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Maths Activity: 'Monday Madness':

If you can, print out these missing angle cards. Cut them up and you could put them in different places around you house or in your garden. You need to visit each card and work out the missing angle. Remember angles in a straight line add up to 180 degrees and angles around a point add up to 360 degrees. You could time yourself and then try it again and try to beat your time!

If you haven’t got a printer, you can still work out the missing angles and time yourself!



Record sheet:





Literacy Activity: Skill 1: SUBORDINATE CLAUSES (taken from www.twinkl.co.uk)

Have a look at this video which will teach you all about subordinate clauses. This should be revision as we have covered it in Year 6! There are places to pause the video as you go along and activities to do.


Non Core Subject Activity:

Create a comic strip biography of your favourite sports star or celebrity. See the example below:

Daily Reading: Please hear your child read for 10 minutes


Times Tables Rock Star: Please allow your child 10 minutes access to TTRS


Maths Activity: 'Tuesday Session 1':

Use Flashback 4 – Year 6, Week 3, Day 1




Literacy Activity: Skill 2: METAPHORS (taken from www.twinkl.co.uk)

In your writing task tomorrow, you will need to use a metaphor so let's get practicing! Look at the Powerpoint presentation which will teach you all about metaphors. Play it as a slide show and there are activities along the way.


Non Core Subject Activity:

Giuseppe Arcimboldo was an artist who liked to arrange vegetables into faces! See the pictures below.

If children are very careful and don’t damage the food that you will need to eat, perhaps they could have a go at creating a picture on a sheet of paper or a very well cleaned table.

They could also use pictures cut out from garden or food magazines if you have any available. Alternatively, this great school website allows children to drag and drop pictures of fruit and vegetables to make a face online. http://www.middlestreet.org/archim/archimframe.htm


Maths Activity: 'Wednesday Session 2':

Use Flashback 4 – Year 6, Week 3, Day 2




Literacy Activity: Short Writing Task: (taken from www.twinkl.co.uk)

Now it's time to put into place all of those metaphor and subordinate clauses skills you have practiced over the last two days!

Use this Powerpoint presentation to write a piece based on 'A DAY AT THE WATERPARK'. Have a look and see if you can include the 5 different sentence types. As a minimum, we would expect you to write 5 sentences however, if you would like to write more, then please feel free! We would love to read your work!


Non Core Subject Activity:

Learn about a different code, such as Morse code or the reverse alphabet. Try sending a message to your parents/friends using this. Can they understand it?

You might want to draw a poster or create a fact file all about the different code you have researched.


Maths Activity: 'Thursday Session 3':



Literacy Activity: SPELLING: (taken from www.twinkl.co.uk)

Use this Powerpoint presentation below to spot Mr Whoops' mistakes!

Click on the slide to reveal which ones he has spelt incorrectly. Have a go at correcting these spellings for him. You could use a dictionary (can be an online one) to check.

Use look, cover, write and check to practice these spellings.

Non Core Subject Activity:

Research the size and structure of the human heart. You may want to draw it and label the key parts. Now compare this to the size and structure of another animal such as a cow or a dog. You can represent your findings however you want to.


Daily Reading: Please hear your child read for 10 minutes


Times Table Rock Stars: Please allow your child 10 minutes access to TTRS



Maths Activity: 'Figure it out Friday!':

Four Integers (Whole numbers)


1. Using four different integers and the x symbol make the highest possible result.

All the integers have to be used.

For example: 3, 7, 5, 1 gives 157 x 3 = 471 or 37 x 51 =1887.


2. Now chose four other integers and make the largest result using only multiplication.


3. What conclusions can you make?


4. What predictions can you make about 5, 6, … digits?


Literacy Activity: Comprehension (taken from www.twinkl.co.uk)

Watch this clip of a teacher reading the text 'Sabryna and the River Spirit'


Now have a go at answering these comprehension questions on the text. We have given you a screen friendly document so you can type your answers on the screen rather than printing them out. We're also given you answers for you to check when you have finished.
Non Core Subject Activity: