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Hi Year 4, we hope you are all well and want you to know we are very proud of you for working so hard at home. Please remember to e-mail us once a week, it can just be one piece of work or a photograph of a project you are doing at home. We look forward to hearing from you, it really makes our day to see your fabulous hard work. 


The e-mail address is: Year4homelearning@oldbasford.nottingham.sch.uk

Tuesday 2nd June 

Maths Learning Activity

This week we will be looking at fractions. Today's lesson will be on adding fractions. 


Click on the picture below to go to the learning video for Summer Term Week 6 Lesson. The worksheet and the answers are linked just below. 



Literacy Activity- Lesson 1



This week we will look at writing a news report based on Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate factory.


Follow the link below to complete the online lesson on features of a news article.



Non-Core Activity: Computing 


This term, we would be looking at our coding unit of work in computing. For the next couple of weeks we will be learning about Variables and how to use them. 

 You can access some of our coding work through this website called espresso coding.


The login details are as follows. Username: student25454   Password: pupils



Your task today is to complete lesson 1 and 2 - a Pop Game and Catch the coconuts.  

Wednesday 3rd June - Wellbeing Wednesdays


Relax and enjoy some Calm Me time with Mrs Cocker by watching the video below.

Wellbeing Wednesday with Mrs Cocker

Wellbeing Activities


Once you are feeling energised, you need to have a think about what makes you special, such as your personal qualities, skills, hobbies, as well as considering things such as your likes and dislikes. Why don't you discuss this with your family to make sure you don't forget anything?


Once you've done this, have a go at the activity below, you could print out the sheets or design your own 'If You Really Knew Me' and write the answers to the questions.


Don't forget to take a couple of minutes a day to complete some Calm Me time.

Everybody Worries by Jon Burgerman


You may also like to have a read of a free e-book called Everybody Worries by Jon Burgerman - a bright and friendly book with a reassuring message for children. Please click on the link below. 




Just for fun...


Just for fun, here is a game called Battleships that you can play. You only need a pen and a piece of paper! The object is to “hit” your opponent’s ships on their grid by trying to guess where they are hiding.


How to play:

1. Start by making 2 grids that are sectioned 11 by 11. The top row is marked 1-10, the left side column is marked A-J.

2. Each player gets the following:

carrier (5 squares)

battleship (4 squares each)

destroyer (2 squares each)

cruiser (3 squares each)

submarine (3 squares)

3. Both players outline their ships on their grid; the game goes on just like the board game.

4. Each player takes it in turn to guess the other player’s coordinates. Make sure to mark down any hits and misses.

5. Play is over when all of one player’s ships have been sunk. Good luck!



Resource from My Baba

Thursday 4th June 


Maths activity - Today we will be continuing our learning on fractions but today we will be looking at subtracting fractions. Click on the picture below to get to the learning video for Summer Week 6 Lesson 2. The activity and answer sheets are accessed below the video. 


Literacy Activity - Lesson 2 

Now we know the features of a news article, it is time to look at some SPAG we will use in our article.


Follow the link below to complete the lesson on using inverted commas.





Non-Core Activity - Music


Today we will look at basic rhythmic patterns and use these to beatbox. Follow the link below to complete the online lesson.



Friday 5th June 

Maths activity - Today we will be continuing our learning on fractions but today we will be looking at fractions or quantities. Click on the picture below to get to the learning video for Summer Week 6 Lesson 3. The activity and answer sheets are accessed below the video.


Literacy Activity Lesson 3 



Now it is time to have a go at writing our own news report. Follow the link below for the online lesson. There are a variety of materials to help you, including a model news report.


Happy writing!






Non-Core Activity – Science


Today we will learn about food chains. Use the link below to take you to the lesson. Once you have finished, complete the activities at the bottom of the page.



2020 Virtual Summer Reading Challenge


Launched today (Friday 5th June) at 4pm!





This year, the Library Service are running their Summer Reading Challenge virtually. Join them on facebook from 4pm today for the launch, where you will be able to find out more about the challenge and watch authors and celebrities share their favourite stories and hold drawing master classes. 


The challenge involves reading as many books as you can between now and September.


Click on the link above to sign up and begin keeping a log of how many books you read. The website also includes lots of games and book recommendations. Children who take part will also be awarded a prize at school in September!


Good luck and happy reading!