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Transition week

Welcome to Year 1!

Monday 20th July

Activity 1


Read the story of 'The cautious caterpillar' with your adult at home. Discuss how you might be feeling about the changes for you at school. E.g. meeting your new teacher in your new classroom.


The Cautious Caterpillar taken from www.twinkl.co.uk

Complete the activity below. You can write words or draw pictures to tell us some things that you like to do at school.

Activity sheet below taken from www.twinkl.co.uk

Activity 2


Mr Ross and Miss Wardle have made their very own personality clouds telling you facts all about us. We would love to find out more about the things you like to do. Have a go at making your very own personality cloud.


Tuesday 21st July

Activity 2


We would like you to create a picture to tell us something about you. This could be a picture of your family, house, garden, pets or anything else you can think of. You can create your picture however you would like to e.g. crayons, felt tips, paints or a collage. There is a template for you to use below if you wish. We can't wait to see your artwork! 

Our activities this week