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SIMS Parent Lite app

SIMS Parent Lite app

In order to support compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we are in the process of rolling out SIMS Parent Lite to collect, manage and handle key information about your child by obtaining information securely from you.


What can I see or do on the SIMS Parent Lite app?  
SIMS Parent Lite App enables you to update us with key contact information for your child in a secure and safe way. 


From the app you can make changes to your child's contact information and medical details.  Please check the data we hold on file for your child and, if required, amend this accordingly.  Please note it is vital that we have at least THREE contact number if at all possible so that we are able able to make contact if we need to do so.


When a change request is submitted by you, automatic emails are sent to the school office.  Our Office Staff will then action these changes for you as well as being able to view previous requests and details of any action taken via the audit trail within SIMS.


From time to time, we will send notifications to remind you to update your child's details, eliminating paper-based data collection and manual errors.


Paper Data Forms will no longer be automatically sent out for every child.



Using SIMS Parent App
As the Parent App is rolled out you will receive an invitation code to join SIMS Parent Lite app.  The invitation will have been received from noreply@sims and will be valid for 14 days.


Your invitation code is unique to you and should not be used by anyone else.


For a guide on how to setup the Parent Lite App, please click here


Usernames and passwords are not issued directly by the school as parents can use their existing Facebook, Twitter, Google or Microsoft Account credentials.


Support & Registering for SIMS Parent Lite App

If you have any issues with signing in to the SIMS Parent Lite App or if you are not currently registered for the SIMS Parent Lite App and would like to sign up for it then please contact the school.


App Version

The App is available on Apple & Android devices please click below to download the appropriate app.


Apple iOS


Android Store


Web Version

There is also a online web based version which can be found at www.sims-parent.co.uk


Not only will this give parents easy access to ensuring contact details are up to date, it will also make a difference to our carbon footprint!!!


Thank you for your continued support.