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Attendance and Punctuality at Old Basford School


Parent Information from Mrs Spilsbury (Safeguarding and Attendance Officer)


Old Basford School follows the Nottingham City attendance protocol.  All pupils are expected to achieve 96% attendance over the school year and the DFE (Department for Education) now class any child with less than 90% attendance as a persistent absentee. 

A child who misses 19 days or more in a school year will be classed as persistently absent.  Pupils taking unauthorised leave early in the school year will fall into this category until well into the fifth half term even if they have 100% attendance from their return date onwards.  Over a five year period a child whose attendance is at 90% will have missed half a school year and that is a lot of missed learning and opportunities.  If a child has 85% attendance, this is equivalent to missing 1 day per week and that is 1/5 of their learning time. 


If attendance is below 90% at the end of the school year and 10% or more is unauthorised a referral could be made to the Education Welfare Service.  A letter will be sent to the parents of children with less than 90% attendance to advise that their attendance will be monitored for improvement.  Children with attendance dipping below 85% without genuine reasons for absence will be passed to the Education Welfare Service, who can take the matter to court and a fine could be issued.

‚ÄčA child's education, opportunities and their future could suffer from poor attendance.


Day to Day


Parents/Carers are responsible for getting their children to school on time.  Pupils are expected to be in class by 8.50am ready for early learning at the beginning of the school day.  If a pupil is too ill to attend school, parents/carers should contact the school office before 9.00am by telephoning 0115 9785505 or by sending a text to 0115 8240499.  If school does not have a reason recorded for your child's absence by 9:30am a text will be sent to the first priority number on your child's records and a follow up telephone call or text will be made by the attendance officer if no reason has been given. It is the parent/carers responsibility to make sure a satisfactory reason is given or the absence will be marked as unauthorised.

If a child is not in school by 9.30am we have a duty of care to ensure that all children are safe and a phone call will be made to speak to an adult if a child is not accounted for. The government has now stated we must have at least 3 up to date contact numbers and if none of these are answered we could make a home visit or request a police safe and well check.

Parents are invited to call or meet with the attendance officer (Mrs Spilsbury) to discuss individual health concerns or other reasons for excessive absence.

To keep your child's attendance within the 96% expected by the end of the school year, parents/carers are reminded to, where possible, make medical appointments outside of school time.  If this is not possible, please remember pupils get two marks for attendance every day and they would get at least one of them if they were brought to school before and or after their appointment.




We would like to remind you that Old Basford School do not give permission for holidays during term time and fining is now in place. Any time taken for an unagreed holiday will be recorded as unauthorised and will be referred to the Local Authority for the consideration of the issue of a penalty notice. 


Your can download a copy of Old Basford School's Attendance Policy below