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Monday 22nd June 



This week we are going to be creating a non-fiction text about the Ancient Egyptian Gods. To get some information about them, we are going to start with a reading comprehension today.

1 star = The easier comprehension

2 star = The slightly more challenging comprehension.

3 star = If you want to challenge yourself.


Click on the file below to download the Comprehension.

Credit to Twinkl for the resource.


Summer term week 9-right angles in shapes

-Please go to the White Rose website using the link below


Watch the video and then have a go at the worksheet for lesson 1


Mummification and the Afterlife

Visit the websites below to learn about The Afterlife and Mummifictaion-be warned it’s a bit gruesome! Write notes about what you have learned under the heading:


The Afterlife

  • First the bodies were washed with water from the River  Nile




Tuesday 23rd June 



Today we are going to look into even more detail at the Egyptian Gods. Go through the PowerPoint provided below and make notes about the Gods. You are going to need to pick your favourite four Gods today, to help you write about them in detail in the non-fiction text later in the week.

After reading the PowerPoint if you would like to have more information use this website.



Click on the PowerPoint to download.

Credit to Twinkl for the resource.


Summer term week 9-compare angles

-Please go to the White Rose website using the link below


Watch the video and then have a go at the worksheet for lesson 2


Today we would like you to have fun making a model of an Egyptian Mummy. If you cannot print the worksheets below you could get creative and make your own coffin and Mummy from an empty cardboard box and any other resources you can find. Use a toy character or a lego person as the body and wrap it up to make a Mummy!


You can either choose the design which has faces drawn on already or a plain one to design your own Egyptian mummy!

Wellbeing Wednesday 

Enjoy some Calm Me time with Mrs Cocker


This week you will be thinking about why it is important to belong to a team or group. What teams or groups do you belong to? These might be inside or outside of school. How does it make you feel? What does being a good sport look like? What skills and qualities do you need to be a good team player? Have a look at the top tips sheet below. 


Have a watch of the following video and then complete the sheet below or create a poster answering the questions above. 

Make your own Guess Who game


Create your sets of characters on pieces of card or paper. Customising each character is easy –  you could use photos of drawings of your favourite super heroes, cartoons, sports teams or even your family and pets. Once you have created your characters, ask each other yes/no questions and try to be the first player to guess your partners identity. 



Idea taken from https://geekgeargalore.com/boardgames/best-diy-board-games-for-kids/

Wellbeing singalong!

Gather your family today and have fun singing along with these songs. 

Thursday 25th June 



Today you are going to start writing your non-fiction work about the Egyptian Gods. A template can be printed out below to help you set out your work.  On the Template there is space for…

  • An interesting Title
  • Introductory Paragraph (What the text is going to be about)
  • 4 paragraphs to write about four different Gods.
  • Closing sentence
  • 3 Pictures for you to draw (use yesterday’s PowerPoint to help)

Today you are going to think of an Interesting title, write the introductory paragraph, and write about of your chosen Egyptian Gods.


Things to try to include:

  • Interesting sentence openers e.g. Would you believe, Sometimes, Imagine, Have you ever thought, Amazingly, Suprisingly, In addition.
  • Subheadings
  • Different punctuation (, . ! ?)


Summer term week 9-horizontal and vertical lines

-Please go to the White Rose website using the link below


Watch the video and then have a go at the worksheet for lesson 3

RSE day

RSE Day 2020- ‘Books I l Love About Love’

Watch the video story ‘Love Makes a Family’ or ‘Love from the Crayons’


Choose one (or as many as you like!) of the activities suggested below.

Remember to share what you have done by emailing a photo to nurseryhomelearning@oldbasford.nottingham.sch.uk and we will share it on the website.


  • Create your own drawing, painting or collage to show what ‘Love is….’ to you.
  • Share a photo of your favourite story about love. You could write a short review for other people.
  • Write a letter or make a card for someone who is special to you. This might be a member of your family, a neighbour, a friend or someone at school. Try and explain why the person and relationship matters to you. Parents you can join in with this one too!
  • Create hearts using collage. Find words, colours, shapes and textures from scrap materials and make them into a heart shape. This could be displayed on paper, on the pavement or in your garden!
  • Write a poem about what love is to you. For inspiration there are some useful links here-https://www.usborne.com/quicklinks/eng/catalogue/catalogue.aspx?popup=video&id=15430
  • Make a poster of the ways you can be a good friend in the current circumstances e.g. social distancing. How can friendships flourish in this situation?
  • Use heart cut outs. Write one thing you love about yourself and one thing you love about somebody else.
  • Choose a favourite song about love. Use some of the lyrics to design a poster.
  • Make a ‘Relationships Tree’. Draw a tree. Think about all the people in your life who love and care for you. Write their name and draw their faces on individual leaves and add them to your tree.
  • Research marriage celebrations across different faiths and cultures. Make an information leaflet or design a poster or presentation.
  • Bake some heart biscuits or decorate cupcakes to give to loved ones.
  • Read and share some of your own books you love about love!


ChalleNGe Nottingham

On the ChalleNGe Nottingham website you can find a whole day of online creative content for children and families. A range of local artists will be sharing creative workshops and challenges focused on the themes of: cooperation; collaboration; respect; trust; and, resilience. The content will be streamed during the day via the Challenge Nottingham website. Click here to find out more information and the latest schedule https://challengenottingham.co.uk/%40rse-day

Friday 26th June 



Today you’re going to be finishing your Non-fiction text about the Gods of Ancient Egypt. If you do not think you have enough information on them, here are 2 websites to find out more about them.



Complete the other 3 boxes about 3 different Egyptian Gods and then decorate and illustrate your work today.

I hope you enjoyed learning about the Egyptian Gods this week!


Summer term week 9-parallel and perpendicular

-Please go to the White Rose website using the link below


Watch the video and then have a go at the worksheet for lesson 4

History/Science-Mummify an apple experiment

Have a go at the following science experiment to understand more about how the process of mummification works. Take some photos of your experiment so we can see if it is successful. Good luck!