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Year 3

Year 3



Mrs Kelly - Class 7 Teacher

Miss Tarlowski - Class 8 Teacher

Mrs Ringrose - Teaching Assistant

Miss Ryan - Academic Mentor

Mrs Tee - Assistant Head Teacher and Head of Y3 & 4


Indoor PE for Classes 7 & 8 - TUESDAY

Outdoor PE for Classes 7 & 8 - THURSDAY

Please wear your PE uniform on both of these days.

Diary checks - TUESDAY


What makes Britain Great

Drum roll please, our new topic is...


What Makes Britain Great?

Week 2

This week we have been rushed off our feet!

Our learning has ranged from learning about what fruits our friends like in Spanish, singing and playing 'Your Imagination' on the glockenspiel and finding out about the 5 prayers of the Muslim faith. Thank you to Daniel who lead the singing and to Suzan, Isma'll and Faheem for teaching us how to correctly pronounce the five times of the day prayer takes place.   

Music and Singing

Still image for this video
Please keep listening as after the intro the children voices kick in lead by Daniel!

London Attractions

Check out our representations of various London human features. The children were able to decide how they wanted to portray them, I'm sure you will agree they did an amazing job. Just stunning! 

Wow day!

Scone tasting, map reading, fact finding and team building. Check out our pictures below. 

Afternoon tea, tasting scones after learning all about the Queen

Today we visited London! We went fact finding to see what human features we could visit if we went to the capital city of England. The children used the maps to find the human features left around the school grounds. We had great fun today! Please ask your children what human features they would recommend you visit, if you go to London.   

Finding out about the human features in London


Our topic this term is EXTREME EARTH.  The children will be geographers and scientists learning about volcanoes, earthquakes, rocks and soils.  As well as this, our weekly Spanish, music, Jigsaw, PE and RE lessons will continue.  Reading will focus on both non fiction and fiction texts and in our writing lessons, we will be writing descriptive stories and information texts linked to our topic.  Daily maths continues with the children working on the four operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.


Please continue to support your child at home by reading regularly, using the spelling packs and logging onto Spelling Shed as well as Times Table Rock Stars.  If your child is enthused by anything that we do at school and wants to do more at home, they are welcome to bring it in or share it on Tapestry.

Week 7 - 13th December


Our last week of term!  Y3 rounded up our work on Extreme Earth this week before starting to celebrate Christmas.  A selection of children were chosen from each class who impressed us with their learning.


Thank you to those who were able to make our PROUD assembly on Thursday.  It was lovely to see you all.

Wishing you all a happy and healthy holiday.

Week 6 - 6th December

Year 3 had an art day today linked to our topic of Extreme Earth.  In the morning we learnt a little about the artists, Joseph Turner and Andy Warhol.  We then studied a volcano painting by each of them and experimented in two mediums (paint and oil pastels) to recreate their art pieces.  In the afternoon, we all used the same photograph of Fagradalsfjall erupting in Iceland and created our own art works in the style of Turner (famous for showing light in his watercolours) and Warhol (famous for pop art).



Class 8 sadly say goodbye to Miss Grint this week.  She has been a fantastic addition to the team and will fortunately be popping back into school for 10 serial days spread over the rest of the academic year.

To round up our sequence of lessons in dance this half term, we focussed on the emotions of people who are affected by natural disasters.  The children have really shown improvements in their ability to work in teams when choreographing their own dances as well as their creativity and range of dance movements,

Getting in the Christmas Mood

Miss Grint's leaving party! 

There was dancing, party games, snacks and much, much fun to be had!  Thank you Miss Grint for being an absolute star! smiley smiley


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Science investigations as part of our topic on Extreme Earth - Investigating rocks and soils.

Here are a few photos of Miss Grints lunchtime book

club that she ran this half term 


Week 4 22nd November


This week in Shared Reading we began reading a new text called Journey to the Centre of the Earth, we had a go at answering questions about parts of the text and used our prediction skills to predict what we think would happen next. We also started our Science lessons this week and the topic is all about Rocks and Soils! We became Rock Detectives and went on a Rock Hunt around the school and sketched drawings of the rocks we found and labelled these using adjectives to describe the colour, texture and size of the rocks. We continued our rock investigations by looking at a sample of Igneous, Metamorphic and Sedimentary rocks and testing which of these were permeable. Year 3 have had another exciting week filled with lots of learning!  


Miss Grint, 

Student Teacher 

Week 3 15th November

Another busy and exciting week in Year 3!  As part of Anti-Bullying Week at Old Basford, we reminded the children what bullying is and focused on the kind things we can do for each other.  We also reminded the children how to stay safe on the roads (especially on these dark nights!).  Throughout the week, the children wrote warning stories linked to our Extreme Earth topic.  On Friday, the whole school celebrated Children in Need. 

Thank you to parents and carers who donated money and cakes to sell.


Week 2 November 8th


Another exciting week in Year 3 this week!  We have been learning about earthquakes and one of the children's tasks was to build an earthquake proof building.  We also created some amazingly creative dances linked to earthquakes in PE too.

Team Task: Make an Earthquake proof building design

Extreme Earth Wow Day 

Week 1 November 2nd

We had a very exciting day on the first day back after half term!  We used our lovely school grounds to practise our map reading skills and locate different places within the school's boundary, where we found names and facts about volcanoes around the world. We learned more about these volcanoes in class and looked where in the world they were using Google Earth and atlases.  We also practised our creative skills and built active volcanoes in teams, later making them erupt.


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Enjoying a sunny November morning while

engaging in some active maths!


Wow what a week! 


The children have been so busy producing double page spreads to showcase what they have learnt during this topic. They have written their own information texts, after completing their training. Take a look at a few below... Furthermore, the children have taken home their cave drawings, don't worry if yours hasn't been sent home yet it is likely they are sitting proudly on display. 

Favourite Information Text As Chosen By the Children

Favourite Information Text Chosen By Mrs Kelly

Black History Month


We are loving finding out about different black heroes, reading stories watching clips and finding out more about black history. During our maths lesson we looked at two famous people who not only loved maths, made brilliant changes but also where advocates for equal rights. Please see some of our work below. Not only did we write about them we used our information toolkit to help us. Check it out, can you spot any:

Did you know...?


Explanation marks

Express it



Link it



This week we have been learning...


In literacy we are in information fact file training! We have learnt all about Stonehenge, feel free to ask your children what Stonehenge is made of and the Stonehenge secrets.


Next week we will share some fact files with you, watch this space.


In Spanish we have loved learning the numbers to 10, ask you children to teach you them!




Our Fantastic Robin Hood

Mini Marathon Winners!

Dwelling Designs


The children have researched the best way to attach things together and make their dwelling structure. Following this they planned, made and evaluated their designs! Take a look at their awesome dwellings! I am so proud of their team work skills, knowledge of making the building strong, sturdy and authentic. Watch out world here come our future architects and designers!   

Design and Technology morning

Making the most of outdoor learning on a warm

September's day smiley.  Children worked in teams and used their observational skills to match natural and manmade

materials to a colour chart.  What a lovely time we hadsmiley .

Our First WOW Day in Year 3

To kick off our topic on Stone Age to Iron Age, we learnt about the work of archaeologists and actually acted as archaeologists by uncovering lots of exciting artefacts on the school grounds.  We then used our observational skills, sketched them as well as describing them, looking for clues as to what we thought they might be.  Later in the day, we learnt about how people communicated through their magnificent cave paintings and we had a go at our own, explaining what the images and symbols meant.  Great fun was had by all.  Well done Year 3!


Team Work makes the Dream Work

Our text is 'Someone Builds The Dream' by Lisa Wheeler and Loren Long, we have been talking all about teamwork. We have looked at all the jobs roles at school and thought of questions we would like to ask them about their careers. Check out the videos below.


We also got a special visit from Mr Davies who answered all class 7's brilliant questions about his caretaker role, what a treat!  


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

To kick the school year off, we have been reading 'Someone Builds the Dream' by Lisa Wheeler and Loren Long.  One of the lines in the book is 'You need a team to build a dream.'  We practised our team building skills by making towers on the first day back.

Check out our beautiful dream catchers that we made in class