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Set Words

Set words!

Please find attached a copy of the Set Words up to Set 30. Please don't rush through these as it may become overwhelming for you and your child. Aim to roughly learn one set every 2 weeks. Once your child has learnt to read the words maybe they could try writing them. Remember to have fun!

How can I make learning Set Words fun?

  • Turn it into a game. Hide the words around the house or garden. Set a timer for 30seconds/ 1 minute... How many Set Words can they find and read in that time? Was it more or less than yesterday?
  • Place individual words around the house in places children will see them often. For example on the fridge, TV, stairs, toys in their room.... encourage children to read them when they see them.
  • Write the words out so they are bigger for the children to read and place them inside/ outside in different areas. Ask them to h-o-p/ s-k-i-p/ r-u-n/ j-u-m-p to different words.
  • Focus on words your child is struggling to remember, mixed in with a few words they know well to ensure they don't loose their confidence. Change the words they know well regularly to make sure they don't forget Set Words they have already learnt.
  • If your child is struggling to remember all the sounds in a word when they are blending to read practise lots of oral blending. This is when you say the sounds and your child has to squeeze them together to work out the word you are saying. For example you might say 'Please pass me your c-oa-t', 'Open the d-oo-r', 'r-u-n to the s-w-i-n-g'. None of these are written down. You just say it out loud.