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OBS Kilometre Club

OBS Kilometre Club


This week has been a real success, with over 400 children taking part in the KM club. The effort from all involved has been superb. I'm pleased to say that as a school we have ran 1053KM. This is a great start. The benefits to the children's health over the coming year by doing the KM challenge will be amazing.


To put this into some sort of perspective, between the distance the children have ran this week is more kilometres than the amount of Kilometres it would take to get to GERMANY.


A quick reminder to the day and time the children are running.


Monday- 8.30 = Year 6


Tuesday- 8.30 = Year 5

               9.30 = Year 3

               10.00 = F1


Wednesday- 8.30 = Year 4

                    9.30 = Year 1


Thursday- 8.30 = Year 2

                 9.30 = F2

                 10.00= F1


Please try to remember to get your child here for 8.30 to get the best opportunity for them to do there best.


Keep up the great work. Who will get there 5k badge???



Mr Marks