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Parent Workshops

Year 2 Maths Parent Workshop - 30.01.2018


We held a very successful parent workshop on Tuesday 30th January where we shared some of our practises and strategies for working out fractions, multiplication through arrays and finding a missing number. 

We were overwhelmed by the turnout and 50% of our children were represented by an adult. The children loved sharing their learning with their grown ups and the whole morning had a lovely atmosphere. Everyone seemed to gain from it and will be able to support their child even more successfully with Maths homework. 

​We would like to thank the parents for giving up their morning and greatly appreciate their support. 

Year 5  Reading Parent Workshop - 18.01.2018


Thank you to all those parents who attended the Year 5 reading workshop today,  we are glad you found it useful.  We discussed the different types of questions children are tested on, practised asking and answering them together and then gave parents a resource to help them practise these types of questions with their child and their reading book at home.

​We will also send these questions and the slides from the meeting home will all of the Year 5 children.  We hope you find them useful.


Year 6 Maths Parent Workshop - 16.11.2017
​Thank you to the parents/carers who came to our Year 6 Maths Parent Workshop on Thursday 16th November.  It was wonderful to see parents and children fully engaged and working together to solve problems. 

The children all left the hall full of excitement and enthusiasm! 

Year 3 Maths Parent Workshop - 14.11.2017


We were delighted once again to welcome parents/carers in to school this morning (14.11.17) to take part in our Year 3 Numeracy Workshop. 

All the children absolutely enjoyed sharing a lesson with you and we sincerely thank everyone who was able to join us!

Year 5 Maths Parent Workshop - 12.10.2017

Today we had our first Year 5 parent workshop which was all about Maths.  We looked through Year 5 methods, arithmetic questions and tricky reasoning problems.  Thank you so much to all of the parents that came, we hope you enjoyed it and look forward to seeing even more of you at the Reading parent workshop on the 18th January 2018.
One of our parents said "it was really helpful to go over methods I hadn't practised in years and now I know the tricky kind of questions my child will have to answer so can practise more at home"




Keeping Your Child Safe Online Parent Workshop


A huge thank you to all of the parents who attended our
'Keeping your child safe online' workshop presented by the
NSPCC and O2.

You asked lots of interesting and thought provoking questions and we hope that you now feel more confident to have open and honest discussions with your child about their online activity and that you know where to go to seek help.



There are lots of links and information on our E-Safety page for you to use and if you have any further questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact Miss Crosby.



YR 2 Maths Parent Workshop - 16.03.2017


What a fantastic turn out this morning at our 5th Maths workshop this term!

It was just wonderful to see parents and children fully engaged, working together to solve problems. 

The children all left the hall full of excitement and enthusiasm!

It was lovely to have such positive feedback from parents.  Some of the responses from parents were 'Brilliant - thank you I now know how I can help at home'. 'Really useful to see SAT test materials to know what they are expected to do'. 'I just want to say thank you for doing this for our children, I've loved this morning!'.


Praise and thanks must go to all of the Year 2 for their hard work in the preparation and delivery of the event.

YR 5 Maths Parent Workshop - 01.03.2017


We were delighted once again to welcome parents in to school this morning to take part in our 4th Maths Parents Workshop of this term.


The turnout was fantastic; we sincerely thank everyone who was able to join us! The children loved working alongside you all! We hope you have taken away much to think about on how to help and support your child within their curriculum. Thank you to the Year 5 Team for such a positive experience, your hard work in planning and preparing the event is a credit to how much you give to our pupils.


Thank you to all of the adults who attended, your feedback was overwhelmingly positive and greatly appreciated.

YR 3 Maths Parent Workshop - 28.02.2017



We had a fantastic turn out to our maths parent workshop, around 30 parents, grandparents and relatives came to see how we use a bar method to solve reasoning problems.


Thank you for all of your support, it makes a real difference.  It was a fantastic display of how much Year 3 love learning and love maths.


The children were really enthusiastic and were 'buzzing' when they came back to class and commented on how much they had loved learning with their adults.


YR 4 Maths Parent Workshop - 03.02.2017


Thank you to all the parents, grandparents, aunties, uncles, older brothers and sisters who all attended our FANTASTIC Y4 Maths Workshop!

Your very positive feedback was very much appreciated!

The children thrived in being able to take part in a maths lesson alongside yourselves and the problem solving activity of 'Cracking the Code' certainly had everyone captivated.

I'd like to personally thank the YR4 staff for a well run and enthusiastic event.
Mrs Shaw


YR 6 Maths Parent Workshop - 19.01.17


What an incredible response we have had this morning to our yr6 Maths Parent Workshop!!
A huge thank you to the 30 parents who were able to join us this morning and spend a maths lesson with their child.  Your evaluations and feedback comments are overwhelmingly positive!!
I know your children LOVED having you work alongside them.  Special thanks and appreciation also must go to the FANTASTIC Yr6 teaching team.  Your energy, enthusiasm, organisation and knowledge allowed the event to be a real success!

A very "PROUD" Mrs Shaw - Acting Head Teacher