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​Meet Acorn and Conker Dogs! 
They are our nursery dogs. 
They likes to come home to visit the nursery children for an overnight stay.  They have their very own overnight bag with some special activities.  They also has a special book that their adventures can be shared in. 
This is an ideal opportunity for parents and carers to model writing to their children and encourage them to mark make too! 



Meet Walt!  He is our nursery dog, he is a friendly chap and he just loves to learn and help the children to learn too!  Walt shares with the children the learning objectives of each carpet session so they know exactly what we are going to be learning!

Walt says -


We Are Learning To....



Super Reader just loves to read.  He reads books, magazines, sign posts, the back of cereal packets, labels and lists.  You name it and he will have a go at reading it!  He will be encouraging the nursery children in the early stages of their reading development, from learning letter sounds to reading their name and key words.



Super Writer loves to write!  He will write his name, letters, lists, words, cards...he finds it hard to put a pencil down. 

He will be encouraging our nursery children in the early developmental stages of their writing, from basic mark making to letter formation.  Please check back soon for his Super Writer rules!