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Old Basford School - Uniform


From September 2021, the start of the new academic year, Old Basford School will be having School Uniform days (3 days per week) and PE Uniform days (2 days per week.)


Please refer to the picture and information below to ensure your child is in either the correct School or PE Uniform on their set year group days.



ClassPE Day 1PE Day 2
Foundation 2ThursdayN/A
Year 1MondayWednesday
Year 2ThursdayFriday
Year 3TuesdayThursday
Year 4WednesdayThursday
Year 5MondayFriday
Year 6TuesdayFriday


Swimming Lessons (Tuesday afternoons):

Autumn Term - Year 5, Spring Term - Year 4, Summer 1 - Year 3, Summer 2 - Year 6