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Remote Learning 2021 - 2022

If your child is off with a positive case of COVID or awaiting a PCR result due to having COVID19 symptoms please inform school so we can support your child in home learning.


Day 1 of isolation (if your child is well enough to work)

Once you have informed school that your child will not be in due to COVID, please support your child with:

- reading their reading books from school

- Year 1 - 6 access to Times Table Rocks Stars - https://play.ttrockstars.com/auth/school/student

- Year 1 - 6 access to Spelling Shed - https://www.edshed.com/en-gb/login


Below there are some additional activities you might like to complete with your child, or they can complete alone.  Please use the exercise book sent home with your child to record any learning they complete.

Websites for Reading
Websites for Phonics
Websites for Maths
Writing and Grammar Websites

Tapestry (if your child is well enough)

Each evening before 6pm your child's teacher will send home activities for your child to complete the following day.  This is the learning that they have missed from that day.

Please complete the work on paper or if you have a printer and wish to print any worksheets, please do so.

Each day, please send a photo/video/the work to your child's teacher using Tapestry.




Foundation Subjects
PE and Fitness Ideas
Mental Health and Wellbeing Ideas
Nottingham Playhouse Play Pack


Take on the 2021 music quest

MusiQuest is free and available for all of you to enjoy!

A new level will be released each week up to half term, and once live, each level will remain available (so there's no need to worry that you've missed a level if you haven't yet completed Challenge 1). This week's level has just gone live and can be found at MusiQuest2021 | Nottingham Music Hub

Will you rise to the challenge?

Let's get Old Basford School on the leader board! 

Attached is a brochure filled with many online ideas for children to explore from museums to tourist destinations, attractions, zoos, theatre, drama, free audio books, sensory play and 100+ things to do outside and indoors. 
Stories being read by staff