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Receive wonderful news about your child's learning and successes 
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We are very excited to have launched 'MarvellousME' across school.
MarvellousMe is an exciting app that tells you about the wonderful things that your child is learning, and pings you when they’ve been praised for good work or a great character skill.

It makes you smile, feel proud, and inspires better home learning support and encouragement.

Get Started. It’s free!


  • Download the MarvellousMe parent app, or join up at www.marvellousme.com
  • Tap ‘Sign Up’
  • Enter the join code provided on the letter from your child’s teacher.
  • Enter your name and email, and make up a password.




Experience your child's school day - Get alerts every time your child's teacher posts an activity, awards your child a badge, or send you a message.  Safely share the news with your whole family.

Support your child's learning and development - Have more meaningful conversations with your child about school. Your involvement will have the biggest impact on their ongoing success. 

Celebrate your child's success - Smile every time your child is awarded a badge.  Tell them how PROUD you are and reinforce their good work and positive behaviours.


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Marvellous ME Parental Feedback

​It has been just wonderful to hear the many stories from both children and parents about how much they are enjoying using Marvellous ME; today we have received the following email from one of our parents:

'Hello - May I just say getting a 'Marvellous ME' notification is one of the favourite parts of my day.  It's really good to know ******* is doing well during his day.  When I get the notification at usually a busy day at work it puts a smile on my face and is a great conversation piece when I catch up with him.  Have a lovely weekend all.'