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Tuesday 2nd- Friday 5th June

Please see the planning grid below for the daily activities.

Please also read to your child every day.

Our new topic is...



Our text this week is 'Motor Miles'

Our home learning this week... Monday 1st June Tuesday 2nd June Wednesday 3rd June Thursday 4th June

Friday 5th






Continue with 'The Great Outdoors' Activities



Listen to the story of ‘Motor Miles’

using the link below.

Talk about the question at the end with your grown up.

See Wellbeing Wednesday Activities below

Motor Miles has the same first letter in his name (alliteration) e.g. Motor Miles. Can you think of names for some of your family and friends using alliteration?

Revisit the story of ‘Motor Miles’. Think of a different ending for the story. Draw a picture showing what happens.

Play ‘Race to a Number’. You need a toy car. Randomly set out numbers 0-5 on pieces of paper around the room/garden. Ask your grown up to shout out a number. Race your car to that number as fast as you can!

Label some toy cars 0-5. Draw out some car parking spaces. Can you match the numbers to park the cars in the correct spaces? Count out the correct number of pennies to pay for each space. You can use pictures of cars if you don’t have toy ones. Use a variety of shapes to make design and make some fun car shape pictures. Can you draw the driver and some passengers in each car?

Draw a picture of where you would go on an adventure with Miles the dog in his car. Ask your grown up to write it underneath.

Design and make a new car for Miles. You could use items from your recycling, construction toys like Lego or blocks or dough!

Use something at home to make a ramp. Use a toy car- let it go and mark out how far it goes. Explore what happens when you raise or lower the ramp.


Motor Miles

Wednesday 3rd June

Wellbeing Wednesday

Relax and enjoy some Calm Me time with Mrs Cocker by watching the video below.

Wellbeing Wednesday with Mrs Cocker

Wellbeing Activities


Once you are feeling energised, you need to have a think about what makes you special, such as your personal qualities, skills, hobbies, as well as considering things such as your likes and dislikes. Why don't you discuss this with your family to make sure you don't forget anything?


Once you've done this, have a go at the activity below, you could print out the sheets or design your own 'Self-Love Blocks' poster and write the answers to the questions.


Don't forget to take a couple of minutes a day to complete some Calm Me time. 

Everybody Worries by Jon Burgerman


You may also like to have a read of a free e-book called Everybody Worries by Jon Burgerman - a bright and friendly book with a reassuring message for children. Please click on the link below. 




Just for fun...


Just for fun, here is a game called squares that you can play. You only need a pen and a piece of paper! 


You will need:

A pen

A piece of paper

Somebody else to play with


1. Make a square array of dots i.e. 10 by 10 dots.

2. Each player takes it in turns to draw 1 line between two adjacent dots. Lines can either be horizontal or vertical, NOT diagonal.

3. The aim of the game is to make as many boxes as possible, without letting the other player get them.

4. If you managed to complete the 4th side to a box then add your initial on the inside.

5. The winner is the person with most initialled boxes.


Resource from My Baba

2020 Virtual Summer Reading Challenge


Launched today (Friday 5th June) at 4pm!





This year, the Library Service are running their Summer Reading Challenge virtually. Join them on facebook from 4pm today for the launch, where you will be able to find out more about the challenge and watch authors and celebrities share their favourite stories and hold drawing master classes. 


The challenge involves reading as many books as you can between now and September.


Click on the link above to sign up and begin keeping a log of how many books you read. The website also includes lots of games and book recommendations. Children who take part will also be awarded a prize at school in September!


Good luck and happy reading!