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Thurs 26th March - Fri 3rd April



Thursday 26th March


Activity 1 (Maths): Equivalent fractions – Write down at least six different equivalent fractions to the fractions below using your multiplication and division skills.

This YOUTUBE video link will be a great help to any children or parents who are struggling. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J5HVqrdIwSc


5 /15          1/3           8/24          9/36          2/5



Activity 2 (Writing) : If you have seen the movie Ferdinand. You will know the very famous story of the bull. If you haven’t you can hear the story on this link. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pCqtU-3u9Cc or you can read it on your own here https://www.massreading.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/Benjamin-MRA-2017-3.pdf.  


Ferdinand was very true to himself and the things he liked. Create a book using writing and pictures all about you, who you are on the inside and what you like to do. You could even use some photographs from home to inspire you.



Activity 3: Use the internet to research the tradition of Spanish bullfighting and write down some key facts that you have learnt.


Optional Challenge: Can you make your own origami bull following these instructions? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0vVfyGbOUqI




Please also hear your child read, use Spelling Shed for 10 minutes and use Timestable Rockstars for 15 minutes EVERYDAY.

Friday 27th March


Activity 1 (Maths):  Simplifying fractions – Find the greatest (highest common factor to help you simplify these fractions. Remember to think carefully and use your times table and division facts knowledge to support you. Here is a clip to help you if you get stuck.






Activity 2 (Writing): Use what you already know about bull fighting and write a persuasive letter to the Spanish government to ask them to ban the sport. See if you can use some of these persuasive techniques:


Activity 3:  Use this link to access a Kahoot challenge linked to our Autumn term learning.






Monday 30th March


Activity 1 (Maths):  The answer is 126 oranges. Come up with 4-8 different word problems using the 4 operations (add, subtract, times and divide). After, check the questions make sense and the answer is still 126 oranges.


For example:

John was driving a truck full of 146 oranges. During the journey, 20 oranges fall off the truck. How many oranges are left?

Activity 2 (Writing): Write a short story set in Spain that is at least 100 words long. At some point in your story, use the sentence below:


The door creaked open... 


CHALLENGE: Use inverted commas in your story. If you are unsure how to do this, use the link below to help:



Activity 3:  Research 3 famous buildings in Madrid and write 3 facts about each. 


Optional Challenge: Design a 3-course meal out of Spanish food.

Tuesday 31st March


Activity 1 (Maths):  Think of a:


2-digit number

3-digit number

4-digit number

Decimal - e.g. 23.7


Now divide these numbers by 10 and 100.


Use the link below to help if you are a bit stuck:



CHALLENGE: Can you divide the numbers by 1000?




Activity 2 (Writing): Write a diary of what you have done today.


Remember to:


Write in first person

Write in the past tense

Include feelings and opinions

Have an informal tone (like you are talking to a friend)

Include conjunctions

Write in paragraphs

Activity 3:  Have a go at this quiz on Spain.




Optional Challenge: Look into the mirror and draw a self-portrait.

Please also hear your child read, use Spelling Shed for 10 minutes and use Timestable Rockstars for 15 minutes EVERYDAY

Wednesday 1st April

Hi year 4, Mrs Tee here!

I am thinking about you all lots and I hope you are all ok . I have thought of some fun things for you to do over the next few days!


Activity 1

1, 2, 3, 4


Using the digits 1, 2, 3 and 4 and +, - , x and ÷ symbols make the numbers from 1 to 30.

Each of the numbers has to be used every time, for example 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 = 10.

How many numbers can you make?


Activity 2

Handwriting practise

Copy this poem in your neatest joined hand writing.


How Many Days Does Each Month Have?

Thirty days has September 

April, June and November.

All the rest have thirty one 

Except February alone 

Which has twenty eight days and twenty nine days each leap year.



Activity 3

Teach someone in your house some Spanish words or phrases that you know. Can you have a conversation?


Optional challenge

Today is April Fool's day!

Can you play a trick on someone in your house? Remember you have to do it before 12:00 or you will be the fool!




Thursday 2nd April


Activity 1 

Chicken and Sheep


A farmer looks across a field of chicken and sheep. He counts 26 heads and 74 legs. How many chicken and sheep does he have?


Try to represent this problem in different ways: pictures, models, graph etc…



Activity 2


Mrs Tee is dreaming of holidays but she has done a terrible job of describing this beautiful setting  Can you use all of your describing tools- adjectives ,adverbs, power of three and similes  to describe this picture?



It was a hot day. The beach was hot and the sky was blue. The palm trees swayed in the wind. The sea lapped the shore. The sand felt nice.


Activity 3

Unscramble the letters to make the Spanish colours.

                 Spanish        /         English


joRo --------------------- -----------------------


erVed ------------------- ----------------------


zlAu -------------------- -----------------------


saRo ------------------- -------------------------


lnaocB------------------ ------------------------


daoMro -------------------- --------------------


egoNr ----------------------- -------------------


mAliolra -------------------- -------------------


rjNanaa ------------------- ---------------------





Optional Challenge 

It will soon be Easter, draw 5 egg shapes. Can you decorate each one differently?

Please also hear your child read, use Spelling Shed for 10 minutes and use Timestable Rockstars for 15 minutes EVERYDAY.

Friday 3rd April

Activity 1

Repeating Patterns















This pattern has been made from squares of two colours.


What colour will the 17th cube in the sequence be?


What about the 20th?   100th cube?


Can you convince someone else you are right?


Can you find a way of predicting the colour of any square?




Make up some repeating patterns of your own using two colours.


See if you can find a way of predicting what colour any square will be.



Activity 2


Think back to yesterday's activity . Can you use all of your describing tools again to describe this scene? You can use mine and improve and up level it.

The cave smelt dirty. The water was blue and there was sun coming down. It was a bit scary.




Activity 3

Make a quiz about facts you know about Spain to ask someone in your house.


Optional Challenge

Look out your window or if the weather is nice go out in your garden and lookup at the clouds. Can you use your imagination to look for shapes in the clouds ? Maybe you will see a rabbit or an elephant!  


We will be back after the Easter holidays with more activities that you can choose to do at home, remember to keep reading lots and keep going on Times Table Rockstar and Spelling Shed