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Year 2

Year 2


Welcome to year 2!


The children in Year 2 have worked so hard this week on their African mask projects. We started off by looking at different African masks and then designed our own. We then made our own masks out of recycled cardboard and made some features 3D . Once they had dried we gave them their final touches by painting them to add the features and patterns. 

Well done Year 2, they all look fantastic!


To kick start the Spring term we had a fantastic WOW day as we began our new topic ' On Safari '. We went to Nairobi on a plane once we had our passports, and we also completed some colourful art work inspired by a Kenyan artist called Gakonga.

See some photos of our day below..

Last week of term

Year 2 have enjoyed a very creative end to the term! We have created ornaments, illustrated the Christmas story and made Christmas cards. We loved watched the pantomime of Cinderella and we used our best dance moves at the party. 

Trip to St Leo's church

On Monday morning we took a short walk to St Leo's church for a wonderful Christingle service. We loved going inside the beautiful church, especially with the Christmas decorations up. we sang some songs and then we all made our own Christingle. Look at some pictures from our visit below.


On Tuesday we learned about sculpture which is 3D art. We then got messy by using paper mache to create 3D pictures of the surface of the moon. The children absolutely loved getting their hands messy by emerging them into the paste. Next week we will paint the art work to make them look more like the surface of the moon.

A UFO was spotted at OBS


Year 2 have been inspired in their writing by a video showing a mysterious flying object over Old Basford School! We have used this video to be news reporters. Look out for our independent write next week.

Wheels, axles and moon buggies!

On Friday 19th November years 2 and 5 teamed up again for our DT moon buggies project. We worked together to fit our moon buggy chassis with the wheels and axles that it needed to move. We used our problem solving skills to figure out how to keep the wheels attached to our moon buggies. Finally, we tested whether they moved and most of our buggies managed it! We are so proud of the great team work from years 2 and 5.

Children in need

We loved celebrating children in need in year 2! We would like to say a huge thank you to all of the adults who helped us to raise so much money by sending in donations for the children to come in non-uniform and for the delicious cakes. Year 2 had a go at drawing Pudsey for our colouring competition and we were really proud of our drawings.

Anti-Bullying week 

This week year 2 have been learning all about bullying by finding our what the word 'bullying' means and how we can stop it. We have learned that the 'STOP' motto which means 'several times on purpose' which helped us to understand what bullying is. We've also thought about how we can be kind to each other by writing our own 'golden rules' to make the world a nicer place. Finally, we celebrated odd socks day by designing socks that are as special and unique as we are! 

Bob Man on the Moon

In literacy we have been writing about Bob the man on the moon. We loved reading some of Simon Bartram's stories and we think we are experts about Bob! Year 2 have become Talk for Writing experts and we have used our own text maps to describe Bob in a character profile. We hope you enjoy reading our information about Bob so you can know him too smiley

Survival in space!

In year 2 we have been learning all about the astronauts on the International Space Station. We found out about what astronauts need to survive in space and drew their packing on our own space rockets. We have loved watching the International Space Station live streaming of the Earth!

You can watch it at home on this link year 2:



What a fun way to start our new topic 'Mission to the moon'!

We worked collaboratively with the children in Year 5 to design and start to make our own moon buggies using recycled materials. Take a look at some photographs from the morning below...

 Levers in design and Technology

This week we have been making some fantastic moving Gruffalo pictures. We were taught about levers, and used simple levers to make our Gruffalo's hide behind a tree, before popping out to say 'hello'.

Andy Goldsworthy Art work

We had great fun on Wednesday learning about the art work of Andy Goldsworthy. we then went outside and worked in small groups to create our own art work made from natural objects found around school.

Have a look at our work below....

Cress investigation

In our science lessons we learned about the things that a plant needs to grow healthily. Year 2 put this knowledge to the test by growing their own cress plants. We created our own cress greenhouses and left our cress to grow in the windows. We were surprised by how well they grew! 

 Into the woods

We are really enjoyed our topic of 'into the woods' in year 2. We have been inspired by The Gruffalo and The Gruffalo's child in our writing and we even went on a hunt for Gruffalo clues out on the Trim Trail. In art we used different shading techniques to create our own owls. Below you can also see our forest habitat labelled diagrams and our posters to help keep our woodlands tidy.

Year 2 parent Meeting

Thank you so much to everyone who attended our 'Year 2 Meet the Teacher' meeting. We hope that you found this useful and that it answered any questions you may have. We know that some adults could not make the meeting due to work or other commitments so here are the slides for you to read through.

If you have any questions please contact a member of staff from Year 2.

Many thanks

Someone builds the dream!

What a dreamy start we have had to year 2! We have really enjoyed being inspired by the book 'Someone Builds the Dream'. We have thought carefully about our different hopes and dreams for the future. We have also enjoyed having a go at a variety of jobs like being architects, builders and artists! 

We hope you enjoy these photos of the bridges that we designed and made. Each bridge was planned, built and tested for its strength. We used a toy car to test how well they worked. Well done year 2 smiley

Things to know for September...


PE DAYS Please come to school in your PE uniform on a Thursday (indoor PE) and Friday (outdoor PE).


Diaries will be checked on a Friday. We will count your child's reads from a Friday to the following Thursday. Please remember to record your child's 3 reads each week!


Meet the teacher - Monday 13th September at 3pm. More details to come nearer the time.


After the first 2 weeks, we will be starting our topic for the half term. 


Can you guess what it might be from the clues below?

  • One of our stories includes a girl, her grandma and a wolf.

  • You will need to know how to make something grow.

  • You should beware of a creature with purple prickles all over its back!







Meet the team...

Class 5 teacher - Mrs Richards

Class 6 teacher - Mrs Priddy

Assistant headteacher and additional morning teacher– Mrs Thomas

Teaching Assistants – Mrs Widdowson and Miss Watkins