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Tuesday: After School - Gymnastics

Year 3 Gymnastics Club

A weekly club from 3.20 to 4.20pm on a Tuesday where we learn core skills needed to be successful in gymnastics. This is taught by Miss Stewart and ex-gymnast and a gymnastics coach and judge for many years. 

Week 1:

We learnt how to do a forward roll safely and looked at a few other skills and set the frog balance as a home learning challenge. 

Week 2:

Today in gymnastics club, we tried a bridge for the first time and everyone did amazingly! Have a look at the brilliant pictures below. Our main focus was how to land correctly. We quickly went from landing a stretch jump on the floor to full turn jumps off the bench. Great progress in one session.

Week 3:

This week we looked at balances and posture. I was so impressed by how quickly I saw new skills being mastered. We also practised our landing from the bench jumps. I was very impressed at the 'spotted' landings even when performing turning jumps.

Week 4:

This week we tried Sports Acrobatics working in partners to lift and balance with each other. We also took some of our previous balance work up high! 

Week 5:

We started our performance this evening and choose our 'successes' to include. We also had the blocks out to try and shared some of our progress from the home challenges of frog balance and lever holds.