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Transition week

Welcome to Year 5!



1. Create a passport about yourself, Mr Burrows and Mrs Whitehead would love to know a little bit more about you. Complete this and bring it in on Wednesday for us to have a look at! You’ll also need it to get onto your island which you’ll create tomorrow.

2. Now you’ve got a passport all about you, let’s think about what you could take with you to your island. You have a suitcase, which you can take of your most important items. In the suitcase, draw your five items. Underneath the suitcase, explain why you have picked the items.

E.g. I have picked my golf clubs as I would love to play golf everyday on the island.

I have picked my phone so I can let my family and friends now how much fun I am having on the island.



1. Today you are going to creating your own Island. On your Island, I want you to think about the favourite places you have been, where you would love to go, what things would help you achieve your goals and who would be there. Be as creative as you can. Here are some examples below.


2. Create 3 true facts about you and 1 lie. Test it with your family see if they can guess the one you are lying about. Create 3 different ones to bring in on Wednesday. Can you guess Mr Burrows’ and Mrs Whiteheads? 

Mr Burrows’ 3 truths and 1 lie.

  1. I lived in Scarborough for 3 years.
  2. I have a dog-named Lila.
  3. I have 10 cousins.
  4. I love golf.

Mrs Whitehead’s 3 truths and 1 lie.

  1.  I support Derby County
  2. I have a fish called Daisy
  3. I can speak Italian
  4. My favourite animal is an elephant


Our activities this week