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Mon 27th April - Fri 1st May

Monday 27th April

Maths Activity - 'Monday Madness'


 * A magic number square is a grid in which every row, column and diagonal adds up to the same number (the magic number.)   * 15 is the magic number for a 3x3 magic square in which the numbers 1-9 are all used only once.

 * Can you make or draw your own magic number square?

 *  Each row must add up to 15.

 * Be creative , you could use string, toy cars , pasta, lego, anything you can find around the house!

 * Remember you can send images of your magic number squares to us through our Year 4 email address.


Literacy  - Skill 1- Developing vocabulary and understanding the function of words in a sentence

 * This week we will be working towards writing instructions about how to take care of our teeth.

* Today I would like you to make some  lists of  words that will help you when writing your instructions on Wednesday.

  * imperative verbs are  bossy verbs that tell us to do something eg chop, put, mix

  * Time adverbs tell us the order that something is done eg  first , then, ten minutes later

  * Adverbs - tell us how something is done , they often end in ly

Here is one that I started , you can copy some of my ideas if you want then add your own .

* You can choose how you would like to set it out.


Non Core Subject Activity - Art - observational drawing


Draw or paint a picture of either your face or someone in your house . Look closely ,can you include them smiling? Remember , you can send your pictures to us on the Year 4 email address.

Tuesday 28th April


Maths Activity - Tuesday session 1

Follow this link to the White rose website:



Today we will be working on Summer term , week 2 , lesson 1 -divide 2 digits by 10

You don't need to print the work sheets out. Just use your work book like I have done below.

 * Use whatever method you find easiest.

 * Don't worry if it gets to tricky , just do as much as you can.

 Literacy - skill 2 - Using conjunctions in a sentence


* To up level your sentences it is good to include conjunctions( joining words) like but, so , because, as, however , although.

Task 1

 * Make a list of all the conjunctions that you can remember in your work book.


 * Write some sentences using some of the conjunctions. Try to write sentences that are about looking after your teeth  as this will help you with your instructions tomorrow.


Brush your teeth for two minutes but remember to turn the tap off in between.

Visit your dentist every six weeks so that they can check that your teeth are healthy.


Non Core Subject Activity - Science

Follow this link below:


Watch the video up to 2 minutes and 40 seconds ( after that it shows a different experiment!)

WOW ! Look at what fizzy drinks can do to an egg, just think what they can do to a tooth!


Make a story board of the different steps involved in carrying out his experiment.

Below is one that I started, I had 4 steps on my story board , you might want to include more :




If you have an egg ( or egg shell ) in your house  , can you carry out a similar experiment with another liquid ? You could use milk, fruit juice, squash, whatever your grown up lets you use.

We would love to see photos of your experiment which you can send in through the year 4 email address.

Wednesday 29th April

Maths  - Summer term , week 2 lesson 2 - hundredths

Please follow the link below:


* Today you only need to do questions 1 - 4 ( of course , you can do more if you want to!)

* You don't need to print the work sheet out , just write the answers in your work book.

* For question 2 you will need to remember :

< means less than

> means more than

= means they are equal/the same



Today you are going to write your instructions for brushing your teeth.

 * Think about all the steps you need to do to brush your teeth. S

  *Say them out loud if it helps.

 *Act them out if it helps.( or go and brush your teeth if you haven't done it already today!)

 * look back at all the work you have done so far this week.

 *I would really like your sentences to include a time adverb, adverb and  imperative verb. 

 * Challenge - Can you include a conjunction in your sentences?

  *Please use the subheadings:


What you will need:


* You might even want to include a diagram.


I have started one below, but I know that you can do a much better job than me ! Good luck !


Non Core Subject -  Science - The digestive system

 Follow this link below to a fun video for you to watch and take part in that's all about POO!

 I think you will enjoy it! 






 Thursday 30th April


Maths activity - Summer term week 2 lesson 5 - dividing 1 and 2 digits by a hundred

Please follow the link below:



 * On Tuesday you found out about what happens when you divide by 10 , today you will see what happens when you divide by 100.

 * Watch the video lesson , then have a go at the questions in your work book . Don't worry if it gets too tricky , just do as much as you can. You can skip a section and move on to another one if you wish.


Literacy - Today we are going to find out about different types of nouns.


Follow this link to find out all about nouns , then take the quiz at the end.




Non Core Activity -

It is Thursday, the day that we clap our heroes who work in the NHS or are key workers. Make a poster to thank them and display it in your window. I will be clapping at 8:00 tonight, will you ?




Friday 1st May


 Maths -Figure it out Friday!



Jumping Frogs


A classic!


I like this interactive version on NRich, as you can alter the number of frogs on each side and it separates ‘slides’ and ‘jumps’, so the patterns can be developed and extended. 

Follow the link below and have some fun investigating !





Literacy - Comprehension

 * Today I would like you to take a close look at this picture.

 * Have a go at answering the questions below.

* Remember, there are no right or wrong answers, just use you imagination. 

* You can choose to write your answers in sentences or tell them to someone in your house.




Credit: Aaron Becker

  • What’s on the other side of the door?
  • What is the girl holding in her hand? Why?
  • How did she get to the forest?
  • Where is this?
  • Who hung the lanterns in the trees?
  • Where does the stream lead?
  • Will the girl go back through the door or stay in the forest? Predict what will happen next.



Non Core Activity - PE - Agility


Follow the link below for some fun PE activities. If you don't have a ball , you could use a cushion or pillow. Why not ask someone in your house to do this PE task with you . Have fun keeping fit!