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Transition week

Welcome to Year 6!



You will be starting YEAR 6 in September and will either be in Miss McCulloch’s class in Class 13 or in Miss Crosby’s class in Class 14. They are SO excited to meet you but currently, don’t feel like they know you very well! Over the next two days, your future teachers are going to set you some activities which will be fun to complete and will give them a chance to get to know you. Please send all of your work to the Year 5 home learning email account (Year5homelearning@oldbasford.nottingham.sch.uk) where Miss Crosby and Miss McCulloch can access it and start to learn all about you.

Activity 1

Top 3 – tell us about some of the top 3’s in your life.

Think of an animal that best represents you. Draw a picture in the box and explain your reasons underneath. Then, we’d love to know what you feel good about when you think about coming into Year 6 and also what makes you feel apprehensive.


Imagine you are going to apply for your ideal job. Tell us about it by answering the questions in the picture above.


Finally, tell us about the significant people and pets that you have in your family.

Activity 2


Now we would like you to complete some art work along the theme of I CAN’T IMAGINE LIFE WITHOUT’.


Have a look at the picture and re-create your own version. You can use crayons or if you have any paints at home, why not get those out too? Looking forward to seeing your work!



Activity 1

On the theme of ‘Getting to Know You’, today Miss Crosby and Miss McCulloch would like you to write a letter to them where you tell them all about you. Have a look at this template to help you. You can handwrite the letter or produce it on a computer if you like. Don’t forget to send it to the Year 5 email account so your new teachers can read them and learn lots of fascinating things about you.

Activity 2


For our last transition activity, Miss Crosby and Miss McCulloch would like you to complete a piece of bunting with a goal for next year. What do you want to be better at or get better at in your last year of primary? They would love to make a display of them in the classroom for September! Use this template and decorate it afterwards.

Have a fantastic summer holiday.

From Miss McCulloch and Miss Crosby

Our activities this week