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OBSports Week


This week, each year group has been allocated a sport and some famous athletes who play that sport to find out about. In F2 you will be learning about running!

Monday 13th July

WB 13.7.20

Mo Farah


Kelly Holmes





Choose a long-distance runner. and today you are going to find out some facts about them.


We have attached some links to websites that might be helpful if you choose to research Mo Farah or Kelly Holmes.

Estimate how many star jumps, hops, touch your toes then jump and sit ups you can do in 10 seconds. Write down your estimate then how many you get. How close was your estimation? Remember an estimation is about having a good guess, it doesn’t matter if it is not the correct number so long as it was realistic.


Sport Activities - to be completed each day throughout the week


As it is OBS Sports week you will find below 7 easy activities for you to try out, these can be done indoors and outdoors.

The idea is for you to beat your personal best throughout the week.

Each day have a go at attempting each activity and then try to beat your best scores.

Record your scores and see if you can improve each day!

Good luck! 


Tuesday 14th July


Today you are going to make your poster about a long-distance runner.

Don't forget to make it colourful!

Play 4 in a row addition maths game. If you don’t have a printer you could write the numbers on a piece of paper and make it yourself


Sports Activities

Use the activities from Monday and try to beat your score from yesterday.

Wednesday 15th July

Wellbeing Wednesday


Enjoy some Calm Me time with Mrs Cocker


Today you are going to have some time to reflect on the past school year and consider the things you are looking forward in the future. Think carefully about both the summer holidays and when you return back to school in September, there are lots of things to look forward to!


When you think about the future, there might be something that gives you 'the butterflies' and makes you feel a little nervous, this is totally normal. Have a chat with your grown up about what you could do to try and make 'your butterflies' better.


Use the sheets below to help you record your ideas or draw some pictures of things your are looking forward to. 


Don't forgot to take time everyday to relax and enjoy some Calm Me time and we look forward to being able to share it together in September.

Enjoy a story with Chris White - Our Patron of Reading

Two more stories to enjoy

Thursday 16th July


Complete the sports word search linked below

Measure how far you can throw a ball. You might want to use different objects to measure the distance you have thrown the ball eg toys, your body or a tape measure. What could you do to enable you to throw the ball further?


Sports Activities

Use the activities from Monday and try to beat your score from yesterday.

Friday 17th July


Look at the picture of Mo Farah or Kelly Holmes on the word documents below. Have a go at writing a few sentences about how Mo or Kelly must have felt as they won their races. Why not challenge yourself and give the reasons behind your answer e.g. he is happy because he won.

Play a sports games with your family and keep a tally of the scores. You could play basketball, netball, dodgeball, football, tennis….

At the end of the game add up the scores to find out who won. Can you count in 5’s to add up the totals? Who won? How many points did the win by?


Sports Activities

Use the activities from Monday and try to beat your score for the last time this week!