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Online Learning for Music

Exciting news! You will have all received your personal login and password for Charanga our online Music learning centre.

As well as a range of songs your children can sing, there are some songs that you children will have learnt recently. Some year groups have songs linked to past or present topics

  • Year 1- Jack and the beanstalk
  • Year 2- Oceans, seas and rivers
  • Year 4- Vikings
  • Year 5- Energy

Have fun!

It is great to see some of you have already started to use it, well done.

This Year we are very eager to introduce a new music scheme called 'Charanga' which is a fully resourced and exciting music curriculum. The songs include a range of genres, from different eras and are pitched to suit the children’s voices. As a team we have engaged in a whole school staff CPD training event that has equipped us with the enthusiasm and skills to teach music to our children.