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Year 1



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Important information 



We will check diaries once a week. Please support your child by reading at least 3 times a week with them - this will be very beneficial to their development. 


PE days:

Monday and Wednesday - Please come to school in PE kit.


Key words:

The document below contains the key words to learn by sight in Year 1.

What is Year 1 learning about this term?


Our topic this term is called A Toy Story.

Have a look at our knowledge organiser below to see what amazing things we will be learning about.

Year 1 Latest news

Marvellous Mathematics


In maths this week, we have been looking at place value. We have made a great start at this with the help of some models showing tens and ones which have helped us create different numbers. 

Daring Designers


This week Year 1 started a new DT project. We are going to make our very own toy vehicle. This process was started by us designing and planning what type of toy we are going to make so we can put it together next week!

Amazing Artefacts!


This afternoon, Year 1 leaned about how toys have changed over the years. To do this, we had a play with some Victorian toys to see how they compared to the toys we have today. Lots of us were surprised at how fun Victorian toys are!



Today, we started our new topic with a WOW day! Everybody brought in one of their favourite toys to share. We also looked at toys from different times and how they have changed over the years. It has been a lovely start to the new term.



Our new topic this term is...


A Toy Story


We can't wait to get started!


Merry Christmas!


Well done for an excellent term everyone. We hope you all have a lovely break. See you next year!

Topic Champions!


This afternoon, Year 1 had a quiz. However, this was not an ordinary quiz... this was a TOPIC QUIZ in which teams were asked questions from everything we have looked at this year! All of the teams did fantastically well with the teams below being crowned champions and claiming the Topic Champion trophy!


Who will claim the trophy next term?  

Polar Express


In the final week this term, we have been looking at the story of the Polar Express. We then designed our very own Polar Express train and the tickets we would need to get on them.

Terrific Typists!


In computing today, we started looking at the keyboard and how to use it. We did this by using 'Dance Mat Typing' and everybody loved it!


You can find it below if you want to have a go at home:





For our writing this week, we started by making our own stockings so that we know what to include in the instructions we will write for how to make them. 

Art Showcase


Thank you to everyone who came to our art showcase on Friday, the hall was so full we had to move the tables back! It was lovely seeing pupils take such pride in their amazing art work that they worked so hard on. I think we have some future Van Gogh's in year 1!

Van Gogh inspired art


Today, Year 1 started making their pictures based on Van Gogh's

Starry Night painting. They can't wait to show off the finished ones in our art showcase on Friday! 

Dazzling Dancers!


In PE we have been looking at dances based on woodland animals as well as learning the 'Shake your tail feather' dance from the Blues Brothers. It has been very exciting! 

Trip to Vernon Park


Today, Year 1 went on a trip to Vernon Park to have a go at some geography fieldwork (and have a play on the park of course!) It was an amazing trip to a lovely park with a group of amazing pupils. Have a look at the pictures of us being geographers below! 

Twinkle Twinkle Year 1 Stars!


This afternoon, Year 1 got out the glockenspiels and had a go at playing a very well-known song! Along with amazing instrument playing skills, their singing was also beautiful!

Book Fair


This afternoon, Year 1 had some time with lots of lovely books thanks to the book fair being in the hall. There was so much to choose from!



This week, Year 1 got the chalks out and produced some AMAZING firework art. Take a look at the EXPLOSIVE artwork being created below!



'No act of kindness no matter how small is ever wasted'


This afternoon, Year 1 made some kindness fortune tellers and used them to spread kindness. It was a very happy afternoon.

Year 1 visit a church


This morning, Year 1 visited the very lovely St Leo's church to have a look at its features. It was a delightful trip and everyone had a brilliant time! Take a look at the pictures below. 

Senses Walk


In science this term, we are looking at the 5 senses. There was no better way to start our study then to get out of the classroom for a senses walk around school!

Catch up homework


In Year 1, we have been amazed at the projects on dinosaurs which were completed over half term - The creativity blew us away! Have a look at some of the amazing work below.



WOW day


We started our new topic off with a BANG as we looked at the story of Bonfire Night and why we celebrate it.


We then made our very own sparklers out of breadsticks and icing sugar. They were delicious!



Our new topic this term will be called...


The Night Adventure


We can't wait to get started!

Catch up creative homework!


If you fancy releasing your creative side this half term, have a go at the optional creative homework. It is based on a topic that was missed last year due to school closures. See the sheet that was sent home or check Tapestry for more information.


We can't wait to see all of the creativity! 

A stitch in time...


Year 1 have been trying out a new skill (to most) by having a go at threading. To go with the superhero capes they made, Year 1 made their own superhero logo using a needle and thread. Take a look at the pictures below. 

Superhero Capes


Today in literacy, Year 1 made their own superhero capes and they looked FANTASTIC! Now we will be able to write a set of instructions that will let others create these fantastic capes.

Year 1 are getting ready to save the world


This afternoon, Year 1 looked at what recycling is as well as why it is good for the environment. They then sorted different types of material into the correct bin.

Future Gymnasts


On Wednesday every week, the children have been doing lots of gymnastics in PE. We have gone 'all out' by using mats as well as the gymnastic equipment and the children have loved it! 

Glorious Glockenspiels!


Today, Year 1 got their musical hats on and used the glockenspiels for the first time to play along to our song this term 'Hey You'. They all did a great job, I can feel a future number 1 single is in the making!



This afternoon in science, Year 1 looked at the properties of different materials by examining them. 

Heads, shoulders, knees and... lots of learning!


Today, we learnt about different body parts. To do this, we got into groups, drew round each other and then labelled the outline. 





Today in science, Year 1 learnt about the different categories of animals. They then had a go at putting various animals into the correct category and had a 'whale' of a time doing it!



Today, we rolled our sleeves up, grabbed our tools and made our very own wormery. We also found some worms from the compost bins to live in it. Could one be Superworm? 

In Maths we have been learning to sort objects into groups and recognise numbers to 10.



We had a very exciting day introducing our new topic, which is called...


                               We've got the power!


As part of the day, we designed and made superhero masks, acted out some superhero stories and took part in Old Basford's very prestigious 'Superhero training boot camp'.


Well done future superheroes! 


Building the Dream


Today, Year 1 had a go at some building. We designed what we were going to build using chalk and then came inside to put our plans into action!

Someone Builds the Dream


To start off this year, we looked at the book 'Someone Builds the Dream'. The book contained all types of jobs in it so year 1 had a go at dressing up as some of them.

Welcome to Year 1!

We cannot wait to welcome you into Year 1 and get started with some exciting learning. We have so many wonderful topics planned this year, starting with 'We've got the power'. We hope you all have a lovely summer and we will see you soon!