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Wow Days at OBS

One Day Wonders at OBS


Our school logo OBS stands for ‘OPPORTUNITIES BRING SUCCESS’ and we are committed to enriching the experiences of our children in as many ways as possible. Therefore, periodically throughout the year, we have developed enrichment days called 'One Day Wonders' during which the whole school look at a theme or event and celebrate through creative teaching styles. The work is then showcased in a display or during assembly so as to promote and celebrate achievements. The days are selected to celebrate a national or international event or to highlight a topic of current interest. 

This year our 'One Day Wonders' are:-

3rd October 2019- Flying High at 50- a celebration of the 50th anniversary of the OBS building.

12th November 2019- Odd Socks Daycelebrating our differences and uniqueness as individuals.

5th March 2020- World Book Day & World Maths Day

7th May 2020- VE Day- celebrating the 75th anniversary of the end of WW2.

5th June 2020- Environmental Day- highlighting the issues around 'Saving the Planet'.

26th June 2020- Enterprise Day- preparing projects for Summer Fair.



As well as the One Day Wonders we also have planned for themed weeks:-

18th November 2019- Anti-Bullying Week

3rd February 2020- Outdoor Learning Week

24th February 2020- Merchant of Venice Week- see the RSC button on the main Curriculum page for further details


OBS Flying High at 50


On the 3rd October we celebrated Old Basford's 50th birthday. In 1969, the old Victorian building was demolished to make way for a brand new school. OBS has seen many changes over the last 50 years and the building has changed lots with extensions, new buildings, new hall and extra classrooms. However, at the heart of OBS something special still exists! We had a kite-making workshop in the morning which some parents were able to help with. In the afternoon we practised flying all 400+ kites and we flew them with parents at the end of the day. Everyone enjoyed a special party lunch with sandwiches, pizza and of course jelly and ice cream! Thank you to Tanya and the middays for that. We had some special visitors too Robin Hood at lunchtime and a visit from Mrs Dimaline, Mrs Brown and Mrs Wood after school. As well as the kite flying we sang Happy Birthday to ourselves and enjoyed a delicious piece of cake made by the very talented Mrs Della-Rocca. We were very fortunate to have had two oak trees donated by Robin Hood energy to commemorate the day, one of which was planted by Mr Martyn. We wonder what the school will look like when they have fully grown!  During assembly we looked at photographs of the school in its original form in 1878 and then at the new building in 1969. Old Basford has certainly had an interesting history! A great big thank you to everyone for taking part and an extra special thank you to Michelle Della-Rocca for making us our celebratory cake!



Today Old Basford hosted yet another successful One Day Wonder, this time on the theme of 'Careers Day'. All of the children came dressed up in an outfit to represent their chosen job in the future. We had a whole array of professions including aspiring artists, teachers, footballers, gymnasts, dancers, scientists and even a lawyer to name but a few. You can see from the photographs below how fantastic they looked!

We were also fortunate to have guest speakers who came into school for part of the day. Some of our parents, governors and members of our community came into school to talk to the children about their jobs, their childhoods and their hopes and dreams, what they were interested in, they were good at, what they had to do to become their professions and finally about the challenges they faced reaching their goals. The children listened incredibly well and asked some intelligent and insightful questions. Our visitors also helped out during assembly when we played a game of 'What's my line?'. The whole school tried to guess each of our visitors jobs by asking 20 questions to which they were only allowed to answer yes or no. It required some very clever questioning techniques to narrow the options down and to get to the right answer! The staff and guests were very impressed by the knowledge and thoughtful about their questions.

The Year 6 classes were very lucky to have a Staff Sergeant from the Army as their guest speaker. After a motivational, inspirational and extremely interesting question and answer session the Year 6 classes experienced a very grueling British Military Fitness session out on the school field! They loved it!

We were also had the pleasure of the day with our Patron of Reading, Chris White. Chris spent the day with most of the classes and talked to them about his experiences becoming an author and illustrator. He then each class a masterclass in cartoon drawing and all of the children had  ago at making their own comic strip story. As always the children came away buzzing and inspired with their time with Chris.


All in all another busy and exciting day at Old Basford School where OPPORTUNITIES BRING SUCCESS!


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