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Times table sing-a-long! Use the song lyrics and backing tracks to learn you times tables!

2 times table.mp3

2 times table

3 times table.mp3

3 times table

4 times table.mp3

4 times table

5 times table.mp3

5 times table

6 times table.mp3

6 times table

7 times table.mp3

7 times table

8 times table.mp3

8 times table

9 times table.mp3

9 times table

10 times table.mp3

10 times table

Tuck shop:

If your children keep saying they are hungry try out the ideas below!

Give them a certain amount that they can have for the day, you can always use real money. Challenge: They have to work out how much change they need and the amount they have left to spend.

Maths ideas for all ages

Counting and number work

Top Tip: Baskets, box’s or even saucepans will do for the target. If you don’t want to use balls, soft teddies will work just as well.

The level of difficulty can be changed to suit your child:

  • It can be just aiming practice.
  • You could do a point system. Each time they get it into the target they earn so many points.

This could be linked to adding, times tables:

Year 1: Look at 2’s, 5’s, 10’s

Year 2: Look at 2’s, 3’s, 5’s and 10’s  

Year 3: As above including 4’s and 8’s

Year 4: As above including 6’s, 7’s and 9’s (The aim is to know all, up to the 12 times tables)

Year 5-6: All times tables up to 12

Add the numbers to baskets as relevant, or change as you go along, remember to use whatever you feel is suitable for your child.


If you miss you could have a penalty, you have to take away a certain amount from your total!

Add your own rules and change these to make your game exciting.

Foundation Stage- Nursery and Reception

Quick Activities:

Learning about colours

Can you sort your toys into colours?

Learning about numbers

Can you park the cars in the right number spaces?

A great idea for utilising your old toilet rolls. Can you get the number in the right number space?