank you to the many, many parents and grandparents who came, supported and cheered us on every step of the way. I am delighted to share that WE ARE THROUGH TO THE NATIONAL FINALS IN OXFORD IN JUNE! AN INCREDIBLE ACHIEVEMENT!


We celebrated the end of midyear assessment week today with a whole school Talent Show! The children love performing to one another; all 24 acts were just fantastic and the audience was very supportive and encouraging to each pupil who was brave enough to take to the stage. School Council, Eco Council and the Music Captains also shared at the event the optional holiday homework creative projects for this half term, as well as a recycling challenge!


Attendance this week was much better and back to normal at 97.7%! Stay healthy over the holidays!


I wish you a very happy and healthy half term break. See you bright and early on Monday 25th February.

Mrs Shaw



What a week! So much to share and celebrate once again!


The Y5/6 Street Dance Team blew the entire audience away at the City of Nottingham Dance Showcase event on Wednesday evening! The 20 OBS pupils danced with pride, determination, passion and skill! We can't wait for the Regional Finals of The Great Dance Off next Thursday at the Albert Hall. A HUGE HUGE THANK YOU to all of the parents, friends and families that have and will be supporting us at both events!


The chess team are victorious again! The 8 individuals from the OBS chess team this week had an away match on Wednesday night. Many of the individual players won a number of their matches and are increasing in both confidence and skill each week!


SCIENCE ZONE! This week our Y5 pupils and their parents got to make slime and bath bombs as a part of our National Enthuse Project! Working alongside young adults from Basford College (just down the road) they turned our school hall in to their very own laboratory! Thank you to so many of our Y5 parents who came and joined us! I hope you have had some time to yourselves to enjoy your very own bath bomb!


We were delighted by the number of F2 Parents who were able to join us earlier this week for your 2nd phonics workshop of the year! The children just loved showing you everything they have learnt so far! It is amazing isn't it, just how far they have come on since September! Thank you for your overwhelming positive feedback and requests for more workshops!


LOOK OUT in your child's bag tonight for our 'parent voice' request in terms of whether or not OBS should/could provide an after school out of hours childcare club to help our working parents. Can responses please be back at school by Wednesday 13th February!


Attendance this week was a low ...... 95.4% - we still can't seem to shake this bug! Congratulations to Class 5, 3, 12 and 13 who this week all received PROUD POUND Cheques for their overall class attendance!


Have a great weekend everyone!


Mrs Shaw


Welcome to February everyone!


Please look out for my latest newsletter that your children will have in their bags at the end of school today. I hope, as always, it gives you a flavour of all of the latest news, achievements and celebrations that have taken place in our OBS community. Look out also for the section on the topics for Spring Term throughout school in your child’s year group! We continue to heavily invest in their full and rounded curriculum.


Thank you to the many parents of our y1 & y6 children who attended this week’s parent workshops! We love having our parents be a part of our school and learning alongside our young people. It is all about education in partnership!


A huge well done to both our A & B KS2 Boccia teams who competed for the first time this week at Harvey Haddon Stadium. Both teams are through to the final! Many of the pupils were representing school for the first time in sport! They competed with sportsmanship and determination! PROUD!


Next week we will be trialling the very successful ‘early opening’ for year 3 and year 4 pupils who can go in to their classrooms from 8:40. This has been very effective for year 5 and year 6 pupils since the start of the year. With the weather being so cold, and these two year groups having to wait for all of lower school to come off of the infant yard, we thought it was the perfect time to trial this!


The children are really embracing the NEW PUPIL PROUD TREE in our school hall! Each child has the opportunity to nominate another child in their year group for following our PROUD rules! And our Year 6 children have the responsibility for nominating any child throughout school! It has been wonderful to see their ‘leaf’ nominations grow day by day each week in the school hall.


Good luck this weekend to both Dana and Christian who will be heading to Wollaton Hall on Saturday morning for the Regional Finals of the U11’s Cross Country! Let the weather be kind! We are so PROUD of you for making it this far!


Brilliant effort from our Y5 team of girls who all represented school for the first time at the ‘Y5 FEMALE FESTIVAL’ this week! Miss Fleet was so PROUD of each and every one of you!


This week is just 95.8% which is again disappointing – we have been dropping like flies this week in school, and surprisingly this week it is Y6 that has been hardest hit! The bug season seems to have well and truly landed here at OBS! However well done to our top3 attendance classes this week. 3RD PLACE = CLASS 1 with 98.7% (£1 PROUD POUND) 2ND PLACE = CLASS 5 with 99.0% (£3 PROUD POUNDS) AND WINNERS THIS WEEK 1ST PLACE = CLASS 10 with 99.3% (£5 PROUD POUNDS)


Stay wrapped up warm this weekend - brrrrrrrrr

Mrs Shaw


How are we approaching the end of January already! Time certainly does fly here at OBS!


Thank you to our Year 5 parents who were able to attend our ‘shared reading’ workshop earlier this week, I’ve just been reading your feedback sheets and I am so pleased to hear how helpful it was in terms of supporting your child and understanding the expectations of them now they have moved in to upper school.


Year 6 this week has thrived in the ‘Street Aware’ workshops that they have taken part in hosted by the Community Police. As always, we are so keen to not only prepare our pupils academically for the next stage in their education, but socially and emotionally too!


School Council met at lunchtime this week to feedback to one another about suggested improvements that pupils from within their class would like to put forward for our school. I look forward to reading the minutes of the meeting and once again allowing our pupils to have a voice in the running of their school.


On Wednesday the school acknowledged the importance of Internet Safety Day. Miss Crosby led an insightful and thought provoking assembly on how to stay safe online. Also, on Monday, the school came off timetable for our 4th ODW (One Day Wonder) of the year celebrating World Religion Day! There are lots of pictures of the huge variety of learning and activities that took place on the latest news section of the website. I’d like to thank our parents who came in as guest speakers to support us, our pupils loved being able to ask first hand inquisitive questions about lots of different faiths and cultures.


Our 2nd Cinema night of the year was another huge success yesterday, a big thank you to the FOBS (Friends of Old Basford) Team for their efforts in organising and running a great night. Another thank you to Mrs Mignott (FOB) for running her Friday am ladies fitness class for our mums – great to see so many of your there this morning.


There have been 35 FREE Extra Curricular Clubs on offer for our pupils this week! Please check both the PTA board and the Club’s Blackboard on a weekly basis to see everything that is happening in school each week.

Attendance this week was 96.1% for the whole school. We still have quite a few nasty bugs over in reception this week. Attendance winners this week …………… 3rd Place – Class 12 98.3% (£1 PROUD POUND) ….. 2nd Place –Class 14 – 99.3% (£3 PROUD POUNDS) …. And winning this week …. 1st Place – Class 7 – 99.7%! (£5 PROUD POUNDS!)


Have a great weekend everyone – it looks like we have escaped the snow for another week!

Mrs Shaw


A week full of exciting opportunities for many members of our extra curricula clubs to share with you all!


This week we had 34 FREE extra curricular clubs on offer to our pupils! With over 280 places to pupils available! OBS = Opportunities Bring Success!


Talking of Success....... Congratulations to Dana and Christian who this week after finishing 4th and 5th in the Nottingham City Cross Country Finals (which had over 250 pupils take part) are now representing Nottingham in the Regional Cross Country Finals in February. 14 OBS pupils took part in the event, all finishing the wet and muddy 1.5km distance with superb determination! The boys team finished an overall 3rd place and were awarded with Bronze Medals!


The Y5/6 Handball Team competed on Thursday at the City Finals. The 5 boys and 5 girls played with great team spirit, resilience and skill to finish in 3rd place and achieving another Bronze Medal!


The KS2 Chess Team hosted The Nottingham Girls High School and Richard Bonnington Primary on Thursday evening in a chess tournament! Mr Ross was over the moon as his team, consisting of pupils from Y3-Y6, won the event, beating The Nottingham Girls High School by just 1 point! Nail biting stuff!


The Y6 Boys Football Team are now 2nd in the league after two back to back victories this week, scoring a total of 8 goals and keeping a clean sheet! Keep it up boys! 


Our new topic curriculum areas for this half term throughout school are really starting to take flight! Y1 this week were off to Australia as a part of their Around the World topic, Y4 have been flying high with the animals in amongst the Canopy of the Rainforest and Y5 have been running Drama Debates linked to their new Crime and Punishment theme! It is just wonderful to see pupils learning coming alive through our topics!


And finally..... WOW.... what an encouraging turn out to our Y2 & Y4 Parent Reading Workshop this week! We were delighted that over 57% of our parents/carers were able to attend our Y2 WORKSHOP! Both workshops we full of insightful and energy filled reading activities where pupils and adults were learning together! Thank you so much for your overwhelmingly positive feedback! The year 2 team really appreciate it.


Attendance this week was only 95.9%, sending lots of well wishes to our F2 classes who have had many a bug spread throughout the Foundation Unit this week. Feel better soon!


Wrap up warm, it's a cold one this weekend!


See you on Monday - Mrs Shaw Head Teacher





It feels great to be back! I've loved seeing all of the children this week, hearing about their winter break and have been so impressed with their attitude, effort and calmness around school.


Things never stop here at OBS, this week I am very PROUD to say we have had 28 FREE extra curricular clubs on this week and next week look forward to the start of KS1 Board Game Club and Y3/4 Comic Book Club and KS2 sewing club! OBS = Opportunities Bring Success!


This afternoon 161 children and members of staff had an incredible afternoon at the Playhouse Theatre in Nottingham watching 'Babes in the Wood!' Thank you to Mrs Tee for organising such a superb event, the children I am told were brilliantly behaved and a credit to us.


Tonight the Y5/6 basketball team had 2 league matches winning both with excellent teamwork and strong interplay! The scores were OBS 26-9 Robin Hood Primary and then OBS 19-3 All Hallows Primary. Congratulations to Mason, Maja, Chris and Kyhannah who all had their debut for school tonight and were very impressive!


Whole school attendance this week was 96.4% which is good. Punctuality on the whole is very strong and we continue to be very pleased with this so lets keep it up. 'Cross the line before 10 to 9!'


Wishing you a fantastic weekend and GOOD LUCK to the 7 members of the school basketball team who are have a trail tomorrow to see if they can get in to the County U11's Squad! (See you there!)


Mrs Shaw


What a week! It has flown by, that is no doubt due to the number of very special events that have taken place this week!


Thank you to all of the parents that joined us for one of our 4 PROUD Achievement Assemblies this week. It was fantastic to see so many children earning their bronze and silver awards! A huge thank you to all of the staff who this week have put on 8 different Christmas parties for their year groups!


The entire 240 children and staff from KS2 on Wednesday afternoon walked to Christ’s Church and held a beautiful and very touching carol concert! The children were impeccably behaved throughout!


On Friday afternoon we held our annual staff vs kids football match! It was the staff that were VICTORIOUS with a 3-1 win! (Not rubbing it in kids, but that’s 3 years in a row now that the staff have won!) We are all already looking forward to the staff vs kids basketball match at the end of the Spring Term!


The street dance group, after performing brilliantly this week to our parents, leaving many of them in tears, have found out THEY HAVE been selected for the regional ‘Big Dance Off’ finals at the Albert Hall in February!


Attendance this week was 95.1%, which is much lower than normal, but we are aware of a few nasty bugs doing the round at the moment! Sending you healthy wishes and hoping you’re better for Christmas Day!


All in all it has been a WONDERFUL term filled with special memories to cherish and treasure! I wish you all a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!


See you bright and early on Monday 7th January. (Crossing the line BEFORE 10 to 9!)

Mrs Shaw – Head Teacher




This week has been all about Christmas and spreading the joy associated with this season!


Our KS2 choir have been extremely busy……….. they have been to sing for the residents of St Andrew’s Residential Home in Bestwood, raised money for the OBS School Fund by singing in Morrison, and have performed with choirs throughout the City of Nottingham at the Royal Albert Hall!


Our Nursery, Reception and Key Stage 1 children in total have performed 8 Christmas Productions this week (including dress rehearsals) to the whole school, friends and family! All of our audiences have been overwhelmed with the quality of our 3 different the shows,: The Nativity, Angel Express and A Midwife Crisis, thank you for the many message of thanks and praise we have received, they are very much appreciated!


This afternoon, we had elderly residents from 3 local care homes join us for the final reception classes production. They were captivated by the children and felt so privileged to be invited in to our school.

Today we have had our School Christmas Jumper Day, over 500 school dinners were made and served! Hats off to Tanya and the kitchen team for arriving at 5:30am this morning and for all of the preparation and effort!


Attendance this week was 96.9% which is good!


Next week you’d think we’d be slowly down, but not at OBS ………………. Next week we have 4 Christmas party afternoons, a carol concert, 4 achievement assemblies, a staff vs kids football match and a partridge in a pear tree!

Have a fantastic weekend everyone! Enjoy!

Mrs Shaw


So we are officially in December!


This week, as always, there is so much to share with you!


Well done to the Y4 Handball Team who competed in their first ever tournament and finished 4th in the City of Nottingham, narrowly missing out on a medal. All of the pupils had a fantastic time and Miss Fleet was delighted with their effort, attitude and sportsmanship.


Year 6 today have visited the Holocaust Museum in Newark linked to their topic on World War 2. They got to speak to a real life survivor from a concentration camp – it was incredibly powerful! Our pupils asked insightful questions which were returned with thought provoking and factual responses. I look forward to see the work they produce next week linked to their trip.


On Wednesday Year 4 had their enrichment Viking Day. The costumes and outfits they arrived in that day were so impressive and really allowed them to fully embrace in to the flavour the day. Thank you to the Year 4 team for all their efforts and for the numerous creative crafts that the children got to experience.


This week we held our first OBS/FOBS Cinema evening! It was very popular, thank you to the 131 children who attended. I was told the popcorn was very tasty!!!


Attendance this week is 96.2% which is good considering we have a sickness bug doing the rounds throughout school.


Looking forward to seeing many of you next week at one of our 5 Christmas Productions!

Have a great weekend

Mrs Shaw

Friday 30th November

Well it may be the last day of November, but we are already in the Christmas Spirit here at OBS!


Last night our Winter Fair raised over £700 in just over 90 minutes! Our Old Basford Community is such a central part of this school, the support from parents and the extended family of our locality is something quite special! Thank you to everyone who came and supported us!


MUSIC AWARD! This week I received some communication from the Nottingham Music School Hub! Unbeknown to us they had nominated us for the Music Mark Award due to our dedication to towards our musical opportunities and the value that we place on this curriculum area! Huge thanks must go to Miss Sharpe, our school music lead, who works tirelessly to provide numerous fantastic opportunities throughout the year for our pupils to excel in music! Our new award status will now appear on our website and all letters we send home.


This week the school choir not only performed at the school Winter Fair, but were recorded singing for Radio Nottingham! We will be a part of their Christmas Advent School Choir! Make sure you all listen out for us! Well done OBS Choir!


Time for some Karate! This morning our Year 1 children got to take part in their first ever OBS Karate lesson along with members of our local community! Thank you to the FOBS team and Mrs Tee who are working to continue to promote exercise and healthy living in our school to both parents and children alike!


On your marks, get set, GO! The Y5/6 Athletics team this week were just all on fantastic form, they won their semi-final with an impressive team total of 294 points! They go through to the final on Tuesday 18th December at Harvey Haddon Stadium! Thank you to the many parents who came and supported us, the kids loved having you there cheering them on!


This week we welcomed back our Patron of Reading, Author Chris White! We held a whole school assembly, then spent the rest of the morning working with our y6 children and the afternoon working with our most able writer in Y5 and Y6! It is always a pleasure of have him visit us here at OBS!


Attendance this week was 96.1% which is 2% down on last week, but classes 1 and 2 have had a lot of absence with illness this week.


Have a wonderful weekend everyone and I’ll see you on Monday when we will officially be in December!

Mrs Shaw


Another excellent week for attendance! Whole school attendance is 98.4% and 3 classes this week had 100% attendance! Fingers crossed all the bugs and germs have disappeared with the colder weather.


Talking of colder weather, it has been a tad chilly the last few days, please can you ensure all children ALWAYS come to school with a warm coat, hat and gloves. (If these can all have names in, it is incredibly helpful!)


Fantastic news this week to share about the U11's football team! Back to back victories for our y5/6 boys team this week! Firstly on Tuesday the team went straight through to the semi finals of the 5 aside indoor cup and last night they beat top of the league team Southglade 5-2! Mr Hill and Mr Burrows have had very big smiles on their faces all day today!


A big thank you to the KS2 Mathletes club who spent Tuesday lunchtime counting all of the Children in Need money from last Friday. I am delighted to say our total was £495! A fantastic effort - thank you for all your support!


Year 5 this week walked to Strelley Road Library to watch a superb WW1 play involving two best friends and how the start of the war changed both of their lives forever! The children couldn't stop talk about it when I was having dinner with them at lunchtime on Tuesday! 


Book Fair starts from Tuesday next week, be sure to join us one evening, you are always very welcome!


Please look out for my Autumn 2 newsletter which should be in your child's bag tonight! It is full of successes and school news from the last 10 weeks of the academic year so far, as well as things that are coming up in the next coming weeks. I hope you find it insight, useful and allows you to see everything we are about here at OBS!


Wishing you all a fantastic weekend!


Mrs Shaw


How fantastic to have 2 dressing up opportunities in just 1 week!

On Monday as a whole school we wore ‘Odd Socks’ to launch our Anti-Bullying Week! Throughout school all week we have focused on healthy relationships, what it is to be a friend, what bullying looks like and what to do if you are ever upset or hurt by others.

Secondly we celebrated Children In Need TODAY by all dressing up in our ‘School Council decided theme’ ……….. SPOTS! I’ve seen some INCREDIBLE COSTUMES – dominos, ladybirds, dice, cheetahs! You all looked FANTASTIC! We also held an OBS/Children In Need Talent Show this afternoon which meant there was a fun filled and supportive atmosphere to fundraising in school –Pudsey would have definitely approved! We look forward to letting you know how much we have collectively raised one Mrs Schlinder’s lunchtime Mathletes group have counted all the money up!

Sporting success this week for the basketball team as they were undefeated at the city heats! We now await the finals on Monday 17th December, it is looking very positive indeed! The rugby team also got to take part in two events this week. On Tuesday they represented Nottingham at regionals after being the top team in the city! AND… this afternoon Miss Fleet and Mrs Thomas took two teams of Y5 pupils to play tag rugby at the Nottingham High School annual competition where the A Team finished joint first!

Thank you to the many parents who attended the year 3 and year 4 workshops earlier this week! Having the opportunity to have a lesson alongside your child is a very special thing indeed! THE CHILDREN LOVED IT!

Well done finally to the group of Y6 pupils who represented us this week at the Theatre Royal with the Royal Shakespeare Company. As a lead RSC associate school our pupils get to experience such wonderful additional opportunities! OBS = Opportunities Bring Success!

Whole school attendance this week was 97.8% which is very pleasing!

Enjoy watching Children In Need tonight and have a fabulous weekend

Mrs Shaw



What a week to tell you about … OBS …. BACK WITH A BANG!


Huge congratulations to Deneiko, Joshua, Skyla and Christian who were all shortlisted for one of the 3 Young Black Achievement Awards for Nottingham 2018. The ceremony, which they attended on Thursday evening with myself and their parents, was held at the Town House in the Ball Room in the city centre. I was SO SO PROUD of every one of them for being shortlisted! To our delight Christian won the Outstanding Academic Achievement Award in the primary category and Skyla was Runner Up in the Outstanding Extra Curricula Achievement category! AN AMAZING NIGHT!


FOBS FITNESS – this morning the FOBS team lead by the very talented Mrs Mignot had their first parental fitness class in the hall. It was a HUGE success. This is something we are looking to run more often and will share more details within you in a flyer, coming your way next week!


The Athletics team stormed to victory this week in round 1 of the Nottingham City Indoor Heats! With a total of 300 points they shone in every event and are already looking forward to the Semi Finals on Wednesday 28th November.


FOBS school discos! A huge thank you to ALL of the FOBS team, but especially to Mr Alan for being our resident DJ and Mrs Tee for organising and overseeing both the KS1 & KS2 disco. In total £420 was raised and will go towards all school trips and residentials in order to help reduce costs for parents.

Thank you to both our F2 and Y1 parents who attended two separate ’Learning with your child’ Maths Workshops this week. Both sessions had between 50%-70% attendance, we really appreciate and value working alongside you to support the education of your child!


Finally, it was such a privilege and pleasure today to celebrate and acknowledge our over own OBS Remembrance Day to mark 100 years since the end of WW1. Each pupil made their own poppy and attached it to our school fence facing our community. We also held a 2 minutes silence as a school looking at the poppies and remembering all those who gave their lives for us.


Attendance this week is a FANTASTIC 98.3%!


Happy Half Term EVERYONE!


What an exciting, busy and enriching 7 weeks it has been!


I'd like to start by thanking you all for the overwhelmingly positive responses to our parent questionnaire! It means so much to school to know we have your support and that you appreciate all we try to do. Thank you also for the many suggestions shared, I'll spend some time over the holidays reflecting on how/if we can cater for these.


Our enriching curriculum has shone even more brightly this week. Foundation have had a visit from The Community Police and been to visit the 'Build a Bear Factory' in town. Y1 have had their superhero dress up/activity day and when seeing Y3 I've surrounded by the most wonderful cavemen and women! Wonderful to see their curriculum coming to life and children just thriving in their learning!


Sports wise we have had a very busy week. The basketball team stormed to success in their first league matches of the season. Our new Young Ambassadors for Sport completed and passed their training this week with flying colours and will be working with y3 pupils at lunchtime from November. The football team played yesterday, team work was strong and the kids, although looking a tad tired compared to their usual energy levels ,did well. Year 6 were involved in a Mega Festival on Wednesday and did brilliantly! Miss Fleet was delighted with their attitude and commitment!


Captains of school have been announced this week! Well done to the 36 pupils (please see our website page - children - school captains - for photo's) who were acknowledge this week in whole school assembly. I know you'll help to lead our school forward in the wealth of extra opportunities we as a school provide.


Attendance this week is a disappointing 95.6%. Bugs and colds still seem to be rife in school! Fingers crossed the 2 week break will allow us all to come back refreshed and healthy!


Wishing you all a fantastic 2 week break!


Mrs Shaw

Friday 12th October

I can't believe we only have one more week until half term! Time flies when you are having fun!


I'd like to start my review of the week by sharing the fantastic success of the new OBS Chess Team who played their first match last night! 5 players made their debut for school. Mr Ross was delighted with all 8 members of his team and told me this morning that overall they beat the Nottingham Girls High School Squad! Looks like a successful year is in store!


Mr Burrows as Geography lead on Tuesday morning took 10 of our y5 children to compete in an orienteering event at Wollaton Hall. The children were wonderful ambassadors for school behaving brilliantly, showing real enthusiasm and resilience as they completed the course in one of the fastest times of the day!


The y5/6 football team narrowly missed out on a place in the Forest Cup Semi Finals this week - they went out on goal difference but played superbly well! Both Mr Hill and Mr Burrows have high aspirations for them this season!


This morning our FOBS parent group and members of our local school community joined us for a cake decorating workshop. A huge thank you to FOBS member Mrs Della Roca for being so brave and leading the session! You were FANTASTIC!  


Thank you to everyone who joined us for night 1 of parents evening this week. It was fantastic to meet and greet so many of you as well as see so many happy children and proud parents. Night 2 as a reminder is on Monday 2-7pm.


Attendance this week is only 95.4%, which is really disappointing - it seem the sickness bug has hit our lower school this week! Please encourage your children to wash their hands and to remember good hygiene rules.


Hoping you all escape the bugs and have a healthy, enjoyable weekend.


Mrs Shaw

Thursday 4th October

Well I hope you all have an opportunity to enjoy the delights of the historical Goose Fair over this extended school weekend whilst we have staff inset training tomorrow. (Friday 5th October)

The week may have been only 4 days long, but wow have we yet again packed a huge amount in at OBS!

On Wednesday this week Y6 held a WOW enrichment Evacuee day – it was FANTASTIC to see them dressed up as children from WW2. They made Anderson Shelters using papier-mâché and corrugated card, role played life on a WW2 school playground and both met and interviewed a real life WW2 London Evacuee; Joan Leverett. As an 86 year old she had the pupils in the palm of her hand throughout their 70 minute dedicated time together! The children were enthralled!

Thank you to the 41 Y1 parents who joined us to have a phonics lesson alongside their child this week! Your overwhelming positive feedback has been greatly appreciated! Please know how much it meant to your child to share this special experience with you!

Our y5/6 boys and girls cross country relay teams competed at the city finals on Wednesday afternoon. The event took place at Colwick Park and both teams did tremendously well. The girls team consisting of Kyhannah, Dana, Abbie and Alisha finished in 3rd place with a bronze medal! The boys team made up of, Ned, Jacob, Davon and Christian won their final by some 10 seconds and finished as champions of the city, each receiving a gold medal! I couldn’t be prouder of you all!

Congratulations to our new school librarians for 2018/2019 who were announced in our Honours assembly at the end of today! I know you’ll not only help to direct others towards books that might suit their favourite genre and will introduce them to new authors, but will also help us to keep our library stocked with books that children love to read.

Attendance this week is 97.4% which is GOOD! A huge thank you to the overwhelming majority of pupils arriving at school on time and crossing the line before 10 to 9!

Enjoy Goose Fair weekend and I’ll see you on Monday!

Mrs Shaw


What an incredible week!


On Monday we celebrated our first ODW (One Day Wonder) International Deaf Awareness Day! Throughout school the children learnt about and look part in activities all relating to Deaf Awareness! The afternoon assembly was just magical when as a school we used sign language to retell the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears! It brought a tear to my eye!


Today in particular I could not be more PROUD of our pupils, parents and community! A huge thank you to everyone who attended, made cakes and supported our Macmillan Coffee Morning!  It had an extra special feel to it this year and it was definitely the highest turn out we have ever had! Well done to our FOBS (Friends of Old Basford) Team and our OBS School Council for organising such a successful event. We will let you know the total amount raised on Monday!  (please see photos in latest news)


OBS Mini Marathon Race for Life 2018! This is one of my favourite days in the annual school calendar; but this year to see the children run whilst raising money for Cancer Research added a real warmth and extra supportive feel to the afternoon! (Please see more pictures on the latest news page!) EVERY CHILD WAS FANTASTIC AND DID THEIR BEST!


Congratulations to Christian, Davon, Jacob, Ned, Elijah, Libbie, Dana, Alisha, Abbie and Kyhannah who ran the 5 quickest girl and boy times of the day during our Mini Marathin! They will be representing our school next week at the Nottingham City Cross Country Team Relay! I look forward to letting you know how they got on! (Please see a picture of them from today below!)


Well done to both the y5 and y6 hockey teams this week who competed at the City Finals! Every single child in both teams scored at least 1 goal! They played brilliantly together as a team and were so encouraging of one another! PROUD!


Attendance this week was 96% for the whole school!


Wishing you a wonderful weekend - see you bright and early Monday!


Mrs Shaw




Well what a week!


We have had 3 very prestigious leadership roles appointed and announced this week!

Firstly, congratulations to the 20 children from Y2-6 who were voted on to our new School Council by their peers. Well done for wearing your new OBS Councillor badges so PROUDLY all week – I know you’ll do your best to be a voice for your classmates in how you’d like to see school continue to enhance your educations.


Secondly, Eco Council is here for 2018-2019! Well done to the 13 pupils who again have been voted by their peers for their passion about looking after the environment both in our school and beyond! Mrs Cocker and Mrs Pickup have some exciting challenges ahead for you to lead us all on!


Finally, we have a new set of Spanish Ambassadors for school! Miss James, our Modern Foreign Languages Specialist, has been so impressed with how all KS2 classes have started the year in Spanish lessons! Well done to those 16 individuals who have been given the honour of helping to lead school in always promoting Spanish in our everyday learning!


Well done to all of those pupils who attended an extra curricula club this week at lunchtime and after school! I know Mr Ross was surprised by the level of new chess talent joining the club! Both my y6 and Mr English’s y5 basketball clubs were on great form on Monday and Tuesday night! Mr Hill and Mr Burrows have an array of impressive footballers to pick from after seeing the y4, y5 and y6 trails. Miss Fleet’s y5 and y6 hockey teams look ready for action in next week’s first Nottingham City sporting competition of the year! The street dance y5/6 club have begun creative work on their dance routine for the showcase later in the year and Mr Reyes’ two gymnastics clubs for y3-6 pupils have started with real energy and excitement!


Next week we welcome the return of much of our music provision. Miss Sharpe has been working incredibly hard alongside our 3 new specialist teachers! THANK YOU! Watch out OBS it’s about to get very musical next week!


OBS = Opportunities Bring Success


Attendance this week was 96.8% which is good. I hope next week to be in the 97%’s!


Wishing you all a fantastic weekend. (I’m hoping to go conker picking with my two little people, surely the wind over the last few days will guarantee us some success.)


See you all on Monday!                   Mrs Shaw



A really lovely week in school to report on!


This week we have seen the launch of our new Infinity Lunchtime Group! The children who have been chosen (so far) to be a part of it have this week enjoyed a scavenger hunt around our entire school outdoor grounds, then used the materials collected to make a collage reflecting school! Another 2 groups have also taken part in physical challenges promoting teamwork! I look forward to hearing and seeing what they get up to next week! Exciting Times!


Year 1 have taken part in their first week of 'Go Ride Go' which new programme were we at OBS are teaming up with British Cycling! The children had the time of their lives on the school playground on both balance and pedal bikes! I can't wait to see how far they will have come on over the next 4 weeks!


Year 4 today started their topic for the half term 'Ey up me duck' (Nottingham Past and Present) with a trip on the tram in to Nottingham. The children did the 'Hookwinked Robin' challenge that has been running throughout the city all summer! Whilst finding the Robins the children got to explore and observe different areas of our beautiful and cultural city.


This week we practised out 'Lock Down/Shelter Drill' - all pupils did just brilliantly; I was very PROUD of them for following the schools procedures to the letter, ensuring everyone was safe!


Well done to all Year 3 and Year 5 pupils for doing really well in their first swimming lessons of the academic year this week! I can't wait to see how many more of you will achieve your 25m swimming badge before Christmas!


Attendance this week was 96.1% which is good. I hope to see it in the 97%'s next week!


Have a wonderful weekend!


Mrs Shaw - Head Teacher



What a fantastic and very positive start to the new school year!


All of the children have really impressed me over the last 3 days with how smart they have looked, how happy they have seemed and how hard they have been trying to impress their new teachers.


Congratulations to: Ugo, India, Jeremiah, Danielle, Connor and Maddison for being the first children to be in our HONOURS CELEBRATION ASSEMBLY today! A superb start to 2018/2019!


Thank you for all of the very positive comments about the new school website! (We are still working hard to update a couple of pages, this should be done in the next week or so. )Towards the end of next week, please look out for my first OBS Newsletter of the academic year in your child's bag.


Thank you to all of the y1 and y2 parents that attended our Welcome Parent Information Events on Wednesday and Thursday! It was wonderful to see such a high turn out and for staff to start to get to know you all.


Next week there are the Y4, Y6, Y5, Y3 and F2 Welcome Parent Information Events from 3:30-3:50 in our school hall. We hope to see as many of you there as possible!







FINALLY well done to all of our brand new Foundation and Nursery children! It has been a pleasure to see our begin to blossom in your new classrooms! Well done on your very first ever week of school!


Have a WONDERFUL weekend! See you all Monday morning.


Mrs Shaw