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Monday 8th June 


Maths Activity -  We will be continuing our fraction work from last week today. Our lesson will be on calculating quantities, it can seem a little tricky at first but using the bar model will really help. Try your best, work through the video carefully - you might need to watch it a couple of times and that's ok. Click on the picture to follow the link to Summer Week 6 Lesson 4 and the activities sheets are below.  



Literacy Activity - Comprehension 

Today we are going to do a comprehension around a picture, it is linked with PSHE. 

Here is the picture (Credit: Nikolas Andrikopoulos)



Have a close look at the picture and answer these questions: 

Section 1

  •  What do you think of these boys?
  • Could you make friends with them? Would you?
  • Imagine you are stood in front of them: how does their body language make you feel?
  • Give this picture a name or a title. Explain why you chose that name.




Section 2


The real title of the picture is: Bullies

Now that you know this have a go at answering the questions below, try not to write just YES or NO. Give some thought to your answers and try to write them in full sentences. 


  • Do these boys look like bullies? Why/why not? Do all bullies look and act the same?
  • Do you think they all join in? If they just watch, are they still bullies? What is a bystander? What is peer pressure?
  • What makes a good friend?
  • What is bullying?
  • Are bullies always boys?
  • Are some people more likely to be bullied? Who? Why?
  • What can you do if you’re being bullied? How can bullying be tackled?


Non Core Activity: Computing 

Today we will be continuing with our work on Variables used to count and keep track of things in computing. You can again, access the espresso coding website by clicking the image below. You can add your work to the school gallery if you wish to do so. 


Today you can try Lesson 3 'Shop Till' and Lesson 4 'Pirate Gold' 


Username: Student25454   Password: pupils



Tuesday 9th June 

Maths activity - For the rest of this week in our maths, we will be revisiting looking at tenths and hundredths. We have covered some of this work in class already so you will have some knowledge to build on. We will be using White Rose Home Learning Week 7.


Today's Video Link and Acitivites - Click on the picture to access the video for today's work and access the activities just below the link. 



Literacy Activity

Lesson 1


This week, we will be looking at character descriptions. In the first lesson, we will look at the key features of a character description in a text.


Follow the link below to complete the lesson.




Non-Core Activity:   Science (Food Chains) 

Today we will be continuing last week's work on food chains, you will have done some work on these in Year 2. Here is a link to last weeks learning in case you need to recap: 




You should be able to use the three 'P' key word for today: 

Producer - makes its own food/energy from the sun

Predator - an animal that eats other animals

Prey - an animal that is eaten by other animals

Some animals can be more than one thing. For example: A penguin would be a predator to a fish but would be prey for a sea lion. A penguin would also be a consumer as it eats fish. 


Your task: Create at least three of your own Rainforest food chains. If you have a printer, you may want to use the resources below. If you do not, don't worry you can draw your food chain in to your workbook or present your work in a table like the example below (taken from twinkl.co.uk). You may need to use the internet to help you research.

Be sure to label each part of your food chain using the three 'P's': Producer, Predator, Prey. 




Wednesday 10th June - Wellbeing Wednesday


Firstly, enjoy some Calm Me time with Mrs Cocker by watching the video below.

This week you will be thinking about friendship and how to be a good friend. Have a look at the video  about 'Friendship Soup' and discuss your ideas with a family member. There are some questions below to help guide this discussion. Next have a go at completing some of the sheets or creating your own 'Friendship Soup' poster and acrostic poem. Don't forget to take a couple of minutes everyday for some Calm Me time. 

You could also make yourself a pop up friendship card. Have a watch of the video below for instructions on how to make it.

Thursday 11th June 

Maths activity - Today we will be looking at dividing whole numbers by ten. White Rose use a slightly different place value grid than the one we use in class so I have put an image of a place value grid you might be more familiar with on the page and as a link too. 


Today's Video Link and Acitivites - Click on the picture to access the video for today's work and access the activities just below the link. 


 Literacy Activity

Lesson 2


Today we will do a lesson focused on SPAG. Follow the link below to complete the lesson on subordinate clauses.



Non-Core activity – Art


This term we are looking at the French artist Rousseau. He was famous for painting pictures of the rainforest which were very simple and colourful. He started painting when he was older and never had art lessons!


Features of Rousseau’s art are as follows:


  • He used very simple, pure colours.
  • He had very clear outlines.
  • He filled jungle paintings with animals in the foreground and lush green plants in the background.
  • He painted leaves and grass piece by piece with clear outlines.
  • He often painted huge over-sized flowers.



Now have a go at drawing your own picture of the rainforest using Rousseau’s features. Use the picture above to help you if you want. Remember, if you don’t have paints you can use crayons or felt tips.


Fun fact: Rousseau never went to the rainforest, he used pictures from books he read to make his paintings!

Friday 12th June 

Maths activity - Today we will be looking at hundredths as decimals.  


Today's Video Link and Acitivites - Click on the picture to access the video for today's work and access the activities just below the link. 


Literacy Activity

Lesson 3


In the lesson today, we will plan and write up our very own character description. Make sure you include the key features we have looked at so far.


Happy writing!



Non-Core activity – PE


Today in PE we will be doing some problem solving by playing the game ‘cross the river’.


Look at the information and watch the video below to complete the lesson.


Good luck!





An added Extra for some Friday fun - Chloe in Class 9 wrote this for her family quiz .. why not have a go and send your answers in! 



Chloe's Book Quiz 


1. Who wrote the book "The Witches"?

2. What is Captain Underpant's war cry?

3. Who weote the Mister Men / Little Miss books?

4. What was the owl afraid of in Jill Tomlinson's book?

5. Where was Paddington Bear found?

6. What did the dinosaur poop in "The Dinosaur that Pooped a..."?

7. What is the name of Matilda's teacher?

8. In the Cat In The Hat, what type of pet does Sally have?

9. How tall was the Iron Giant?

10. What made the peach fly in James and the Giant Peach?