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Who's Who - Staffing 2021-22

Meet the Staff


Senior Leadership Team

Mrs Vicky Shaw



Mrs Laura Duffin

Deputy Headteacher

ADSL & Pupils Champion

Miss Sharon Priddle

Assistant Head of Early Years

Assessment Lead, School Council & DSL

Mrs Jayne Thomas

Assistant Head of Lower School

Curriculum Lead & DSL

Mrs Colette Tee

Assistant Head of Upper School

Parental Engagement Lead & School Council



Middle Leaders

Miss Sam Wardle


Year 1 Teacher

Mrs Katie Priddy

Reading Lead

Year 2 Teacher

Mr Andy Hill

Maths Lead

Year 4 Teacher

Mrs Laura Whitehead

Writing Lead

Year 5 Teacher

Miss Helen McCulloch

Year 5&6 Lead

Science & Year 6 Teacher



Miss Emily Singh

Nursery Teacher


Miss Charlotte Lloyd

Foundation 2 Teacher

Outdoor / Eco

Mrs Suzy Sawford

Foundation 2 Teacher


Mr Jamie Ross

Year 1 Teacher


Mrs Nic Richards

Year 2 Teacher

Art & DT

Mrs Liz Kelly

Year 3 Teacher


Miss Ang Tarlowski

Year 3 Teacher


Mrs Clare Tindsley

Year 4 Teacher (Mon-Wed)

ECT Mentor / School Council

Mrs Julia Black

Year 4 Teacher (Wed-Fri)


Miss Beth Lawrence

Year 5 Teacher


Miss Sarah Crosby

Year 6 Teacher

RE & Cultural Diversity

Mrs Naomi Heywood

Year 6 Teacher


Miss Ros Stewart

KS1 Cover Teacher


Mr Chris Marks

PE & Cover Teacher


Miss Megan Ryan

Year 3 & 4 Teacher

Academic Mentor


Teaching Assistants

Miss Heather Brown

Nursery Teaching Assistant


Miss Tracey Squires

Nursery Teaching Assistant


Miss Kavita Burn

Nursery Care Assistant

Nursery Lunch Club & Infinity Group

Miss Shelley Lawson

F2 Teaching Assistant

After School Club Lead

Miss Laura Williams

F2 Teaching Assistant


Mrs Lucy Meller

F2 Care Assistant


Miss Adele Dobson

Year 1 Teaching Assistant

DSL / Pastoral Team

Mrs Sharon Widdowson

Year 1 & 2 Teaching Assistant


Miss Shokoya Harrison

Year 1 Care Assistant

SEN Support

Miss Helen Watkins

Year 2 & 5 Teaching Assistant


Mrs Vanessa Ringrose

Year 3 Teaching Assistant

Parental Engagement

Mrs Laura Nicholls

Year 3 Care Assistant

Medical Support

Mrs Jacqueline Ross

Year 4 Teaching Assistant


Miss Natalie James

Year 5 Teaching Assistant


Miss Susan Hillery

Year 5 Teaching Assistant


Mrs Claire Hodson

Year 6 Teaching Assistant



Pastoral Team

Mrs Shona Spilsbury

Attendance and Pastoral Lead

DSL / Breakfast Club Lead

Miss Lisa Toone

Pastoral Team









Office & Site Team

Mrs Tina Green

School Business Manager


Mrs Louise Davie

Admin Team


Mrs Phillipa Scrivens

Admin Team


Mr Chris Davie

Site Manager



Lunchtime Well Being Team - Infinity

Miss Kavita Burn

Mrs Caroline Pile


Midday Supervisors

Mrs Joanne Diamond

Senior Midday Supervisor & After School Club Assistant

Mrs Cindy Cook

Breakfast Club Assistant

Mrs Saeeda Kausar

Mrs Shanaz Alam

Miss Tracy Mann

Miss Lianne Hewes

Ms Susan Porter

Ms Ella Sliwinska

Mrs Tracey Sheppard

Breakfast Club & After School Club Assistant

Ms Tina Swain

Ms Annette Gillen

Mrs Kayleigh Croxall-Finch

Miss Emer McDaid


Specialist Music Providers

Mr Thomas Frekenburg

Mr Richard Kirton


Outside PE Providers

Miss Shannon



IT Support Technician
Mr Alan Bartlett