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Thurs 26th March - Fri 3rd April

Thursday 26th March


Activity 1: Go on a hunt around your home, find 10 items and lay them out in front of you. Draw a table with the headings, ‘Object’ and ‘Estimate’. Write down each object, then estimate how much each item would cost. When finished, add the items together using column addition, what is your total? (You will need to do several calculations, don’t try to add them together in one go and remember your decimal points).

Challenge: Using the internet, see if you can find out how close your estimate was to the actual cost of each item (if you can’t find the exact item, find one similar, or ask an adult how much each item would roughly cost). Write down the actual cost and differences next to your estimates.


Activity 2: Create your own nature poem. If possible go outside, if not, look out the window. What nature can you see? See if you can include at least three of the following from this list: rhyme, personification, alliteration, descriptive vocabulary, simile, metaphor, onomatopoeia.


Activity 3: Use the internet to research modern day Greek food. Create your own Greek menu, containing a starter, main course and desert. Remember to decorate your menu to make it appealing and ensure you describe your food in a mouth-watering way. Tip: Use lots of adjectives!


Optional Challenge: Choose a short reading book, go outside in the garden and find a nice spot, sit on a blanket and read your book aloud. When finished, write a summary or tell an adult a summary of what happened in the story.


Please also hear your child read, use Spelling Shed for 10 minutes and use Timestable Rockstars for 15 minutes EVERYDAY.


Friday 27th March


Activity 1: Pick any number eg 32. Now answer these questions about that number:

x it by 10, 100 and 1000

÷ it by 10, 100 and 1000

+ 10, - 10

+ 20, - 20

+ 100, - 100

Write an addition sum with this number as the answer

Write a subtraction sum with this number as the answer

Challenge: Can you find all of the factors? Remember to start with 1 & the number.


Activity 2: Start your own diary! Record what you have done in the day as well as how you have felt. You may just want to complete one entry, or you may want to keep this up for a few days a week or you may even want to write an extract every day!

Remember to use:

-First person

-Past tense

-Feelings and opinions

-Ambitious vocabulary to describe people or places

-Connectives to link ideas

-Informal tone



Activity 3: Use the internet to research the Ancient Greek states of Athens and Sparta – create a poster to show the difference between the two states.


Optional Challenge:

Design and make your own board game and then teach your family how to play!

It could have a theme – either something that interests you or you could even make it link to Ancient Greece!

If you need a dice and don’t have one – use the net of a cube (see below) to help you make one.


Please also hear your child read, use Spelling Shed for 10 minutes and use Timestable Rockstars for 15 minutes EVERYDAY.



Week commencing 30th March 


Monday 30th March


Activity 1: Start a number pattern (e.g. doubling, adding five) and continue it as long as possible. How far can you go? Start again with a different pattern.


Activity 2: Choose a book to listen to on https://www.worldbookday.com/world-of-stories/ (there are alternatives – click star icon ‘website links for all ages’)

Listen to the story and write a book review at the end. Remember to record your likes, dislikes and who you would recommend it to. You could also include a star rating.


Activity 3: Make a map of your bedroom, showing where everything is. Once you have done this, draw a bird’s eye view of your home - make sure you include all the doors and windows!


Optional Challenge: Look in the mirror and draw a self-portrait.


Please also hear your child read, use Spelling Shed for 10 minutes and use Timestable Rockstars for 15 minutes EVERYDAY.




Tuesday 31st March


Activity 1: Hunt around your house or even your garden to find things to help you make shapes. You could use twigs, pencils/pens, straws, cards, books etc.

Can you make these shapes?

-Right angle triangle

-Isosceles triangle




-Record the number of internal angles. Are they acute (smaller than a right angle), a right angle (use the corner of a page to check) or obtuse (bigger than a right angle.

-What other shapes can you make?


Activity 2: Choose a toy, a household object or something in your food cupboard and make an advert to encourage people to buy it!

Include persuasive devices such as:

-Appealing adjectives

-Snappy slogan

-Word play

-Exaggeration to make the item sound appealing

-Rhetorical question

You may even want to film yourself!



Activity 3: Make a training circuit around the house or garden. At each station, complete a different exercise for 30 seconds, for example; star jumps, lunges, stepping on and off a step, squats, burpees. Then move on to the next. Record how many you do and see if your fitness improves over time.

(In addition, remember Joe Wickes is teaching Hiit sessions 9am Monday – Friday)


Optional Challenge: Draw or paint a landscape picture (showing the view out of your window).

Wednesday 1st April


Activity 1

Play ‘Countdown’!  If you’re not familiar with the game, here’s a link to explain it. https://youtu.be/RZgkr5_Xn58

There are also many online versions.



Activity 2

Animal Diary Entry Write a diary entry from the point of view of one of your pets.  If you haven’t got a pet, or if you’d prefer, write it from the point of view of any animal you want. 

Here’s a link to Anne Fine reading ‘Diary of a Killer Cat’.


Try and include:  paragraphs to show a change in time, different sentence openers to link ideas, a range of punctuation ( .  ,  ?  ! ).  Challenge: include a relative clause and a parenthesis (information in brackets).


Activity 3

Design a book cover for your diary of an animal.  If you enjoyed writing your diary entry, add more chapters!


Optional Challenge

Play an April Fools joke but take care not to get into trouble!


Please also hear your child read, use Spelling Shed for 10 minutes and use Timestable Rockstars for 15 minutes EVERYDAY.


Thursday 2nd April


Activity 1:



Activity 2: Cook! This could be a sandwich, a fruit salad, jam on toast, a cake, anything at all (check with your adult first though please!). As you make your item, write down step by step instructions. Use: bullet points or numbered steps, time adverbs(then, secondly, finally etc)/usual adverbs (carefully, neatly, accurately etc), modal verbs (must, should, could etc), parenthesis (brackets), a range of end punctuation (.!?).

Challenge: Could you write out your instructions on the computer and photograph each step as you go using a mobile phone or camera, then add this to your word document?


Activity 3: Eat your item! Write a description of how it tastes (use amazing adjectives). Then Evaluate, what went well? What would you do differently next time? Is there anything else you could add to your product?


Optional Challenge: Create your own exercise sequence, it could contain star jumps, hopping, press-ups, knees-up, jogging, anything you wish. For example, 3 star jumps, 2 hops on the spot, 5 press-ups, 2 roly-polys to finish off. See if you can teach it to a family member.


Please also hear your child read, use Spelling Shed for 10 minutes and use Timestable Rockstars for 15 minutes EVERYDAY.

Friday 3rd April


Activity 1: write down a word problem to match each of these calculations:

45 + 126 = 171,    235 – 56 = 179,    247 x 8 = 1976,   516    3 = 172

For example: John had 516 apples to take to market, he needed to carry them in 3 equal crates, how many would he need to put in each crate?


Activity 2: Create a treasure map using your house/garden, where will you hide the treasure? Write down a set of clues to go with the treasure map. Challenge: See if you can make your clues rhyme.


Activity 3: Design a new Olympic game, be creative! Think of how many points you could earn and what rules apply.


Optional Challenge: Make up your own song, think of how you could make people feel better in these difficult times. What happy things could you get them to think about?


Please also hear your child read, use Spelling Shed for 10 minutes and use Timestable Rockstars for 15 minutes EVERYDAY.


We won't be setting daily tasks during the holidays but please carry on with your reading, Spelling Shed and Timestable Rockstars.