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Mon 4th May - Fri 8th May


Hi Year 4, Miss Crosby , Mr Ross and Mrs Tee here. We hope you are all safe and well, we're really missing you all  and hope you enjoy some of our home learning activities that we have planned for you. We are looking forward to seeing all the work that you are doing at home which you can send in through our brand new Year 4 email address - Year4homelearning@oldbasford.nottingham.sch.uk



Monday 4th May


Maths Activity - 'Monday Madness'


This week’s maths activity is a captain’s square puzzle. Can you work out the value of each different salamander using the information given to you? Think carefully, you’ll need to use division, addition and subtraction to help you. Taken from: https://www.math-salamanders.com/free-math-puzzles.html





Literacy Activity  - This week, we will be looking at writing an exciting short story using a *DASH* technique. This is what *DASH* stands for and an example of a *DASH* opener. (resources from Twinkl.co.uk)







D is for Description 


Today we will be looking at writing expanded noun phrases to describe a setting. An expanded noun phrases is when you use adjectives to describe the noun.





Your Task: Write a sentence with an expanded noun phrase for each of these simple noun phrases, use the picture of  an imaginary world  for inspiration. When you've done that job, use some of your noun phrases to write the very short and powerful 'D,paragraph. Use the example above for some inspiration and don't be afraid to be ambitious. My example below is there to help you if you're stuck. 


Miss Crosby's Example: 





Non Core Subject Activity  -  RE 

At the moment, Muslim people all around the world are celebrating Ramadan. 


During the month of Ramadan, Muslims won't eat or drink during the hours of daylight. This is called fasting. Children are not expected to fast until they reach puberty, usually around the age of 14.


Ramadan remembers the month the Qur'an (the Muslim holy book) was first revealed to the Prophet Muhammad. The actual night that the Qur'an was revealed is a night known as Lailut ul-Qadr ('The Night of Power').


You can find out more

here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/zpdtsbk/articles/zjc2bdm


During this time Muslims often think about bad habits they should give up and good deeds they could do instead. This is a good thing for everyone to do, despite their religion. Have a go at thinking off two bad habits and two good deeds you could do and write or draw about them.  (Activity below is taken from twinkl.co.uk)




Tuesday 5th May


Maths Activity -  Today we will be using White Rose Maths and our work will be from the link - Summer Term WEEK 2. 

We will be doing some work on decimals and money this week. 


Follow the link to see today's lesson on rounding decimals, an activity sheet and answers for when you're finished. Remember if you've not got a printer you can just write your questions and answers in to your workbook. Don't worry if it's tricky - just do your best :) 






Literacy Activity - Today's activity will planning and writing the  'Action and Speech' parts of our *DASH* paragraph, continuing from your Description yesterday. 





Think about the imaginary world shown in picture - Carrying on from yesterday, create two characters that have arrived in this world and think about something exciting that could happen. Perhaps something could move, appear or make a noise?  Write a few sentences about this, remember to make them exciting - could you use some fronted adverbials? 


When you have done this, your next small paragraph needs to show some speech. It could be one of your characters or both - remember our speech punctuation rules and don't forget you might need to use ,.? or ! before 99. 


Have a look at my example below to help inspire you: 




Non Core Subject Activity  -  ART 


In this half term we normally study an artist called Giuseppe Arcimboldo was an artist who liked to arrange vegetables into faces! Year 6 have had a go at this activity and I would love to see what Year 4 come up with. Here are some pictures of his work: 




If children are very careful and don’t damage the food that you will need to eat, perhaps they could have a go at creating a picture on a sheet of paper or a very well cleaned table.

They could also use pictures cut out from garden or food magazines if you have any available or even draw their fruit and vegetables to make a piece of art.  Alternatively, this great school website allows children to drag and drop pictures of fruit and vegetables to make a face online. http://www.middlestreet.org/archim/archimframe.htm

Have fun and I look forward to your creations - don't forget you can e-mail us your art work if you like at : Year4homelearning@oldbasford.nottingham.sch.uk

Wednesday 6th May



Today we will be continuing with our White Rose learning.

We will be looking at Summer Term Week 2, Lesson 2.

The lesson is on Halves and Quarters.

Everything you need for the lesson is there. Remember if you've not got a printer you can just write your questions and answers into your workbook.

Don’t worry if you find bits tricky, try your hardest.






Today we will be writing the final part to our DASH paragraph. We will be looking at ‘How your character is feeling?’ and an exciting ending that leaves the reader wanting more! (resources from Twinkl.co.uk)



Remember to use the picture to help you:



Today you will write how your characters feel about what happened in your previous part. You can say how they are feeling, for example:


Ethan was terrified by the Dragon King.


Or you could use your inference skills to show how your characters are feeling:


Ethan felt a cold sweat run down his face as his lip quivered.



At the end of your section, end on a cliff hanger or use a rhetorical question to leave the reader wanting more – there are good examples of these below.



Good luck in your writing – have lots of fun with it!


Below is my example, you can use it to inspire you as well as ‘magpie’ parts if you want:


Ethan felt a cold sweat run down his face as his lip quivered. He was alone while the Dragon King flapped his mighty wings and let out a deafening roar. Terrified, shocked and hopeless, Ethan looked around once more for his friend but there was no sign of him… it finally dawned on him that he was truly alone against this beast. As Ethan was paralysed with terror, the Dragon King fixed his eyes on his prey while it leisurely approached… it knew there was no escape. As quick as a flash, the mighty, terrifying and hungry Dragon King was above Ethan. All he could do was look up as the dragon’s mouth opened before lighting up like a furnace. Sadly, Ethan shut his eyes and waited for the end as a tear ran down his cheek… he just hoped that Leon had been able to escape. Suddenly, there was a mighty CRASH! Ethan opened his eyes and saw Leon on top of a hill behind him. Leon had caused an avalanche which had hit the Dragon King and knocked the mighty beast back. As the Dragon King let out an enraged roar and fixed its eyes on Ethan’s friend, Leon screamed, ‘’RUN!’’ Without thinking, Ethan dived into the freezing lake and swam as fast as he could. As he heard the dragon angrily roar behind him, he kept swimming as fast as he could towards the other side of the lake. Was Leon OK? Had he done enough to escape the Dragon King?   



Non-core activity – PE


For our PE activity today, we will look at finding different ways to balance. Use the video and sheet to help you.





Thursday 6th



Today we will be continuing with our White Rose learning.

We will be looking at Summer Term Week 2, Lesson 3.

The lesson is on Pounds and Pence.

Everything you need for the lesson is there. Remember if you've not got a printer you can just write your questions and answers in to your workbook.

Don’t worry if you find bits tricky, try your hardest.







Spelling day


You have been assigned a new set of spellings on spelling shed. Please log on and practise them this week. Usernames and passwords should be found in reading diaries but if you cannot find them please email the year 4 account and we will send them to you.


The rule is:

Words with a ‘soft c’ spelt ‘ce’













Non-core activity - DT



Your task today is to design a HEALTHY sandwich. Use the sheet as a guide to help you, don’t worry if you cannot print it out, just write the headings in your book. For the food testing you can try food in your house, or if you don’t have something, write it down anyway.


After that, choose a bread and up to 4 of your favourite ingredients and draw what your sandwich would look like (don’t forget the labels). We will be using your design to make the sandwich at another time.



Challenge: we would LOVE to receive pictures of anyone testing the ingredients for their sandwich!

Friday 8th May

Friday 8th May 

Today is V.E day ( victory in Europe) which celebrates the end of World war 2. 75 years ago people had street parties to celebrate. 

Lots of celebrations were due to take place but have had to cancelled due to coronavirus. We were going to be celebrating at school so because we don't want you to miss out , today's home learning is all about celebrating this very important day in history.



Activity 1 : Watch this video and learn about V.E day







Activity 2 - Make bunting:




Activity 3 - Sing a long:


 Listen and learn some songs to celebrate V.E day!





Maybe you could have a V.E day party in your house ! We look forward to seeing the photos which you can send into our year group email address.