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Due to COVID 19 restrictions we will be altering some of our lunchtime provision to set days of the week for set year groups in order the equipment and playground space will only be used by one year group bubble at a time. At this time Year 5 and Year 6 Trim Trail Monitors and Playground Guardians will be unable to support younger pupils at this point.


During lunchtimes at Old Basford School we are committed to increasing the level of physical activity, in order that all our children know the importance of being healthy and active as well as  promoting positive behaviour and developing leadership skills.

New sporting activities/competitions are held each month for our children to have a go at. The competition winners from each year group for that month are then entered into a prize draw to win the opportunity of experiencing a "fine dining" experience with our Headteacher Mrs Shaw.  This involves the children sitting at a special table during lunchtime, having their lunch with our Headteacher and being served their lunch by our school cook!!!

Some of the sporting activities our children have tried so far this school year include Tag-Rugby, Hockey, Santa Shot-Put, Hurdles, Football Dribbling and Speed Bounce.  As well as giving the children an opportunity of trying a new sport it also helps us to unearth new sporting talent!!!!

As well as the sporting competitions our children are also able, through showing positive behaviour and good leadership skills, to become monthly "Playground Guardians".  

Year 5 and 6 children are chosen as Playground Guardians, who together with our dedicated team of playground staff help to facilitate activities for the younger children of the school.  This provides our year 5 and 6's with invaluable experiences and provides them with the opportunity of further developing their leadership and communication skills.