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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2 2020-2021! 


Meet the team!

Proud achievement assembly!

We were so impressed by how many of our year 2s earned their silver, gold and platinum awards this morning! A huge well done to our 'always' child for year 2, it was such a hard decision to make! 

Congratulations year 2, you have worked so hard this year smiley

Drumming workshop!

Year 2 were lucky enough to experience a drumming workshop with a music specialist on Wednesday 23rd June. We learned the three different sounds you can make on a drum and used them in a traditional African song. After that we had lots of fun playing a fun game where we used the 3 different sounds to play a funny song. 

Summer term

Marvellous medicine

We have started our new topic this half term which is all about 'marvellous medicine'. 

On our topic launch day we made our own lanterns for Florence Nightingale to use in the hospital. We also shaded in our own colour bubbles with onomatopoeia words. 



This morning Mrs Thomas had the pleasure and privilege of announcing this terms Assistant Head ALWAYS CHILD of the term in our PROUD ACHIEVEMENT ASSEMEBLY.

Huge congratulations to Daniel - all of the staff 100% agreed with Mrs Thomas' excellent choice! Daniel is an out and out STAR of our school and truly deserves this special recognition. 


This morning we held our end of term PROUD ACHIEVEMENT ASSEMBLY where pupils were recognised and acknowledged by the teachers and peers for the number of PROUD POINTS they have achieved since September.

Congratulations to all of our Y2 pupils earning either their:

Bronze (100 PROUD POINTS)  Silver (200 PROUD POINTS)    Gold  (300 PROUD POINTS) CERTIFICATES AND BADGES this morning!


 We had great fun on Monday with the launch day of our 'Into the Woods' topic. We went looking for clues outside to find out which creature had visited our school trim trail over the holidays! We also went outside in the afternoon to complete some land art, inspired by Andy Goldsworthy. Look at some phots of our first day back below...

   What a fantastic return to school!

We have been incredibly impressed with how well Year 2 pupils have settled back in to school life. They have returned with smiles on their faces and have settled back in to OBS routines. We have enjoyed starting our topic 'On Safari', but most of all, we have loved having everyone back where they belong!

 Reminders for welcoming everyone back

  • PE uniforms to be worn on MONDAY and THURSDAY for Class 5 and TUESDAY and THURSDAY for Class 6.  
  • Please record home reading at least 3x a week.  We will return to our reading Rainbow reward scheme and rewarding children with proud points. Diary checks will take place each Friday. The first will be on Friday 12th March.
  • Please ensure your child has their book and diary in school every day.
  • Spelling Shed and Times Tables Rock Stars will continue to be updated weekly for you to use at home, logins can be found in reading diaries. 
  • Children still need to bring their own named water bottle daily.


Thank you! 

Here is the full letter:

Lunar Rovers

As part of our space topic we asked year two to design, make and evaluate their own lunar rovers.

Here are some photos of your creations - well done year two!

Express yourself!

For children's mental health week we thought carefully about how to keep our minds healthy. Everyone enjoyed doing Miss Becky's dance to 'I'm still standing' and lots of the year 2 children chose to enter Mrs Sawford's competition that asked them to think about their future on a hand print. Miss Fraser gave everyone a chance to be creative through some art and design activities. In school we chose to make masks that expressed how super we all are. Mrs Priddy and Mrs Richards have loved looking at all of the children's work from this week on Tapestry and we have been blown away by everyone's enthusiasm for this important topic!


Tremendous congratulations to Eilidh! Mrs Thomas (Assistant Head of School and Year 1 & 2 Leader) announced Eilidh as the ALWAYS CHILD for this term in Year 2 with wave of applause and encouragement from her peers and the Year 2 Team Teaching Staff! Eilidh is a credit to our school and outstanding pupil who is a friend to everyone, has an excellent attitude to learning and truly deserves this acknowledgement! WELL DONE! 



Well done to all of the following Year 2 pupils who have managed to collect and earn an impressive 100 PROUD POINTS during the Autumn Term achieving their OBS Y2 BRONZE PROUD ACHIEVEMENT certificate and badge! We know many children are also very close to this achievement and look forward to acknowledging you too with much praise and celebration during the Spring Term!


Today we have decorated (in a Covid-safe way of course!) some Christmas cakes. They look absolutely fab!


     Anti-bullying week in Year 2

We have had a very busy week completing lots of anti-bullying work. Look at some of our work on display outside Class 6.

                                                            ZIP WIRES!

We have had great fun this week designing, making and evaluating our own zip wires, just like the one that Mr Grinling uses in The Lighthouse Keeper stories.

Have a look at some photographs of us and our creations...



We want to say a huge well done and thank you to all of the Year 2 children for their amazing contributions to our black history work.

We have been so impressed with some of the conversations and discussions throughout the week whilst learning about famous black people such as Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, Alma Thomas, Nelson Mandela, Oprah Winfrey and Benjamin Zephaniah. The children have loved learning about these famous people and have created lots of great work-Well done everyone!  

Rainbow reading!

Red reading certificate winners


Congratulations to the 24 children in year 2 who were first to earn their red reading certificates this week.

Here is a photo of the children with their certificates from class 6.

 Autumn 1-

The Lighthouse Keeper

 Please find below our knowledge organiser for the topic this term, 'The Lighthouse Keeper'. Have a look at what the children will be learning this term.
We had a fantastic day on Monday for our topic WOW starter. We went outside for a hunt to find clues for our new shared reading book 'The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch'. We also made beautiful seagulls for our topic display. Take a look at our seagulls on display.
Well done to Karter who was our Y2 Winner of the Reading Rainbow 'ORANGE' Certificate design! Mrs Whitehead, our literacy lead, was sooooo impressed by his ideas and imagination that he has brought to life on paper!

Colour theme weeks

We have really enjoyed returning to school for our colour theme weeks. We have based all of learning on the book 'The Colour Monster' by Anna Llenas. 

We have talked lots about our feelings, especially about coming back to school. In our writing we have written posters for Clix and Clive who went missing and we also wrote the story of The Colour Monster in our own words. 

In our art lessons we designed our own monsters, used water colours to paint monsters and also created personality clouds which look very colourful in our classrooms. 

We are really looking forward to starting our new topic with our WOW topic launch day on Monday 21st September. 

Reading at home - Our new 'Rainbow Reading' reward scheme

Please watch this video to find out more about our new 'Reading Rainbow' reward scheme:


Useful reading information for parents 


Below you can download a copy of the reading letter which explains the expectations for your child's reading at home this year. Also you can download your own copy of the key words that your child should be able to fluently read and spell by the end of year 2. These are stuck in the front of your child's reading diary and they are a great alternative home reading activity. Please ask your class teacher if you have any questions about the documents below or our new 'rainbow reading' scheme. 



The year 2 team are so excited to welcome you back to school!


When you come back in September, the whole school is starting off with a very exciting colour theme. We have lots of lovely and creative activities for you to look forward to.


You might be able to guess what our first topic is from the clues below.


If you were in a picture from the story, this might be what you would see.




Please come to school in your PE uniform on these days...

Class 5 - 

Monday and Thursday 


Class 6 -

Tuesday and Thursday


OuMemorieto treasure from


Home learning!

We have really enjoyed seeing photos of the fun and learning that year 2 have been doing whilst you are at home. Don't forget to email your pictures to us using the address that we sent you on marvellous me :) 

To take a look at the rest of the pictures we've been sent, go to our year 2 home learning page.

Thank you,

Mrs Priddy, Mrs Black and Mrs Thomas


Take a look at our plans for the year 2019-2020 below

On safari wow day!

For our 'on safari' wow day, we started the day by making our own passports ready to take off with Old Basford Airways! Air hostess Mrs Thomas was ready to welcome us onto flight 12345 to Nairobi, Kenya. We really enjoyed following the safety video, taking off and we fortunately had a smooth landing! We then looked at some traditional Imigongo patterns and recreated these using the tiling option on the Textease software in the Computing suite. We also learned some drumming patterns with Mrs Thomas. We especially liked singing the call and repeat song 'Che Che Koolay'!

Shakespeare Week - 24.2.20 - 28.2.20


We have had great fun learning about the Merchant of Venice this week. We have completed lots of drama activities and games, acted out different scenes from the play, written our own riddles, made our own caskets and learnt lots about Venice and Shakespeare himself. We have also thoroughly enjoyed creating our own masterpieces using water colour paints inspired by Claude Monet's painting - 'San Giorgio Maggiore at Dusk'. 

Our On Safari Knowledge Organiser

Spring 2

We are very much looking forward to all the exciting things that we have planned for Spring 2, starting with our Shakespeare Enrichment Week, learning about the Merchant of Venice. We will then begin our new topic with our WOW DAY. Our new topic is a surprise at the minute but here are some clues to get you guessing...

Outdoor Learning


We have had a great morning outside completing team building games during our Outdoor Learning Week.

Year 2 Parent Reading Workshop


Thank you to all of the adults who joined us for our Parent Reading Workshop, there was a great turnout and we know that all of the children and adults enjoyed learning together as part of our shared reading lesson. 

Marvellous medicine!

This half term our topic is all about marvellous medicine. On our wow day we made our own marvellous medicines by mixing bicarbonate of soda and vinegar with a dash of food colouring too. We were so impressed as the children were using words like 'solid' and 'liquid' when describing the reaction they saw. We also used words like 'fizzed' and 'bubbled up' when we explained what happened. The children also practised their shading skills to create some onomatopoeia bubbles for our classroom displays. The next day we really enjoyed making our own paper lanterns to represent the lanterns used by Florence Nightingale in the hospitals. We have been incredibly busy already as you can tell! 


Our Spring 1 Topic


Our new topic is a surprise, but here are some pictures that might give you a clue! 

Here is our knowledge organiser for the marvellous medicine topic

Moon Buggies


Our D.T project this half term was to create moon buggies which use wheels and axles to move. We had great fun designing, making and evaluating them. 

Key Stage 1 Christmas Play


Thank you to everyone who came to watch our Christmas play, we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did! The children worked extremely hard to learn lines, songs and dances and we were very proud of them all. 

Mission to the Moon Creative Homework


The children in Year 2 created some super topic homework this half term. Have a look at some of our photos below. 

Children in Need

For Children in Need this year we joining Joe Wicks for his 'Big morning move'. Everyone in year 2 kept up with his incredibly fast work out and tried their best. It wasn't easy and there were a lot of red faces by the end! We also raised money by coming to school in our sporty clothes which the children really enjoyed.

Mission to the moon

For our topic launch 'wow day' we watched the 1969 moon landings and then created our own rockets. Year 2 were brilliant at following careful instructions to make their colourful rockets and everyone was very proud of their finished creations. 

Mission to the Moon!

Our new topic is called Mission to the Moon! We are looking forward to finding out about what a human needs to survive on the moon, learning about famous astronauts and designing and making our own space buggies during Design and Technology lessons. We will be having a space buggy gallery once we have made them so that we can share them with our parents, carers and siblings.  

Mission to the Moon Knowledge Organiser

Autumn 1 

Homework showcase

We were blown away by the brilliant homework projects that year 2 made for our lighthouse keeper topic. As we wanted all of the children to see the projects we set up an exhibition for year 2 in the hall. Mrs Shaw came along too so she could see the incredible projects and she was so impressed! Here are some photos below.

Keeping Healthy


As part of our topic work, we have been learning about how to keep ourselves healthy, including finding out about the importance of exercise, hygiene and eating the right amounts of different food. In science we tested different foods from Mr Grinling's lunch to see if they would show as having fat. Have a look at our pictures below. 

Maths Parent Workshop


On Tuesday 8th October we had our Year 2 Maths Parents Workshop. Lots of adults joined us to spend the morning learning alongside their children. We learnt about place value and how to use pictorial representations to help us complete addition sums. We had a great morning and hope all the adults enjoyed it as much as the children and staff did. 

Flying high at 50

To celebrate Old Basford turning 50 we made kites for our 'flying high at 50' theme.

The children designed, built and tested their own kites and we were really impressed with their problem solving skills, especially if something needed a repair!

Take a look at our photos below.


We had lots of fun decorating our own biscuits for Mr Grinling's lunchbox and the best bit was eating them at the end of the lesson! We have written step by step instructions to explain how we did it. 

Wow Day

On Friday 6th September we had our first Wow Day and what a brilliant day it was! The children had to piece together lots of clues to help them predict what our first topic was and had lots of fun making seagulls and a collaborative collage for our topic displays.

The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch Knowledge Organiser

First week in school

Wow! What a brilliant first week we have had in year 2. We have really enjoyed getting to know everyone and we have been so impressed by the children's fantastic behaviour and attitude to learning.

In our lessons we have created 'about me' rainbow clouds that you can see up on display in the classrooms. We have also enjoyed playing some games, making art work and decorating our class rules as well as acting out our PROUD rules in freeze frames.