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Mon 4th May - Fri 8th May

Monday 4th May

Numeracy-Times Tables Snap and Matching Cards

Create a set of cards with separate times table facts and answers. Challenge your child to find the matching cards in a game of snap. Alternatively, place the cards face down and take it in turns to turn over two cards. If the cards match, the player keeps the cards. If they don’t match, turn the cards back over and the next player takes their turn.



Watch the video for ‘How to make a chocolate face cake’



Can you write a list of imperative verbs? How many can you spot in the video clip?



How many can you list?


Singing/dancing Learn the song and dance for ‘Dem bones’




Send us a video of you doing the dance if you want to make us smile!


Tuesday 5th May

Numeracy-Fractions-Please look at the following Summer term Week 2 adding fractions


Summer term week 2 (w/c 27th April)

Watch the video and then have a go at the worksheet.

If you can’t print the worksheet, have a go at some of the questions in your workbook.







Watch the video again. Can you ask your adults to help you make a chocolate face cake? If you don’t have the ingredients you could make a yummy sandwich or a simple meal.

Draw and label 8 pictures that show how you made the cake, sandwich or meal. Include all of the ingredients and equipment that you used.

Science: Can you label the bones of the human body and find out about why the skeleton is so important by answering the questions?

If you can’t print the worksheet, draw a picture of a skeleton to label and write the answers to the questions in your workbook. Can you remember any of the bones from your learning last week?


Useful websites:








Wednesday 6th May

Numeracy Fractions:


Week 2 Lesson 2: Subtracting Fractions.

Watch the video about subtracting fractions. Once you have followed the video, complete the subtracting questions on the worksheet. If you can’t print off the work sheets write the questions in your book and answer them in there too.



Literacy: Instructions Writing

Yesterday you should have made a chocolate face cake, sandwich or simple meal and created an 8 box plan for your instructions. Today we are going to write the instructions for what you have made.

To help with the instructions download ‘How to make the perfect pancake’ from https://www.literacywagoll.com/instructions.html#

This is how your work should be set out. As you can see, they have included sub headings of ‘What you need’, ‘List of Equpiment’ and ‘What to do’.   

So your task today is to:

  1. Title
  2. A little introductory sentence e.g. Have you ever wanted to eat a tasty face? Read on to find out how!
  3. List of Ingredients  (Commas in a list)
  4. List of Equipment
  5. The  step by step guide in chronological order. (Verbs and Adverbs)
  6. Closing sentence e.g. I hope you enjoyed creating and eating a chocolate face cake!
  7. Could you draw and take a picture to put on the instructions?


Topic: Science: Field Trip! (Virtually of course)

Today we are going to be exploring 3 Zoos and some of the animals that live in these Zoos. We’re going to Houston Zoo, Kansas City Zoo and San Diego Zoo. Have a look at the live cams of some of the animals you want to see. While you’re watching them write down how the Zoo has made the enclosure like the habitat where they originate from.


Example: The Penguins enclosure is well suited to them as they have a place to swim and keep themselves cool, like they would near the sea. The Zookeepers will provide them with fish to eat and they have rocks where they can make their nests.



Thursday 7th May

Numeracy Fractions:


Week 2 Lesson 3: Problem Solving.

These questions are tricky so make sure you listen carefully on how to solve these questions in the video today.

Watch the video about fractions and problem solving. Once you have followed the video, complete the problem solving questions on the worksheet. If you can’t print off the work sheets write the questions in your book and answer them in there too.


Literacy: SPAG: Verbs

Watch the video and read about what a verb is. https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/zwwp8mn/articles/zpxhdxs

Complete the quiz at the bottom of the BBC Bitesize page and then have a game at the space verb game in the link below.



Topic: Science: Animal Fact File

Pick the favourite animal you saw yesterday. Create a fact file or leaflet about the animal you have chosen. Use a range of websites to help you.


The Zoos have lots of facts for you to look at too!

Things to include:

Name of the animals

Its diet

Its habitat

A Picture of the animal

WOW facts/Interesting facts about the animal.


Friday 8th May 

Today is V.E day ( victory in Europe) which celebrates the end of World War 2.  75 years ago, many people held street parties to celebrate.

Lots of celebrations were due to take place but have had to cancelled due to coronavirus. We were going to be celebrating at school so because we don't want you to miss out , today's home learning is all about celebrating this very important day in history.



Activity 1 : Watch this video and learn about V.E day






Activity 2 - Make bunting:




Activity 3 - Sing a long:

 Listen and learn some songs to celebrate V.E day!





Maybe you could have a V.E day party in your house ! We look forward to seeing the photos which you can send into our year group email address.