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Literacy Resources and Websites:


Visit the Literacy Shed website for a free range of mixed-age learning activities to engage your children at home. 



Once Upon A Picture - a selection of images and pictures that can be used as a stimulus for writing and roles play. Activity ideas and questions are included with picture.


Writing based ideas


Create your own time capsule

  1. Ask each child to write a letter to themselves, including the date, their age, information about their friends and hobbies, favourite TV shows and songs etc. Ask them to mention what they would like to be when they grow up.
  2. Ask them to draw a picture of their family and include information about each member (including any pets!).
  3. Include anything else you think you might find interesting in the future, such as photographs or magazine articles.
  4. Collate it all together in a box or scrap book. Put it somewhere safe, such as the loft and in years to come you will enjoy opening your time capsule again as a family.
  5. You can always use the example booklet below to make your own diary of events. 


Write a Daily Diary

As a family, take it in turns to write an extract/draw a picture in a daily diary. This will allow you to remember all of the fun activities you have taken part in together. (You could then add it in your time capsule once you’ve finished!)


Fact file

Help your children to research and create a fact file about their favourite celebrity/ sports person/ singer/ band/ hobby/ sports team/ TV programme etc

Writing Challenge

Have a go at ticking off all the ideas in our 'Writing Challenge'. Open the word document below so that you can print it off and edit it if you wish. Good luck!