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Silver Green Tree School Award


Help Old Basford work towards achieving our

'Silver Green Tree School Award'!

In order for us to reach the Silver award we need to earn points by completing some of the 'Green Tree' challenges. We need your help!

Challenge 1:

Go on your daily walk!

Why not try and find an open green space or even a woodland if you have one nearby!

Take a moment to stop, look and listen...How does it make you feel?


You can express your thoughts and feelings in lots of different ways. Below are some suggestions:

- Create a piece of outdoor art using natural materials collected on your walk

- Write a review of your walk giving it a star rating and explaining why you gave it the rating you did

- Record your comments on an audio or video and email it to us

- Draw or paint a picture of the woodland or greenspace you visited

-Write a poem about the different sights, sounds and smells

- Take a photo of the different parts of your walk or woodland and write a caption about each picture.


Please email any photos of your work to eco@oldbasford.nottingham.sch.uk so we can use your hard work as evidence towards collecting our points for our Silver Award!