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Summer Arts Week


This week, the whole of OBS are having an ARTS WEEK. Each year group is being given an artist to focus on. Our Literacy and our afternoon work for the whole of this week will be based on this artist. In Year 6, our artist is: Jacob Lawrence. He was an American painter and the most widely acclaimed African American artist of the 20th century. He is best known for his 'Migration Series.



Monday 6th July


Literacy Activity

This week, we are going to be writing a biography about Jacob Lawrence. Before we start, have a look at this biography about Tom Daley to help you understand what one looks like and how they are structured. We would like you to use this session to research as much information as you can about him and make notes. Use these websites to help you:




Art Activity


Colouring competition

We would love you to colour this beautiful OBS picture drawn by Katie Frazer. This is a competition and we are hoping to pick our favourites for a display in school so take your time and try to make your colouring AMAZING-Good luck!

Print out this sheet and have a go – you can use whatever you like – pencils, felt tips, wax crayons – anything goes! Bring it with you when you come for the presentation evening on the 17th July. If you have won, we will notify you by phone!


Tuesday 7th July

Literacy Activity

Today we would like you to use your notes to turn them into a plan for your biography on Jacob Lawrence. Think about the subheading you could use to organise your plan.

Art Activity

Today, we would like you to use one of Jacob Lawrence’s paintings and re-create it. The pictures we have chosen are below and they are from his ‘ONE WAY TICKET -MIGRATION SERIES’. Each picture in this series tells a story about the migration of black people from the southern states of the USA to the north. Hopefully you will have found out a little bit about this during your research.



Panel 58

This picture (PANEL 58) shows black girls enjoying school in a well-resourced, clean environment in the northern states of the USA. It highlights how black people had more educational opportunities in the north.  

Panel 24

Compare this to PANEL 24 which shows black children working in the fields. They were forced to work and could not go to school.

We would like you to choose either PANEL 58 or PANEL 24 and have a go at re-producing it. Try to make it look as much like the original as you can. If you have some paints at home, why not get those out and have a go! We look forward to seeing your work.

Wednesday 8th July

Wellbeing Wednesday

Enjoy some Calm Me time with Mrs Cocker


Last week we tried to find out more about our families. This week we are looking at our local community and where we live. Download the worksheet below. Can you make lists for each section? Write as many ideas as you can think of. You could ask your adult to help you.

Use the worksheet below and draw or label people or buildings in your community. The picture above may help you. If you haven't got a printer, you could design your own poster. 

Watch the video clip for ideas. Can you now draw your ideal community or neighbourhood? What would you definitely have in your community?


You could also have a go at completing an A-Z community alphabet hunt.

E.g. A - Andy's Fish Bar

       B - Bagnall Road  

Enjoy watching a story

Thursday 9th July

Literacy Activity

Now that you have done your plan, we would like you to write a biography about Jacob Lawrence. We appreciate this is a big task so we are going to give you 2 days to do this! Have a look back at the one about Tom Daley again to remind yourself what a good one looks like! Also, use the attached word mat to help you with your writing. You might want to use a computer program if you can.

Art Activity

Today we would like you to focus on PANEL 40 which shows the migrants arriving in the north in great numbers. Who do you think the people are in the painting? We are going to give you today and tomorrow to create your own version of this painting. We don’t want it to be exactly the same as the original but your own interpretation. Who would you like to include in the painting? Why not spend today sketching out your ideas ready to paint tomorrow?

Panel 40

Friday 10th July

Literacy Activity

Use today’s Literacy session to finish writing your biography that you started yesterday. You could decorate it and add pictures if you wanted to!

Art Activity

Today we would like you to paint your own version of PANEL 40 which you should have planned and sketched out yesterday. Don’t worry if you haven’t got any paints, you can use anything you do have at home. We can’t wait to see your own versions of this painting by Jacob Lawrence. Don’t forget to send them to Year6homelearning@oldbasford.nottingham.sch.uk.