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Phonic based activities:



  • Friday 1st May - Write labels telling people how much each item is. Try to keep prices less than 10p!
  • Thursday 30th April - When you read a story are you able to read the tricky words on your own? Write down any that you struggled to remember so you can keep practising them.
  • Wednesday 29th April - Write about your musical instrument and how you made it.
  • Tuesday 28th April - Plan what musical instrument you want to make and list the resources you will be using.
  • Monday 27th April - Write a thank you message to a local community hero or to the NHS nurses and doctors.
  • Friday 24th April - Can you remember all the ingredients you used yesterday? Make a list to start a recipe book.
  • Thursday 23rd April - Find a recipe that you would like to make at home. This could be something sweet like a cake or something savoury you could eat for your dinner.
  • Wednesady 22nd April - Make up a story about your sock puppet.
  • Tuesday 21st April - Go into your garden/ go outside and listen to what you can hear and see. Play a game of eye spy.
  • Monday 20th April - Write a postcard to your teacher telling us what you have been doing.


  • Friday 3rd April -  Using your name, create a poster of your name for your bedroom door and draw a picture of something that begins with each letter in your name.  For example, the name Katie might have pictures of a kite, apple, tiger, igloo and elephant.
  • Thursday 2nd April - Create your own story map.  Choose a main character, where the story takes place and something exciting that is going to happen.  Use your completed story map to tell your family your story.
  • Wednesday 1st April - Remember our alien friends Zog, Zag and Tig?  They have set today’s challenge.  How many words can you think of that rhyme with each of their names?
  • Tuesday 31st March - Time yourself for 5 minutes – how many words can you write down that begin with sh, ch or th?
  • Monday 30th March - Choose your favourite story.  Can you make some little puppets of the different characters and act out the story?
  • Friday 27th March - Choose a favourite book to look at with your family.  Can you spot any of the following 'tricky words' in your book?  the    my     we     you    was  
  • Thursday 26th  March - How many words can you find using the letters s a t p i n? 




Maths based activities:


  • Friday 1st May - Create your own money or use plastic/ real money if you have it available and add up how much each person spends at your shop.
  • Thursday 30th April - Can you find all the different ways of making 10? How could you record this? E.g using lines, pictures or circles.
  • Wednesday 29th April - Count and record how many times you can hop in 10 seconds. Was this more or less than the amount of star jumps you were able to do?
  • Tuesday 28th April - Which 3D shapes are you using to create your instrument? How many sides, corners and faces does each shape have?
  • Monday 27th April - Record how many star jumps you can do in 10 seconds.
  • Friday 24th April - Go on a real 3D shape hunt. Can you find something that is a cuboid (eg cereal box) a sphere, a cylinder, cube and a cone?
  • Thursday 23rd April - Measure out your ingredients for your recipe with a grown up. What numbers can you see? Which is a bigger/ smaller amount?
  • Wednesday 22nd April - Estimate how many toys you can hold in one hand. Does this change when you pick up smaller/ larger toys? Why?
  • Tuesday 21st April - Make your own number line to 10 using objects to represent amounts. E.g 1 pencil, 2 teddy’s ears, 3 triangle.
  • Monday 20th April - Make a repeating pattern using objects around your house.


  • Friday 3rd April - If you had a packet of 20 sweets and you shared them between 2 people, how many would they each get?  Can you record your working out to show how you solve the problem?  What if you shared between 4 people? or 5 people?  How many sweets would each person get?
  • Thursday 2nd April - When you have a packet of food (crisps, raisins, grapes, sweets) count out how many you have in total in your packet.  I wonder which packet holds more?
  • Wednesday 1st April - Draw a picture of the following animals – dog, spider, worm, chicken, bumble bee.  Draw them in the correct order from the smallest amount of legs to the largest amount of legs the animals have.
  • Tuesday 31st March - Draw around your foot on a piece of paper and then cut it out.  Choose five large objects around your home such as a dining room table or sofa, measure how many of your foot each item measures.
  • Monday 30th March - Cut up some small squares of paper and write out one numeral on each for the numbers 0-20.  Ask your grown up to muddle them up and see if you can put them in the correct order.
  • Friday 27th  March - Go on a hunt around your house and see if you can find 5 objects of the following shapes:  circle    square  triangle    rectangle.
  • Thursday 26th  March - When you go out on a walk to get some fresh air with your family - which of the following can you spot?  Can you make a list to count how many you see trees, birds, daffodils, dogs being walked, bus stops, road signs? 



Topic based activities:


  • Friday 1st May - Open up a shop within your home. Play shop keepers with a family member.
  • Thursday 30th April - Watch ‘just dance’ on YouTube and have a boogie!
  • Wednesday 29th April - Record a song using your musical instrument and email it to the F2 email address.
  • Tuesday 28th April - Make a musical instrument using item from your recycling.
  • Monday 27th April - Draw a picture to go with your thank you message. Place your thank you message/ picture in your window for people to see.
  • Friday 24th April - Go onto the school website under ‘Home learning page- story time’ and choose a story to listen to at bedtime.
  • Thursday 23rd April - Follow your recipe and send us a picture of your family enjoying your homemade food.
  • Wednesday 22nd April - Make a sock puppet
  • Tuesday 21st April - When you have a bath/ wash find 5 things that float and sink.
  • Monday 20th April - Record yourself performing a talent and send it to our F2 home learning email address



Extra Challenge:

Whilst Miss Priddle was outside in her garden getting her washing in, she noticed a very bright light in the sky.  Thinking it looked far too bright and twinkly to just be a star, she used a special app on her phone called 'SkyView Lite' to identify it was the planet Venus.  Maybe your grown up could download the app and you could take a look at the names of the stars and find out where all the planets are.