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Music lessons

Learn to perform the South African song Babathandaza.

Don’t worry about a thing…they do it all for you, they do the singing! Just let your children have fun : )

Lessons 1-3 Learning the song (they are about 9 minutes each)

Record your performance to take part in a video performance with singers, bands and orchestras from across Nottingham.

Lesson 4: a step by step guide to recording the vocal parts. The recording needs to be sent in by the 30th of June. Please see below for details.

Lesson 5: learn to perform and record percussion parts using everyday kitchen utensils

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Here you will find lessons 1-5

Click on the lesson you need

See the pictures below to help you.

At the bottom of each lesson there is a quick quiz. If you can please complete it so we can get Old Basford School added to the city school’s leader board : )

If you want to send in your recording it needs to be done by the 30th of June.

Remember to get your adult to say this at the end of your recording so Nottingham Music Hub know you have permission from your adult.

Then email your recording to rhyorecordings@nottinghammusichub.org.uk