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Mon 20th April - Fri 24th April



Maths Activity: 'Wednesday Session 2':

Watch the BBC Bitesize video learn a little bit more about lines of symmetry https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/zrhp34j/articles/z8t72p3 ones you’ve watched the clip and read the information below it, try and complete the activity at the bottom of the website page. If you want to challenge yourself a little more go outside into your garden or on your daily walk, try to find lines of symmetry in the outdoors. E.g. does your window have any lines of symmetry or a leaf off a tree?


Literacy Activity: Short Writing Task:

You should now have lots of adjectives for your curious creature, know about its habitat and its diet. Today we’ll be creating a fact file on your curious creature (Template available at the bottom of today's home learning). Don't worry if you don't have access to a printer, you can copy the layout into your work book. As well as including the adjectives and description about the creature you are going to try to include subheadings, interesting sentence openers and Conjuntions. Here is an example of one…

The Girliger


This fascinating creature has legs as long as pylons. It has teeth sharper than razors because it is a carnivore. Interestingly, it has a lion’s mane, giraffe’s neck and the eyes of a tiger. As it is part tiger, its colour is a vibrant orange with thick black strips.


Non Core Subject Activity: Science:

Read about habitats from this weblink.


Once you’ve read about the habitats, click on the link at the bottom of the page to do with each habitat. Write down 4 of the different habitats and then write down 3 animals that would live in that habitat.


Rainforest Habitat: Poison dart frog, Sloth and Lemur.


Daily Reading: Please hear your child read for 10 minutes


Times Table Rock Stars: Please allow your child 10 minutes access to TTRS



Maths Activity: 'Figure it out Friday!':

 * You have been learning about symmetry this week. Today you will be using your symmetry knowledge to complete this investigation .

 * Click on the Power point presentation at the bottom of this section which reminds you about symmetry and explains the investigation .

 * Remember, you can email your work for us to display on the Year 3 page on our school website.  




Literacy Activity: Picture Comprehension:

 * Every Friday we will have a comprehension activity either from a picture or a short film clip. 

 * There are no right or wrong answers , you just need to use your imagination!

 * Look carefully at the picture below, then read the questions about it . You can choose to answer them in your work book or discuss your answers with someone in your house. 




Credit: Tyler Carter

  • What do the tentacles belong to?
  • How did it get there?
  • How do the man and the dog feel about it? How do you know?
  • Was the man expecting to see this behind the door?
  • Who opened the door?
  • Where is this?
  • What will happen next?



Non Core Subject Activity: ART

 *Do you know that butterflies and tigers have lines of symmetry in their patterns and markings? 

 * Using your symmetry knowledge , can you draw or paint a symmetrical picture?

 * You might want to search the internet for some images to help you.

 *We are looking forward to seeing your masterpieces!  






Daily Reading: Please hear your child read for 10 minutes


Times Table Rock Stars: Please allow your child 10 minutes access to TTRS

And an extra challenge for this weekend...